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EXPO ‘I Care A Lot’ – Galeria Articula, Lisbon (Portugal) – 6 Nov.-6 Dec. 2010

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 I Care a Lot at Galerie Articula, Lisbon – from November 6 2010

EXPO 'I Care A Lot' - Galeria Articula, Lisbon (Portugal) - 6 Nov.-6 Dec. 2010 dans Exposition/Exhibition 37158_286313674969_68603404969_1067315_5503567_n 39514_1658913833814_1266188402_31854196_7660678_n dans GALERIES

69329_1658915553857_1266188402_31854204_1306579_n dans Malaika NAJEM (Liban)


sur cette exposition voir articles :

* COUP de … ROUGE at “I Care a Lot” EXPO online

*EXPO ‘I Care A Lot – Opening’ – Gallery Platina, Stockholm (Sweden) – 2 Sept.-2 Oct. 2010

ita-flo-mnaj dans Portugal (PT)
Malaïka Najem – necklace, Camouflage, 2009, shibuichi, 18ct gold, yellow sapphire

Malaika Najem- ‘Forgotten’ pendant – Shibuichi, silver, gold

« This piece is about child soldiers and is called “Forgotten”. A subject that sadly still exists in 3rd world countries that are in war whether in Africa, the Middle East or Asia. The average child soldier is under the age of 18 and is forced and manipulated in doing and committing horrors that they are not aware off due to the use of drugs or brainwashing. The child is just an instrument, just a number; just a slave to the gun…the gun is the symbol of power. » (Malaika Najem)



Galeria Articula
Rua dos Remédios 102
1100-450 – Lisbon
Telephone: 00351 93 4113225


EXPO ‘Through Night and Day’ – The Scottish Gallery, – 6-30 Oct. 2010

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 Judy McCaig – ‘Through Night and Day’

Judy McCaig studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, and at the Royal College of Art, London. She has since acted as visiting lecturer at Edinburgh and Glasgow Schools of Art, Farnham College of Art and Massana School of Art, Barcelona. Since 1991 she has lived and worked in Spain.

« Through Night and Day- It is not clear whether the birds are waiting to take off or have already arrived at their destination and are waiting to take off again. It is as if they are not sure where they want to land. The work expresses a desire to be on the move, to change, to arrive at a new place. It tries to convey certain restlessness and need to journey on. Details emerge, half hidden, almost disappearing under the translucency of the material. The images are small signs surrounded by space carrying with them a sensation of imminent movement and freedom.
Flying birds soar across the skies, upwards, slowly gathering height and speed, faster, guided by the motions of winds and of thoughts, they travel over landscapes and through white clouds, strange and different, on towards faraway forgotten places. Nearing their final destination, they prepare to land, closer, they are arriving, they have arrived. » -  Judy McCaig, 2010

Night Flight
Judy McCaig- ‘Night Flight’ – silver,resin,18ct gold,tombac,crystal,selenite – 2010

Journey Thru’ Night and Day

Judy McCaig- ‘Journey Thru’ Night and Day’ – silver,18,22ct gold,topaz,tourmaline,formica,perspex,paint – 2010

Swirling Winds
Judy McCaig- ‘Swirling Winds ‘ – brooch, silver, perspex, paint- 2010


Into the Light of the Moon
Judy McCaig- ‘Into the Light of the Moon’ – brooch, silver, perspex, selenite- 2010


Judy McCaig - ‘Daybreak’ – brooch, silver, gold, perspex – 2010



The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6HZ
T 0131 558 1200
F 0131 558 3900


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