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B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010

B-Side Downtown Jewellery Festival in Amsterdam.

B-side’s jewellery route is yellow and ready !

B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans B-Side Festival

download B side Festival Poster



* “A-MUZE” - If you’re looking for refreshment for your eyes, taste and mind, you’re more than welcome to visit us and our creations, exhibited spectacularly at the Muzenplein 2. A picturesque and breathtaking bridge house, built in the style of the ‘Amsterdamse school’ in the beautiful south of Amsterdam.

Fanny Agnier, Bas Bouman, Yu-Chun Chen, Jantje FleischhutUrsula GuttmannJeannette JansenZsolt Kamaras, Beate Klockmann, Gitte Nygaard, Ulrich Reithofer, Nina SajetPhilip Sajet, Cay Schröder, Q Hisashi Shibata, Dana Seachuga, Wouter Nieuwendijk

at  Muzenplein 2  -     open thursday-sunday 14:00-20:00

 dans Bas BOUMAN (NL)


* We are very happy to announce you that the well-known jewellery artist Ruudt Peters is showing Lingam at B-side Festival. You can visit his works in an installation at Stout, Berenstraat 9 in Amsterdam between the 4th. and the 7th. of November.

 Lingam1 dans Beate KLOCKMANN (DE)lingam10 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)
Ruudt Peters - Lingam 1 – 200 x 160 x 170 mm, Glass, wood, foam, horn
Lingam 10 – 360 x 300 x 170 mm, Glass, wood, foam, malachite



* Min-Association : Noémie Doge (CH), Iris Tsante (GR), Maaike Ebbinge (NL)

min-association is a group of three jewellery makers that decided to join their strength and motivate each other within the field of artistic jewellery. The three studied together at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and graduated between 2007 and 2008. They enjoy to stay connected despite the fact that they don’t always live in the same country. With this exhibition they will show their joy of communication.


 at  Weteringschans 151  
open thursday-sunday 14:00-20:00


* students of Gerrit Rietveld’s Jewellery Department

on different location throughout the city of Amsterdam:
 - Sieraad Art fair: opening on the 4th. of November: 2am – 9pm
 - Rietveld Uncut at De Brakke Grond: 12th of November from 7 – 11pm & 13th of November from 1am – 11pm

“xxx Jewels”
The first thing you see when you arrive in Amsterdam Schiphol is a huge poster with a woman showing her bare breast.
‘Sex Sells’ is an overused concept.
Students of the Jewelry Department Het Sieraad of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie use this principle to show their work. They made collages combining pornography with their jewelry pieces. The explicit character of the pornography is transformed into a new image; a dialogue between body and jewel.
“xxx Jewels”, is a jewelry presentation in form of posters and a magazine.
The posters will be spread around the city during the time of the festival. The magazine is for sale and will be shown at the different locations of the B-side Festival; it also will be presented at the opening of the jewelry fair Sieraad, the 4th. of November between 2am and 9pm.



* Claire Baloge & Monika Zampa : “Stalagmite & Stalactite”

at 19 Pieter Jacobszstraat, (near Nes), Amsterdam
Open Thursday 18.00 – 21.00, Friday 14.00 – 20.00,
Saturday 14.00 – 20.00, Sunday 14.00 – 18.00

We invite the public to enter our private space, “cave”, where they can discover our personal world. Where not only jewellery is growing but also other forms and shapes of artistic expression take place. It is a continuous process of growth, like stalagmites and stalactites.


*  Valuables – the weight of ideas”

Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers
at Keerpunt 12, Amsterdam 

(voir article  EXPO ‘VALUABLES – The weight of ideas’ – B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010)


* Ursula Guttmann : “What Waiters Wear”

at Café de Jaren
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22, Amsterdam
Relax with a cup of coffee at the great Café de Jaren and look at the jewellery objects worn by the waiters there.

Tatoo dans Dana HAKIM (IL)Container-Sweety dans Dana SEACHUGA (IL)
Ursula Guttmann – ‘tatoo’
‘Container Sweetie’ – Latex, Nylon; latex, nylon, 2000 ( Photo: E. Grebe)



EXPO ‘VALUABLES – The weight of ideas’ – B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010

You are cordially invited to the exhibition « VALUABLES – The weight of ideas »
within the B-Side Downtown Jewellery Festival in Amsterdam.

EXPO 'VALUABLES - The weight of ideas' - B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans B-Side Festival
Featured artists:
Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers.
 Opening time: November 4th-7th 2010, open all days 14:00-20:00

Address: Keerpunt 12, Amsterdam

 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)

“Valuables – the weight of ideas”
If we assume that:
and that:
We get closer to our belief of what jewelry is, of what it can be.
Through a joint exhibition and installation, we’d like to give our jewelry, and to the ideas originating it, a new specific weight, questioning and triggering the common sense of what is valuable.
How can we define a balance between material value and idea value? Between the visible and the invisible? Between tangible and emotional?
When discussing and questioning jewelry, the connotation of “value” (be it financial, sentimental, symbolical..) is always present. It therefore comes natural, to openly address the value issue, in all its shades and definitions, through contemporary jewelry.

EXPO ‘Hanna Liljenberg’ – FOUR Gallery, Gothenburg, Suede – 5 Nov.-12 Dec. 2010

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Four (SE),Hanna LILJENBERG (SE),Suede (SE) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:06

FOUR Presents Hanna Liljenberg
We´ll show new pieces in the gallery and new jewellery in the store

Wine and beer ! :-)

EXPO 'Hanna Liljenberg' - FOUR Gallery, Gothenburg, Suede - 5 Nov.-12 Dec. 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition 68779_445741201605_541946605_5935213_5567276_n
41180_430220961605_541946605_5608874_3441220_n dans Four (SE)
45039_420159186980_651021980_5201053_2327412_n dans Hanna LILJENBERG (SE)

Trois merveilles blanches ……………

n651021980_699041_7976 dans Suede (SE)
Brosch. Paper and oxidized silver

Brosch. Taguanut and iron




FOUR Gallery
Nordhemsgatan 74
Gothenburg, Sweden



Classé dans : Andre RIBEIRO (FR),COUP DE COEUR,www ARTAUREA — bijoucontemporain @ 15:59

André Ribeiro

1953 Born in Bordeaux, France
1976–1981 School of Design, Pforzheim
1982 Founded his atelier in Schömberg near Pforzheim

« In the mid-1980s, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s objets trouvés (“found objects”), André Ribeiro combined two contrary materials: diamonds and rubber. His source of inspiration was a black sealing ring used for plumbing pipes. With the diamond, the hardest of all gemstones and the stone with the best light reflection properties, Ribeiro found the ideal complement. Thanks to the rubber’s tension, the connection between the diamonds set in gold and the soft base material is not only dynamic but also does justice to the materials involved. The special cultural importance of Ribeiro’s jewelry line was copyrighted in 1997 by the Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe. His rubber jewelry was honored with the red dot, awarded by the Design Center of Essen, and has been included in the permanent collections of New York’s Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Pforzheim’s Jewelry Museum and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.« (ArtAurea)

André Ribeiro- bangles – elastomer rubber, brilliant-cut diamonds, gold  –
Matte black rubber in a striking contrast with the brilliance of genuine diamonds.

André Ribeiro- bangle – elastomer rubber, brilliant-cut diamonds, gold. 

André Ribeiroearrings – elastomer rubber, brilliant-cut diamonds, gold –
The source of inspiration was a sealing ring. The rubber’s tension holds the diamonds safely in their gold settings



EXPO ‘Gemme à la folie’ – Galerie Caractère, Neuchatel (CH) – 5 Nov.-24 Dec. 2010

Afin de fêter son dixième anniversaire avec éclat, la galerie caractère se réjouit de vous présenter : Gemme à la folie !!  du 5 novembre au 24 décembre

18 artistes en collaboration avec notre partenaire ‘J’aime les gemmes’
vous proposeront des manières ludiques, innovantes ou surprenantes de sertir une pierre précieuse / également expo-vente de belles gemmes sur mesure : vous pourrez choisir votre pierre précieuse et votre bijou!

EXPO 'Gemme à la folie' - Galerie Caractère, Neuchatel (CH) - 5 Nov.-24 Dec. 2010 dans Aline KOKINOPOULOS (FR) 73189_1511879474745_1167130470_31244679_1265582_n

18 artistes : Sophie Bouduban — Sonia Ledos — Fabienne Vuilleumier  — Aline KokinopoulosGema Barrera — Jérôme Berbier — Pascal CretinViolaine UlmerSophie JuriensRachel McknightCréa-Tiff (Tiffany Rowe) – Yann Leiggener — Cilmara de Oliveira — Emmanuelle Hamet — Jimena RiosJulie Bouldoires — Gabriel Follonier — MadebyCaractère

n1167130470_30147525_1605 dans Cilmara de OLIVEIRA (Brasil)
Gemma Barrera – bague « croire aux petits hommes verts », argent, nylon, résine, divers coloris

b_bague0277 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Sophie Juriens

44198_1484646793945_1167130470_31190448_962914_n dans Fabienne VUILLEUMIER (FR)
Sophie Bouduban – b.o. et bague – fer, argent, verre fondu, divers coloris

36889_1379224398451_1167130470_30930585_3379858_n dans Gal. Caractere (CH)

Rachel McKnight -’Leaf’ – pendentif, argent et plexiglas – large palette de coloris

7127_1164669314708_1167130470_30438619_3197128_n dans Gema BARRERA (CH)
Cilmara de Oliveira- bague – dentelle en argent noirci

2365_1044655834446_1167130470_30151627_4136968_n dans Jerome BERBIER (CH)
Jérôme Berbier – bague, mobile ‘à la folie!’ argent, résine


bénéficiez le 10 novembre et le 10 décembre du 10% sur les bijoux et accessoires en boutique !

Galerie Caractère
Avenue de Bellevaux 24
Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Rickson Salkeld – tears for f…. feminity !

Classé dans : Canada (CA),COUP DE COEUR,organics,Rickson SALKELD (CA) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:03

« This work deals with the feminine image in relation to the female body. I encorporate hair as a symbol of femininity and challenge the idea that hair is only applealing when it is off the body. I also deal with the struggle to exist as both a human and an animal and the wish to protect the body from eyes, while still wanting to appear as an attractive being.  » (Rickson Art Jewellery)

« I am interested in the feminine ideal in relation to the female body. I enjoy creating work that expresses my wish to both conform and rebel against ideas of femininity. Through various materials and processes I take from my own body both physically and metaphorically. Hair can be used to comment on feminine allure and power, while clear resin is used to symbolize an abundance of tears.
Furthermore, I am interested in the way humans attempt to separate themselves from the primal world of animals with supposedly civilizing rules and regulations. I understand gender as part of the ‘cultured body’ and connect the tension between female and feminine with the struggle to exist as both an animal and a human.
I also create narrative photographs of my jewellery on my own body. The jewellery itself references my ideas of body and femininity as I am wearing it, and enhances the idea that femininity is a performance rather than an innate quality. Overall I enjoy deconstructing and reconstructing the feminine ideal to create wearable works of art alongside narrative photography. »

Rickson Salkeld - tears for f....  feminity ! dans Canada (CA) 21942_296614229899_269131629899_3498645_6438890_n
« I like these pieces to exist with their photographs all the time, because the images give the pieces a context to exist in. They create a discussion with the body about the feminine identity in relation to the female body, and support the idea that femininity is a performance rather than an innate quality. « 

« This piece is made from flexible resin and looks like water or tears flowing down the body. In Western society it is acceptable for women to cry, so much that their tears are often not taken seriously, as described by the idiom ‘A woman’s tears are a fountain of craft’. However in my piece I am literally turning crying into a craft by freezing the symbolic tears as they run down the body in a stunning neck piece. »


Rickson_Salkeld_8 dans organics

« Tears are strongly associated with femininity. Personally I find it hard to express strong emotion without crying and therefore feel I have cried a fountain of tears in my life time and will most likely cry many more. In my image I am surrounded by past sorrows and resin tears run over my fingers and wrists in the form of rings and bracelets. The sadness associated with tears is literally turned into adornment to beautify the body. « 

Tears_3+rickson dans Rickson SALKELD (CA)In this piece one tear falls from my eye into a delicate necklace of hair and resin for round my neck. Tears are strongly associated with femininity whereas strands of hair off the body often elicit uneasy emotions. Therefore my piece juxtaposes the beauty of tears and the strangeness of discarded hair to create an uncanny piece of wearable art.


When long hair is on the body it is seen as beautiful and sexy and gives the wearer power and confidence. Adversely when long hair is off the body it is usually discarded and repulsed. Here long hair dances and swirls round the neck to create a dripping resin form of distilled hair. This piece challenges the idea that hair is only beautiful when it is framing the face, but has abject qualities that still support the idea that long hair off the body is slightly disgusting.


« Strong female characters have a history of long flowing hair in Western and many other societies. It is believed that long hair on a woman is feminine and holds alluring power. However if one were to unburden themselves from the physical burden of long hair they may find they suffer feminine identity burdens. Here I am seen cutting my hair to fashion a long chain for round my neck to communicate both the restrictive and decorative qualities of long hair. Now I can wear my hair as adornment rather than as a part of my body.  »


I hope you enjoy my work and take part in my discussions at



EXPO ‘「Edelmetal・Edelstahl・Edelstein」’ – Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo (Japan) – 22 Oct.-7 Nov. 2010

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Okinari Kurokawa : Edelmetal – Edelstahl – Edelstein

EXPO '「Edelmetal・Edelstahl・Edelstein」' - Gallery Deux Poissons, Tokyo (Japan) - 22 Oct.-7 Nov. 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition CRO2010extrim2

  本展のタイトル「Edelmetal・Edelstahl・Edelstein」はドイツ語で、「貴金属・ステンレススチール・貴石」を意味します。ス テンレススチールは、英語ではstainless steel(錆びない鋼)というのに対して、ドイツ語ではEdelstahl(高貴な鋼)と表現することに惹かれたという黒川。ステンレススチールをメイ ンの素材として、edel(エーデル、『高貴な』の意)の語呂合わせで、貴金属と貴石を組み合わせたジュエリーで展覧会を構成しています。
 一般的にジュエリーの中心的な素材として使われることは少ないステンレスですが、黒川は以前からステンレスの可能性に着目し、自身のジュエリーに用いて きました。黒川は、ステンレスの魅力を「色や硬質な感じがプラチナに近い雰囲気があり、より明るさがあるところ。しかも比重が軽く、強度も十分なのでとて も使いやすいこと」と話しています。しかし、制作上の機能性に加え、審美的な視点から、ステンレスの新しい形や魅力を引き出すジュエリーを生み出すことが 黒川興成の真骨頂といえます。
 新しいリングの構造を探究し続けている黒川らしい新作の一つは、ステンレスのフレームに、アメジストやトルマリンなどの天然石が浮かぶリングのシリーズ です。ラフな風合いを残した不定形な色石と、直線的で無機質なフレームのダイナミックな対比が、互いを引き立て合っています。20金のパーツを使って緻密 に作られており、指に通すとスムーズに石が動き、ぴったりと指になじみます。このリングはペンダントトップとしても使用できる構造になっており、宙に浮か んで動きが加わるとがらりと表情を変えます。また、置かれている姿は、小さな建築物やモニュメントのような完成された構築的な美しさを備えています。

(juste pour la beauté de l’écriture ………………)

20 dans Gal. DeuxPoissons (JP)
Okinari Kurokawa - rings

 The exhibition title “Edelmetal – Edelstahl – Edelstein” (“precious metal, stainless steel, precious stone” in German) shows three materials that are used in Kurokawa’s new creation. Compared to English word “stainless-steel”, German describes the same metal as “precious (edel) steel”. Being sympathized with such expression in German, Kurokawa chose stainless steel as a main material in his new jewelries. Although Kurokawa has been using stainless steel in his earlier works, this was another challenge to find unprecedented forms with the material, combining with precious stones and precious metal. The result of artist’s long examination will be shown in the exhibition.



gallery deux poissons
2-3-6 B1F Ebisu Shibuya-ku
150-0013 – Tokyo
Telephone: 81 0 3 5795 0451
Fax: 81 0 3 5795 0452

Grassimesse 2010 – Leipzig (DE) – 29-31 Oct 2010


The GRASSIMESSE is organized by the GRASSI museum of Applied Art (Leipzig) and takes place in the reconstructed Grassimuseum, an important building of the Art Decó period. Three exhibition rooms with a total of 1200 sqm provide space for 85 exhibitors.

Grassimesse Leipzig

The GRASSIMESSE is an international forum and a fair for applied art and product design from all fields. It stands in the tradition of the historical GRASSIMESSE, founded in 1920 and famous as “Meeting Place of Modernity.” Since the reestablishment in 1997, the fair has been held once each year on the last weekend of October.

The GRASSIMESSE forum and sales exhibition in equal measure, reflects the world of ideas and the variety of contemporary creative design, promotes developments and sharpens the awareness for design quality. Unique products, limited editions and sample industrial products of jewellery, ceramics, glass, textile, clothing, furniture, metal, leather, toys etc. display a fascinating variety of creative design which allures to see and buy as well. This selection and international orientation enables to gain a comprehensive overview of recent innovations and trends, as well as timeless modern design.

Subject and concern of the GRASSIMESSE is the selection and promotion of quality. Therefore a jury of experts decides on the selection of the exhibitors and will award the four prizes on the occasion of the GRASSIMESSE.

A catalogue of the GRASSIMESSE will be released, it will be feature one example of every exhibitor.

Grassimesse 2010 - Leipzig (DE) - 29-31 Oct 2010 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) Hiller_Mirjam_01Nguyen_Thanh-Truc_01 dans Allemagne (DE)
Mirjam Hiller  – “Tulema” brooch, 2010. Stainless steel, created from a single piece, sawn.
Thanh-Truc Nguyen – Brooch, 2010. Silver, blackened, textile, plastic, assembled, wound, sewn.


Exhibitors 2010 (jewelry) : 

Aliki Apoussidou — Alexandra Bahlmann — Nicole Bauer — Maria Cristina Bellucci — Reinhard Berkes — Vera-Marie von ClaerBabette von Dohnanyi — Marianne Eggimann — Beate Eismann — Nora Fiege –  Jan Exnar — Miki Gamzou — Angela Wandelt –  Barbara Hast –  Mirjam HillerMargit Jäschke Michaela Kirchner — Ulrike Kleine-Behnke –  Unk Kraus – Thanh-Truc NguyenNicolay Sardamov – Beatrix SchmahAngela Simone — Silke Spitzer — Silke TrekelJasmin Winter — Susanne Wolbers — Arek Wolski — Alchimia Jewellery School — Burg Giebichenstein HS für Kunst und Design Halle – Studienrichtung: Schmuck –  Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim Fakultät Gestaltung/Metallgestaltung — Hochschule Wismar, Fachbereich Schmuck

Sardamov_Nikolay_01 dans Angela SIMONE (IT)Spitzer_Silke_01 dans Arek WOLSKI (PL)
Nicolay Sardamov – Brooch, 2010. Silver, shaped (wax model), cast.
Silke Spitzer -“Ein-Astkette” neck jewellery,2010. Wood, silver, blackened

Trekel_Silke_01 dans Beate EISMANN (DE)Winter_Jasmin_03 dans Jasmin WINTER (DE)
Silke Trekel – “Kaktus” brooch,2010. Iron, engraved, enamelled
Jasmin Winter – “Two sides” reversible neck jewellery, 2009. Silver, enamel, artificial resin, silk, assembled, enamelled, knotted

Wolski_Arek_01 dans Maria Cristina BELLUCCI (IT)
Arek Wolski – “Ludzie” brooch, 2008. Aluminium, anodised

13_31 dans Michaela KIRCHNER (DE)
Nicole Bauer
Neck jewellery, 2009. German silver, silver, etched, assembled

Beate Eismann – « Mass and Weight » works

Kleine_Behnke_Ulrike_01 dans Mirjam HILLER (DE)
Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – Brooch, 2010. Silver, wood, assembled, sawn





GRASSI Museum of Applied Art
Johannisplatz 5-11, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Phone 0049-(0)341-2229100,
Fax. 0049-(0)341-2229200

EXPO ‘Mette Saabye – Lost in time…’ – Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) – 23 Oct.-27 Nov. 2010

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Louise Smit (NL),Hollande (NL),Mette SAABYE (DK) — bijoucontemporain @ 15:42


Movement making marks and leaving imprints in the air. We try to hold on to the experience. Put it in a pocket and hide it away. In the very moment the sentence is uttered. The smell was a mix of sweet and sour. Childhood before everything went wrong. Put it in a pocket. A precious memory, contained in a little treasure without meaning or value. Nothing is more precious than diamonds and gold. Mette Saabye knows this. She puts our memories in pockets. In a pocket on a necklace. In a pocket on a brooch.
Like a puppeteer, she pulls her gold thread and makes us dance and squeal. Fascinated by glittery stones and shiny metal, but mostly fascinated by the familiar. But to seduce is not enough. Finish, decoration and form are not enough. The real content hides inside. The little object worth hiding. Precious. Just knowing that it exists is enough. Keep, hide, cover. The seal makes the memory’s anatomy unbreakable. It is tied, folded and twisted. Still, the quest is impossible. The memory of the memory. Remembrance. Remember to remember. Forget me not.
With sophisticated craftsmanship and a deep knowledge of jewellery as media, Mette Saabye investigates jewellery’s potential. The themes ‘value’ and ‘remembrance’ are investigated again and again. With new visual tools each time. Everyday objects are transformed and elevated to the finest jewels. Their fundamental properties are highlighted and encapsulated so they take on new meaning. Because the material and the object’s value are only decided by social conventions. Their value is altered when they represent a personal memory. It is this paradox that Mette Saabye stages by mixing ‘insignificant’ objects with precious materials such as gold, silver and stones.
She has the piece of jewellery’s iconographic meaning in mind throughout. The pieces have a recognisable and universal jewellery feel. The ring, pendant and brooch as jewellery archetypes are twisted, but without detaching them from their interaction with the body. Jewellery is to be worn and the wear of time is ever present. As the body changes over time, so does the piece of jewellery, to reveal new content.
In this jewellery series, Mette Saabye balances on a knife-edge between the universal and the personal.
- Bettina Køppe

EXPO 'Mette Saabye - Lost in time...' - Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam (NL) - 23 Oct.-27 Nov. 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition 44226_445854353908_729948908_5013340_4121643_n
Mette Saabye – Lost in time.. ‘When the sky turn Cherry’, Necklace

Mette Saabye‘ocean of birds’

44227_445855038908_729948908_5013351_2228600_n dans Gal. Louise Smit (NL)
Mette Saabye – Lost in time..  « Midsummers-night », Necklace

 dans Hollande (NL) dans Mette SAABYE (DK)
Mette Saabye – Brooch ‘Waiting for spring’ – lacquer, paint, 18 crt gold, cotton – 2010
Mette Saabye – Brooch ‘A summer meditation’ – lacquer, paint, 18 crt gold, cotton – 2010

Mette Saabye -« sparkling company »

Mette Saabye« Abundance », Necklace -lacquer, paint, 18 crt gold, cotton – 2010
Mette Saabye‘on the move’
Mette Saabye‘Memories’,%20PEACE%20AND%20HAPPINESS.jpg

Mette Saabye‘an ideal sunday of freedom, peace and happiness’



Galerie Louise Smit
Prinsengracht 615,
1016 HT Amsterdam (NL)
tel : (020) 625 98 98
fax : (020) 428 02 16
email :
web :


EXPO ‘Conexions/Transversals’ – Galeria Amaranto, Barcelona (ES) – 28 Oct.- 27 Nov. 2010

« Conexions/Transversals » Group Exhibition

« Conexiones / transversales
Hablar de la renovación de la joyería catalana, es hablar también de la Escola Massana. Cuando a finales de los años cincuenta, el joyero y pintor Manuel Capdevila, se hace cargo de organizar el nuevo departamento de joyería, aportó su experiencia como artista, para concebir sus clases como un aula abierta, en la que tenían cabida todo tipo de ideas y materiales nuevos, impulsando la cultura del diseño y el proyecto por encima de todo tipo de forma incontrolada y estereotipada. Con el paso del tiempo la Escuela Massana se ha convertido en un centro de referencia dentro del mundo de la joyería contemporánea internacional, y este prestigio lo ha ganado porque ha sabido mantener una metodología pedagógica que no ha olvidado los orígenes del oficio, pero que también ha sabido abrirse a nuevos horizontes y encontrar un espacio dentro del mundo de las artes contemporáneas. Esto a sido posible gracias a las aportaciones, hechas desde diferentes sensibilidades, de las experiencias profesionales de los profesores, colaboradores y artistas invitados, que durante estos años han mantenido un contacto continuado con el Departamento de Joyería. » Ramon Puig Cuyàs

group exhibition « Conexions/Transversals » at Amaranto. Teachers from the Jewelry Department of Massana School show us their particular visions of contemporary jewelry (blog Mar de Color Rosa)

Participating artists :
Carmen Amador, Carles Codina, Elisabet Puig Barral, Josep Carles Pérez, Judy McCaig, Pilar Cotter, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Silvia Walz, Tensi Solsona, Úrsula Viñolas


Amaranto joies
c/ Sant Doménec 23
08012 Barcelona
t: 93 217 14 40