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EXPO ‘VALUABLES – The weight of ideas’ – B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 4-7 Nov. 2010

You are cordially invited to the exhibition « VALUABLES – The weight of ideas »
within the B-Side Downtown Jewellery Festival in Amsterdam.

EXPO 'VALUABLES - The weight of ideas' - B-Side Jewellery Festival, Amsterdam (NL) - 4-7 Nov. 2010 dans B-Side Festival
Featured artists:
Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers.
 Opening time: November 4th-7th 2010, open all days 14:00-20:00

Address: Keerpunt 12, Amsterdam

 dans Beatrice BROVIA (IT)

“Valuables – the weight of ideas”
If we assume that:
and that:
We get closer to our belief of what jewelry is, of what it can be.
Through a joint exhibition and installation, we’d like to give our jewelry, and to the ideas originating it, a new specific weight, questioning and triggering the common sense of what is valuable.
How can we define a balance between material value and idea value? Between the visible and the invisible? Between tangible and emotional?
When discussing and questioning jewelry, the connotation of “value” (be it financial, sentimental, symbolical..) is always present. It therefore comes natural, to openly address the value issue, in all its shades and definitions, through contemporary jewelry.

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