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EXPO ‘BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose’ – Sienna Gallery – 15 Oct.-14 Nov. 2010

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BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose

Artists Reception: Saturday October 23, 2010 5-7
Artist talk: Sunday October 24, 11 am

EXPO 'BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose' - Sienna Gallery - 15 Oct.-14 Nov. 2010 dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE) speckner2010_exhibitionhead

66672_479072561409_70530366409_6836820_1623337_n dans Exposition/Exhibition

« In my work I am particularly fond of photographs. Sometimes they are old and show bygone places or people of former times, quite often however I use photos I took myself of trunks, flowers, lonesome lanes or landscapes. These pictures turn into pieces of jewelry.
To turn photos into gems, the images are etched on small metal plates or burned on enamel. They become part of an individual composition: precious metals, diamonds, coloured stones and found objects begin to lead lives of their own. Patterns and ornaments arise. Often I employ seemingly banal but peculiar everyday items, forging the sublime and the profane into a new poetic harmony.
I do not work with the intention to decorate things or to make them look prettier. I search to discover the soul of an object or the essence of a photograph and to shape something new which appeals to me and to other people far beyond the optical appearance.
For this exhibition I used text for the first time, creating a group of pieces that draw upon the idea that simply using the name of a thing invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it. Some works came after the text choice and others used the text as catalyst. To ‘see’ the pieces it is not necessary to know the text, it is used as another layer, transparent yet substantive.  » Bettina Speckner 2010

BSP141 dans Gal. Sienna Patti (US)BSP141B dans USA
Cinderella - Brooch, 2010 Photoetching in Zinc, Silver, Diamonds 8 X 5 cm

Os Argonautas (Caetano Veloso) – Neckpiece , 2010 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver, Leaf, Resin


Barbara’s Song

I once used to think in my innocent youth, (And I once was as innocent as you), That someone some day might come my way, And then I should know what ‘ s best to do. And if he ‘ d got money, and seemed a nice chap, And his workday shirts were white as snow, And if he knew how to treat a girl with due respect, I ‘ d have to tell him, « No! » That ‘ s where you must keep your head screwed on and insist on going slow. Sure the moon will shine throughout the night, Sure the boat is on the river tied up tight, That ‘ s as far as things can go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart,
Oh, you must not let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you feel it might start, Oh, then your only answer ‘ s, « No! » The first one that came was a man of Kent, And all that a man ought to be. The second one owned three ships down at Wopping, And the third was crazy about me. And as they ‘ d got money, and all seemed nice chaps, And their workday shirts were white as snow, And as they knew how to treat a girl with due respect, Each time I told them, « No! » 

That ‘ s when I used to get my head screwed on and I chose to take it slow. Sure the moon could shine throughout the night, Sure the boat was on the river tied up tight, That ‘ s as far as things could go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart, Oh, you must not let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you feel it might start, Oh, then your only answer ‘ s, « No! » But then one day, and the day was blue, Came a man who didn ‘ t ask at all. And he went and hung his hat on the nail of my little attic, And what happened, I can ‘ t recall. And as he ‘ d got no money and was not a nice chap, And his Sunday shirts were not like snow, And as he ‘ d no idea of treating a girl with due respect, I could not tell him, « No! » That ‘ s the day my head was not screwed on, and to hell with going slow! Oh, the moon could shine so clear and bright, Oh, the boat kept drifting downstream that night, That was how it simply had to go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart, In the end you ‘ ll have to let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you know it might start, And there ‘ s no time for saying, « No! »  - Berthold Brecht/ Kurt Weil, Threepenny Opera

Fallenblumen (Snare Flowers) Hommage à Daniel Spoerri
Brooch, 2010 Photo in Enamel, Silver, Ruby Cabochon, Amethyst, Garnet 9 X 7.5 cm 

Alice in Wonderland - Pendant, 2009 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver, Leaf, Resin 10 X 5.5 cm

The Cloths of Heaven - Brooch, 2009 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver 9 X 5 cm 

He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
Had I the heavens ‘ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
William Butler Yeats 1865-1939 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Brooch, 2010 Photo in Enamel, Silver, Gold, Citrine 9 X 6 cm
Earrings, 2010 Photoetching in Zinc, Gold, Tourmaline, Citrine drops 5.5 X 1.5 cm

A Rose is a Rose is Rose (Gertrude Stein)
Brooch , 2001 Photo etching in zinc, Red Gold, black diamonds 7 X 4 cm


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386

EXPO ‘Everyday Objects’ – Loft Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne (AU) – 21 Oct.-3 Nov. 2010

Everyday Objects‘ at Loft Gallery, “Six artists use traditional Gold and Silversmithing techniques to explore, interpret and re-imagine everyday objects and themes. Curate by Beka Hannah. Featuring:
Claire McArdle, Georgia Lancaster, Inari Kiuru, Mary Hackett, Melissa Cameron, Beka Hannah.

EXPO 'Everyday Objects' - Loft Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne (AU) - 21 Oct.-3 Nov. 2010 dans Australie (AU) Everyday-Objects-72


Planar radial pattern - coaster by Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron- Planar radial pattern-coaster 




Loft Gallery
L1 253 Johnston St
Abbotsford, VIC (Australia)
Opening 6-8pm, 21st of October
Hours 12-5pm, closed Sunday.

Comment avoir de belles fleurs avant l’hiver …. Flower power !

Comment avoir de belles fleurs avant l'hiver .... Flower power ! dans Alidra ALIC (DK)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Large puffy rose brooch worn by Bill Riley (on Kit&caboodle)

MinJeong Kim  (SIERAAD Art Fair page on Kit&Caboodle)

 dans Allison WELLS (CA)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Wooden rose brooch  (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES)
Nubia Gonçalves (Brasil) – Red Carambola Choker with Pearl  (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Catherine JACQUET (FR)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Daisy chain necklace (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Christel van der LAAN (NL)
Sunni Elizabeth Gibson- Corsage back view – 2010, Resin, Stg silver, synthetic leaves (on Kit&caboodle)

Christel van der Laan - Cactus Brooch 2009. Painted sterling silver, rough agate, honeycomb block, electrical componentChristel van der Laan (AU) – 2009 Cactus Brooch 

uk-lon-dbre dans COUP DE COEUR
Donna Brennan – brooch The Blank Canvas 2010, costume jewellery, bio resin, light sensitive paint

 dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)
Sina Emrich – flower brooch (on Kit & Caboodle)
Alidra Alic – flower ring

 dans Donna BRENNAN (AU)
Kath Inglis (AU) – cut flower brooch

broochJoao Vaz (AU) – big blue Brooch – Fabric, synthetic pillow stuffing, wool and romanium wire

 dans Eiko YOSHIDA (JP)
Jane Dominese (UK) – Over the ear flower earring

 dans Inni PARNANEN (FI)
Sharon Fitness (NZ) – Rachel’s Happy Birthday Flower

 dans Jane DOMINESE (UK)
Eiko Yoshida- Sugar paper flower broach (on Kit & Caboodle)

 dans Joao VAZ (AU)
Sabrina Meyns – brooch – Handmade paper, seeds, fine silver, stainless steel

 dans Karin WAGNER (CH)
Sabrina Meyns (IRL) – ring – Handmade paper, fine silver (on Kit & Caboodle)
des MERVEILLES de délicatesse en papier !

 dans Kath INGLIS (AU)
Cynthia Del Giudice – flower ring – fold formed, constructed sterling silver, patina

blacklotushd dans Kim THOMSON (AU)
Michelle Pujol - blackened lotus flower ring

trailing-orchid-ring dans L'Etoffe des Fees (FR)
Michelle Pujol - Trailing Orchid Ring -2 toned silver ring with forged vine shank and 3 trailing flower elements.

 dans Melinda YOUNG (AU)
Michelle Pujol - blackened silver ring, forged with moving stamen parts

 dans Michelle PUJOL (AU)
Melinda Young (Metalab on kit & caboodle)

 dans MinJeong KIM (KR)
Sarah Carlson (AU) – « Proteus »-S/S cast leucadendron flower 

flowerpotringbyallisonwells dans Nubia GONCALVES (Brasil)
Allison Wells- ‘flower pot ring’ – 2004

 dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)
Kim Thomson (AU) – Dianella Revoluta – Anodised alluminium, sterling silver rivets. acrylic, surgical steel. Materials are 95% recycled and works are made using ethical manufacturing techniques


18853_1310242205038_1500099122_790672_2421810_n dans Sabrina MEYNS (IRL)
l’ETOFFE DES FEES (Aurore Flenner)- collier origami  – textile

18853_1310242645049_1500099122_790681_8199954_n dans Sarah CARLSON (AU)
Catherine JACQUET- collier « Jardin d’un jour » – plastique(s)

18853_1312438899954_1500099122_795142_1679976_n dans Sharon FITNESS (NZ)
Aline KOKINOPOULOS – bague « corolle », avec son rajout de 3 « petites pousses » – argent et or
Inni Pärnänen (Finnish) botanical jewelry with a geometric bent – flower ring in burnt paper & wax
Karin Wagner – glorious poppy felt ring
Ana Hagopian – paper jewelry


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