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Agnes Larsson :


Studium an der Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Ädellab – Silversmithing & Jewelry, bei Prof. Ruudt Peters, Helena Lehtinen, Karen Pontoppidan, abgeschlossen mit Master of Fine Arts


Minor Field Studies, Saathicenter, Indien


Studium an der Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design,Stockholm, Ädellab – Silversmithing and Jewelry, bei Prof. Ruudt Peters, Kim Buck, Christer Jonsson, abgeschlossen mit Bachelor of Fine Arts


Ausbildung an der Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm, Metal design and Craft

« I let the material lead the way threw the working process, drawing inspiration from thoughts about gravity, lightness and heaviness, death, life, transparency and darkness, growth, decomposition and transformation to show contrasts like fragility and strength, depth and surface, darkness and light. »(Agnes Larsson)

Agnes Larsson - carbo necklace Agnes Larsson – carbo necklace

November 2010 at  SOFA Chicago Art Fair

 Susan Cummins, Chair of the Art Jewelry Forum (AJF), and Susan Kempin, Award Program Chair, are pleased to announce this year’s (2010) Emerging Artist Award winner, Agnes Larsson. Larsson was chosen from among 117 entries, from 38 countries.
The goal of the Emerging Artist Award is to acknowledge promise, innovation and individuality in the work of emerging jewelers. The competition is open to makers of art jewelry who have recently completed their professional training and have not been a featured artist in a commercial gallery or museum. Larsson will receive a $5,000 cash award. In addition, her work will be featured by an AJF member gallery at the Sculptural Object and Functional Art (SOFA) Expo in Chicago and in AJF ads, and she will serve as a juror for next year’s competition.
Jurors for the 2010 competition were Namita Wiggers, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon; Susan Beech, long-standing member of AJF and collector of contemporary jewelry; and Sharon Massey, jeweler and recipient of the AJF’s 2009 Emerging Artist Award.
Criteria used in the judging were originality, depth of concept and quality of craftsmanship.  Larsson used carbon and horse hair in this series of work she submitted. She allows the material to lead the way through the working process, drawing inspiration from thoughts about gravity, lightness and heaviness, death, life, transparency and darkness, growth, decomposition and transformation to show contrasts like fragility and strength, depth and surface, darkness and light.
Juror Susan Beech commented, ‘This body of work most exemplified the guidelines for judging: originality, depth of concept and quality of craftsmanship. The use of carbon and horsehair, original materials, work well together. The first thought that came to mind when I looked at this body of work was elegant.’ Sharon Massey added, ‘Agnes Larsson presents a cohesive body of work that I found quite unusual and poetic. Her forms are simple, emphasizing the texture and blackness of the carbon as well as the fragility of the horsehair. Her artistic voice seemed the most authentic and unique.’
Larsson received a BFA, in 2004, and an MFA, in 2007, in Silversmithing and Jewellery from Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm, Sweden. (AJF blog)

Agnes Larsson, Necklace: Carbo 2010  Carbon, thread Agnes Larsson, Carbo, 2010, mixed media, 16 x 18 x 1 inches

Agnes Larsson Carbo serie, 2010

Agnes Larsson, Carbo Neckpiece, 2010, carbon and horse hair Agnes Larsson  jewelry – Charcoal, horse hair and wire

Agnes LarssonAgnes Larsson, Carbo, 2010, mixed media

BKV-Preis für Junges Kunsthandwerk 2010 :  3rd Preis: Agnes Larsson (Schweden, Stockholm)

Karbon, kohlenstofffaserverstärkter Kunststoff, ist ein ungewöhnliches Material für Schmuck. Bei der Herstellung der Stücke spielte auch der Zufall eine Rolle. Die Farbe Schwarz, die reizvollen Oberflächen, die Bruchspuren: Erst bei der bewussten Beschränkung auf einfache, aber elegante Grundformen kommen sie zum Tragen. Ein wirkungsvoller Kontrast ergibt sich auch daraus, dass die schwer wirkenden Objekte in Wirklichkeit ziemlich leichtgewichtig sind.

(le charbon …. est un matériau rare pour les bijoux. Dans la fabrication des pièces « l’accident » a également joué un rôle. La couleur noire, les belles surfaces, les traces de fractures : ce n’est que lorsque la restriction délibérée des formes de base entre en jeu, simples mais élégantes. Un contraste efficace en raison du fait que les objets, d’apparence lourds, sont en fait assez légers en réalité)(traduction google …) 

Diese Auszeichnung ist dotiert mit EUR 1.000.-

« FOUR »… à ne pas confondre avec les trois Mousquetaires qui étaient 4 eux aussi !

« FOUR » … à ne pas confondre avec les trois Mousquetaires, qui étaient quatre …. Là elles s’appellent « Four », et elles sont bien quatre, quatre créatrices de bijoux suédoises : Hanna LiljenbergKarin Roy Andersson, Malin Lövgren, Ellen Jacobsen Holvik.


Dans leur « Jewellery Art shop/workingspace/gallery« , elles représentent aussi  les artistes suivants : Rouge Jewellery — Linnéa ErikssonPernilla PerssonSanna Svedestedt — Aor Sutthiprapha — Märta Mattsson — Modefluga — Marc Monzo — Saako

45039_420159186980_651021980_5201053_2327412_n dans Ellen JACOBSEN HOLVIK (SE)

45083_420417881980_651021980_5206421_6605596_n dans Four (SE)

40475_419571051980_651021980_5189695_4801349_n dans GALERIES

46576_419862681980_651021980_5195351_5011936_n dans Hanna LILJENBERG (SE)

41146_422323836980_651021980_5251002_1440192_n dans Karin Roy ANDERSSON (SE)
fabric necklace

45965_420672966980_651021980_5212655_5949614_n dans Linnea ERIKSSON (SE)

40258_418882011980_651021980_5173329_6031946_n dans Malin LOVGREN (SE)

46040_421299761980_651021980_5231754_393412_n dans Marc MONZO (ES)




FOUR : Jewellery Art shop/workingspace/gallery
Nordhemsgatan 74
Gothenburg (Göteborg) – Suede


COUP de … ROUGE avec Maria BROSSA

Classé dans : BARCELONA,BOOKS / BIBLIO,COUP DE COEUR,Espagne (ES),Maria BROSSA (ES) — bijoucontemporain @ 0:48

Maria BROSSA Studied advertising and later on graphic design. At the same time she was working on these fields, she took some artistic courses of photography, theatre, silkscreen printing, basic jewellery and lost wax casting (Saint Martins London and Massana Permanent Barcelona).
On 2006-08 she started studying full time at Alchimia contemporary jewellery school in Florence, Italy. On 2008 she based her own jewellery studio in Barcelona.
Her works were selected for several european exhibitions (Spain, Italy, Greece) and have been published in some internacional books (500 Plastic Jewelry Designs Lark Books, Garbage Pin Project catalog Klimt02)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Maria BROSSA dans BARCELONA b291c13439923b13407f05b2f2b7def1
Maria Brossa – Earrings, gold and paper – 2009

c90de7b3958b34688f907b84ebbf2a6f dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Maria Brossa« Semi », 2008. Earrings. Oxidised silver and latex.

42cd5f78834672e36370cd37d5a0863d dans COUP DE COEUR
Maria Brossa« Semi », 2008. Bracelet. Silver and latex (published in « 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs » Larkbooks)

a24c17360cf132e4a4a3eb182e6ca62f dans Espagne (ES)
Maria Brossa‘Calder’, 2007. Brooche, silver, car pinture.

114a698e28a4ebe50d7a594d0a4b099e dans Maria BROSSA (ES)
Maria Brossa‘Calder’, 2007. earrings, silver, car pinture


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