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COUP de … ROUGE avec Maria BROSSA

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Maria BROSSA Studied advertising and later on graphic design. At the same time she was working on these fields, she took some artistic courses of photography, theatre, silkscreen printing, basic jewellery and lost wax casting (Saint Martins London and Massana Permanent Barcelona).
On 2006-08 she started studying full time at Alchimia contemporary jewellery school in Florence, Italy. On 2008 she based her own jewellery studio in Barcelona.
Her works were selected for several european exhibitions (Spain, Italy, Greece) and have been published in some internacional books (500 Plastic Jewelry Designs Lark Books, Garbage Pin Project catalog Klimt02)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Maria BROSSA dans BARCELONA b291c13439923b13407f05b2f2b7def1
Maria Brossa – Earrings, gold and paper – 2009

c90de7b3958b34688f907b84ebbf2a6f dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Maria Brossa« Semi », 2008. Earrings. Oxidised silver and latex.

42cd5f78834672e36370cd37d5a0863d dans COUP DE COEUR
Maria Brossa« Semi », 2008. Bracelet. Silver and latex (published in « 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs » Larkbooks)

a24c17360cf132e4a4a3eb182e6ca62f dans Espagne (ES)
Maria Brossa‘Calder’, 2007. Brooche, silver, car pinture.

114a698e28a4ebe50d7a594d0a4b099e dans Maria BROSSA (ES)
Maria Brossa‘Calder’, 2007. earrings, silver, car pinture

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