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EXPO ‘Leonids and Fumerols : jewellery by Otto Künzli & Therese Hilbert’ – Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU) – 5-30 Oct. 2010

Jewellery by Otto Künzli & Therese Hilbert

« There you are. You stand upon the earth; formed of the same stuff, rooted to your source by the forces that wed your weight with its. Yet look up to the sky: there too, your matter is spangled and scattered. You are born of the air and of the earth and exist in one blithe, bright moment between the comets and the core.
And what propels you forward? What moves your hand and fires your brain? What impels you to create? Does it come from inside, having churned in the hot, dark depths and pushed its way up, out, cooling as it surfaces? Or does it come from outside, from the frigid, silent beyond, rushing and raining down on you in blazing streaks of fire?
You are hurtled onward at 367 miles per second and yet you stand still, on a thin, green crust, between a seething sea of magma and a circling storm of ice and rock. Here you are. » (Katie Scott September 2010)



EXPO 'Leonids and Fumerols : jewellery by Otto Künzli & Therese Hilbert' - Gallery Funaki, Melbourne (AU) - 5-30 Oct. 2010 dans Australie (AU) 61987_1623806796763_1284270697_1726081_6038635_n

606 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Therese Hilbert, Brooch 2009, blackened silver, obsidian

602 dans Gal. Funaki (AU)
Therese Hilbert, ‘Fumarole II’ 2009 / blackened silver, lacquer



610 dans Otto KUNZLI (CH)
Otto Künzli, ‘Apokalypse II (the last parade of the planets in front of the dying sun)’, 2008, 18k gold

601 dans Therese HILBERT (DE)
Therese Hilbert, Pendant 2010 / blackened silver, lava



Gallery FUNAKI
4 Crossley Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000
tél +613 9662 9446

Pôle Bijou Baccarat – Lettre d’info – Octobre 2010

Classé dans : France (FR),Label Parure (FR),Pole Bijou BACCARAT — bijoucontemporain @ 11:08

Pole bijou- stages


* annonce : l’Association ‘Label Parure’ organise les 26-28 Nov. 2010
week-end bijoutiers-joailliers créateurs de Lorraine
lieu : Galeries nancy Thermal – information à
Pole Bijou - week-ends

(découvrir l’Association « Label Parure » sur facebook ! :-) )


*annonce EXPO à venir :  ‘du Textile au bijou’ 3 nov 2010-4 avril 2011
Pole bijou expo




Pôle Bijou Baccarat
13 rue du Port
54120 Baccarat (FR)
03 83 76 06 99
Mail :
Site Internet :




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