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Mais où est donc passée la religion ??????

Le bijou, support politique, support religieux, « support d’idées » « tout court » ?

souvent, ces bijoux traduisent une « double » religion : l’idée de religion ‘classique, transmise par la forme de la croix, puis celle d’autres « religions », plus modernes diront-nous, transmisses par le matériau : l’adoration du « dieu informatique », du « dieu consommation » (le coca ? l’amérique ? la nourriture ? l’argent ? ) …..

D’autre fois, la croix est juste une structure comme une autre, mais particulièrement attirante : la « structure primaire » je dirais …..

Mais où est donc passée la religion ?????? dans Amazing Animal (FI)
Daniel Michel - New Traditional Jewellery 2007 at Sieraad Art Fair
David Poston- ‘The Real Thing’ – pectoral cross 2004 – Steel on a wooden frame – V&A Museum

« This cross uses recycled Coca Cola bottle tops, gathered in Rwanda and laser-welded over a wooden frame. Dr David Poston who made the cross, has worked in Africa for many years, teaching blacksmithing techniques to rural communities under the auspices of the United Nations. In a statement about the piece, Poston posed a series of questions which the viewer might like to consider, such as:
‘Is there anything inherently offensive in the piece? If someone were to choose to take offence, would this be because of any statement genuinely inherent to the piece or a reflection of their own position, prejudices and asssumptions?’
‘If the juxtaposition of cross and Coca Cola is offensive, to whom and why?’
‘What do used Coca Cola bottle tops imply or represent? In this context, what is the significance of their coming from Rwanda?’
‘How great is the difference between the two symbols? Do they now both represent brands?‘ »(David Poston)

very_important_detail dans Carole DELTENRE (FR)
Mona Wallstrøm « 20 very important things to remember » – detail of ankle piece



 dans Chloe DURAND (FR)
Carole Deltenre- komboloi for women – silver

« related to the traditional rosary, the komboloi is a Greek traditionnal object only used by men. Here it consist of the clitores -cast in silver- of 19 women » – cet objet/bijou est JUBILATOIRE !
Chloé Durand (FR) – « Supplice exquis » – chapelet en chocolat + laiton

« Considérer le bijou comme un moyen d’expression au même titre que la photographie, la vidéo…
Des bijoux porteurs de messages, des bijoux politiques, des bijoux qui interrogent, des bijoux engagés
Je m’amuse à détourner les objets, à associer des matériaux tels que l’os, le béton, ou encore le chocolat, avec les métaux propres à la bijouterie (or, argent…).
J’utilise ces moyens pour dénoncer un fait, pointant du doigt les failles de notre société où l’individu et le collectif s’affrontent sans cesse…
Un regard ironique sur les comportements humains. »(
Chloé Durand)

61126_149530145085782_149497855089011_233060_2376810_n dans Constanze SCHREIBER (DE)59944_149531141752349_149497855089011_233074_7439063_n dans Daniel MICHEL (DE)
Chloé Durand – A Dieu… Adieu ?- Broche en argent + médaille de baptême en or + béton teinté

71704_457336734242_160154969242_5274879_3716451_n dans David POSTON (UK)
Emmanuel Lacoste‘ s Opening nite (by LNY) par AKAun… steack crucifié (pour la bonne cause ?) … mais peut-on parler de « bijou » ? dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR)
Solveiga & Alfredas Krivičiai- rozancius- ‘Rossary for homo consumer’ 55 coins, hematite, ready made

« “…if jewellery is art, can it really remain indifferent to the cultural, technological and social changes taking place at the moment in the society?… Can jewelery react actively to social processes? Can it be socially engaged? Or maybe these days jewellery can, albeit indirectly, express people’s aspiration and phobias, actively and perhaps even dramatically react to the “now”…«
Robert Ebendorf Ring (« 200 rings » exhibition at Velvet da Vinci Gallery)

Maria Nuutinen Object ‘Passio’ (pìncushion), 2003 (she belongs to « Amazing Animal » group)

usko dans Eric LOUBSER (ZA)
Maria Nuutinen
Kate BartonNew Structure Brooch – oxidised stg, 9ct Y gold, wood, glue, paint, 2009

« I am inspired by structures, building plans, diagrams, underground pipes and wires, sparkling gems, Morse code, semiotics, secrets and machines. » (Kate Barton)

thumb478 dans Frank TJEPKEMA (NL)
thumb477 dans Kate BARTON (NZ)
Katja Prins (NL)-’Bound by Blood’ Necklace – 2007 – wooden beads, cotton

« This necklace brings together and mixes various prayer-necklaces, which only differ in detail. Prayerbeads are being used in several religions and they all have their own systematical design. The beads stands for the different prayers and by following the beads you can’t loose track and count while you are praying. The Roman-Catholic church has the ‘rosary”, the Islam has the “tespi”, Buddhism (Nichiren) has the “juzu” and Tibetan Buddhism has the “mala”. Nowadays we are living in a time of globalization. Worldwide people are connecting more and more, not only economically, but also politically and culturally. Borders are fading and people travel and migrate more than ever. Out of that comes integration of different cultures and religions. Partly because of the not always so very successful integration-policy of many countries, extremism in certain religions also flourishes, conflicts arise. With this/my interpretation of the prayer-necklace I want to bring together all prayer-necklace and make 1 out of it all.  A contemporary blood red prayer necklace. In my opinion the religions don’t differ so much from one another, they differ mostly in details. That’s what I want to show with this necklace. By bringing together all the prayerbeads, symbolically I want to bring together the different religions and with that the people. The title “Bound by Blood” stands for the idea that on the inside we are all the same. It also refers to the many wars (and with that the shedding of a lot of blood) that have been fought in the name of religion. «  (Katja Prins) /> Bling Bling medallion » width= »260″ height= »357″ /><br />
<font size=Frank Tjepkema - pendant ‘bling bling’ 2002- gold plated stainless steel- label « Chi Ha Paura…? »

« This medallion in the shape of a decorated cross is made out of paper-thin layers of gold-plated steel perforated to reveal logos like those of Coca Cola, Diesel, Kleenex and Gucci. » ………………………….

Contemporary South African Studio Jewelry from the Stellenbosch Area at Velvet da Vinci Gallery,
Eric Loubser – Pendant

constanze dans Katja PRINS (NL)
Constanze Schreiber, in opdracht van New Traditional Jewellery -2007  (photo Francis Willemstijn)


COUP de COEUR ! Gloria CARLOS – hand forged jewelry

« I have been making work for over 30 years as a sculptor, this has directly influened and translated into my jewellery. Working primarily with iron and gold, I am interested in the disparity between their values; one has a connection with opulence, the other with industry. Each piece of my work is hand forged and incorporates traditional and experimental metal smith techniques. I work intuitively exploring sculptural forms to create wearable ornaments. » Gloria Carlos (at the Scottish Gallery)

Forged Necklace
Gloria Carlos- Forged Necklace -2010 – forged iron, 22ct and 18ct gold (Photograph: Joel Degen)

COUP de COEUR !  Gloria CARLOS - hand forged jewelry dans COUP DE COEUR 64064_156892624343937_100000696002802_337689_1842697_n
 Gloria Carlos- Forged Ring – forged iron and 22ct gold – 2010 (Photograph: Joel Degen)

Forged Ring
Gloria Carlos- Forged Ring – forged iron and 22ct gold  – 2010 (Photograph: Joel Degen)

 Forged Ring
Gloria Carlos- Forged Ring – forged iron, 22ct gold with a rough Sapphire – 2010 (Photograph: Joel Degen)



EXPO ‘Thomas Gentille: Twenty-First Century’ – Gallery Loupe, USA – 20 Oct.-20 Nov. 2010

Classé dans : Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Loupe (US),Thomas GENTILLE (US),USA — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

 Thomas Gentille: Twenty-First Century is a comprehensive exhibition of nearly 50 works that display the artist’s unparalleled penchant for bringing together the most extraordinary combinations of materials and techniques.  The installation of the exhibition has been designed by the artist and includes watercolors, original exhibition poster and scale models related to his vision.  It is an inspiring testament to a career that has spanned over five decades and has earned Thomas Gentille a hallowed place in the field of contemporary jewelry making.

 Artist Talk – Montclair Art Museum.  Fri. Oct. 29, 2010, 1pm

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Recognized internationally for a lifetime of contributions to the field of art jewelry, Thomas Gentille was the first American artist to be designated by the distinguished Munich-based annual art jewelry fair, Schmuck, a Modern Master (Klassiker der Moderne).
Gentille has continually invented new processes to manipulate a wide range of materials. Many of his explorations have been with materials rarely used for jewelry, including wood, aluminum, acrylic, new synthetic materials, and eggshell inlay. His work often juxtaposes unexpected combinations—such as pumice stone and pure pigment, silk thread and ebony, acrylic and model aircraft plywood—and is noted for its subtle colors, sophisticated surface treatments, and balanced compositions.

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Thomas Gentille is widely recognized for a lifetime of contributions to the world of contemporary jewelry.  In 2006, he was the first American artist to be designated “Klassiker der Moderne” by the prestigious Schmuck Art Jewelry exhibition in Munich.  In addition, he was the recipient of the renowned Herbert Hofmann Prize in 2001 and also received the Bavarian State Prize in 2004.  Gentille’s work can be found in some of the most important museum collections worldwide.  These include: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; Cooper- Hewitt Museum, NYC; Museum of Arts and Design, NYC; The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Pinakothek der Moderne, Germany; Schmuckmuseum, Phorzheim, Germany;  Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by

Contemporary Art Jewelry by


Gallery Loupe
50 Church Street
Montclair, NJ 07042 (USA)
Tel : 973 744 0061
Fax : 973 744 0062
email :
Tuesday – Friday 11-6 — Saturday & Sunday 12-5 or by appointment

The exhibition is accompanied by a 120 page full-color catalog.


Asian menu ???????

On a le bol, les baguettes, et le riz ….. manque peut-être le thé ? ;-)

Asian menu ??????? dans COUP DE COEUR
Zara Collins (AU) – Chop Suey stretch – bracelets

« Zara was a finalist in the prestigious Talente Award & Exhibition 2004 in Munich, Germany. Her ‘ChopSuey Stretch Bracelets’ are a fresh and cheeky appropriation of the humble chopstick. This continues Zara’s work with patterned chopstick earrings and ‘spike’ earrings.«
Mikiko Minewaki (JP) – Bracelet ‘One de wan’ 2000 Miso-soup bowl

Mikiko Minewaki, Necklace, 2000
Mikiko Minewaki (JP) – necklace ‘One de chain’ Miso-soup bowl – 100 cm – 2000

« my idea come from…….
Anything hides a good form. I am making my pieces by the work of cutting off plastic goods.
Any object by being pieced can become wearable.
Things previously without connection to the body can become wearable to it by this simple operation.
I was born in the countryside of Japan.
Every day I picked flowers and leaves from the fields and made jewellery- necklaces, rings, crowns- from them.
This feeling is the source of my pieces.
One day I found the natural forms were hidden in plastic products.
So I started to pick the parts from my daily objects, and I keep searching for new forms in my everyday things.
It is happy to me if you could enjoy such a point of view when you saw my pieces.
Now,I have a pen with my hand but when we see it the next time, it may be a neck chains!  »

 dans Hsiang-Ling LU (Taiwan)
Hsiang-Ling, Lu – Rice necklace – rice, resin, threads

« I’ve been doing my final project of MA degree recently. I try to use rice and other combinations to explore the potential of this material. »

et voilà pour le thé !

Hogeboom-Pink dans Mikiko MINEWAKI (JP)
Peter Hoogeboom broche “pink”

Hogeboom-happy dans organics
Peter Hoogeboom broche “Happy”


EXPO ‘BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose’ – Sienna Gallery – 15 Oct.-14 Nov. 2010

Classé dans : Bettina SPECKNER (DE),Exposition/Exhibition,Gal. Sienna Patti (US),USA — bijoucontemporain @ 10:09

BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose

Artists Reception: Saturday October 23, 2010 5-7
Artist talk: Sunday October 24, 11 am

EXPO 'BETTINA SPECKNER a rose is a rose is a rose' - Sienna Gallery - 15 Oct.-14 Nov. 2010 dans Bettina SPECKNER (DE) speckner2010_exhibitionhead

66672_479072561409_70530366409_6836820_1623337_n dans Exposition/Exhibition

« In my work I am particularly fond of photographs. Sometimes they are old and show bygone places or people of former times, quite often however I use photos I took myself of trunks, flowers, lonesome lanes or landscapes. These pictures turn into pieces of jewelry.
To turn photos into gems, the images are etched on small metal plates or burned on enamel. They become part of an individual composition: precious metals, diamonds, coloured stones and found objects begin to lead lives of their own. Patterns and ornaments arise. Often I employ seemingly banal but peculiar everyday items, forging the sublime and the profane into a new poetic harmony.
I do not work with the intention to decorate things or to make them look prettier. I search to discover the soul of an object or the essence of a photograph and to shape something new which appeals to me and to other people far beyond the optical appearance.
For this exhibition I used text for the first time, creating a group of pieces that draw upon the idea that simply using the name of a thing invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it. Some works came after the text choice and others used the text as catalyst. To ‘see’ the pieces it is not necessary to know the text, it is used as another layer, transparent yet substantive.  » Bettina Speckner 2010

BSP141 dans Gal. Sienna Patti (US)BSP141B dans USA
Cinderella - Brooch, 2010 Photoetching in Zinc, Silver, Diamonds 8 X 5 cm

Os Argonautas (Caetano Veloso) – Neckpiece , 2010 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver, Leaf, Resin


Barbara’s Song

I once used to think in my innocent youth, (And I once was as innocent as you), That someone some day might come my way, And then I should know what ‘ s best to do. And if he ‘ d got money, and seemed a nice chap, And his workday shirts were white as snow, And if he knew how to treat a girl with due respect, I ‘ d have to tell him, « No! » That ‘ s where you must keep your head screwed on and insist on going slow. Sure the moon will shine throughout the night, Sure the boat is on the river tied up tight, That ‘ s as far as things can go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart,
Oh, you must not let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you feel it might start, Oh, then your only answer ‘ s, « No! » The first one that came was a man of Kent, And all that a man ought to be. The second one owned three ships down at Wopping, And the third was crazy about me. And as they ‘ d got money, and all seemed nice chaps, And their workday shirts were white as snow, And as they knew how to treat a girl with due respect, Each time I told them, « No! » 

That ‘ s when I used to get my head screwed on and I chose to take it slow. Sure the moon could shine throughout the night, Sure the boat was on the river tied up tight, That ‘ s as far as things could go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart, Oh, you must not let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you feel it might start, Oh, then your only answer ‘ s, « No! » But then one day, and the day was blue, Came a man who didn ‘ t ask at all. And he went and hung his hat on the nail of my little attic, And what happened, I can ‘ t recall. And as he ‘ d got no money and was not a nice chap, And his Sunday shirts were not like snow, And as he ‘ d no idea of treating a girl with due respect, I could not tell him, « No! » That ‘ s the day my head was not screwed on, and to hell with going slow! Oh, the moon could shine so clear and bright, Oh, the boat kept drifting downstream that night, That was how it simply had to go. Oh, you can ‘ t lie back, you must stay cold at heart, In the end you ‘ ll have to let your feelings show. Oh, the moment you know it might start, And there ‘ s no time for saying, « No! »  - Berthold Brecht/ Kurt Weil, Threepenny Opera

Fallenblumen (Snare Flowers) Hommage à Daniel Spoerri
Brooch, 2010 Photo in Enamel, Silver, Ruby Cabochon, Amethyst, Garnet 9 X 7.5 cm 

Alice in Wonderland - Pendant, 2009 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver, Leaf, Resin 10 X 5.5 cm

The Cloths of Heaven - Brooch, 2009 Ferrotype, Diamond, Silver 9 X 5 cm 

He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
Had I the heavens ‘ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
William Butler Yeats 1865-1939 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Brooch, 2010 Photo in Enamel, Silver, Gold, Citrine 9 X 6 cm
Earrings, 2010 Photoetching in Zinc, Gold, Tourmaline, Citrine drops 5.5 X 1.5 cm

A Rose is a Rose is Rose (Gertrude Stein)
Brooch , 2001 Photo etching in zinc, Red Gold, black diamonds 7 X 4 cm


Sienna Gallery
80 Main Street
Lenox, MA 01240 USA
(001) 413 637 8386

EXPO ‘Everyday Objects’ – Loft Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne (AU) – 21 Oct.-3 Nov. 2010

Everyday Objects‘ at Loft Gallery, “Six artists use traditional Gold and Silversmithing techniques to explore, interpret and re-imagine everyday objects and themes. Curate by Beka Hannah. Featuring:
Claire McArdle, Georgia Lancaster, Inari Kiuru, Mary Hackett, Melissa Cameron, Beka Hannah.

EXPO 'Everyday Objects' - Loft Gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne (AU) - 21 Oct.-3 Nov. 2010 dans Australie (AU) Everyday-Objects-72


Planar radial pattern - coaster by Melissa Cameron
Melissa Cameron- Planar radial pattern-coaster 




Loft Gallery
L1 253 Johnston St
Abbotsford, VIC (Australia)
Opening 6-8pm, 21st of October
Hours 12-5pm, closed Sunday.

Comment avoir de belles fleurs avant l’hiver …. Flower power !

Comment avoir de belles fleurs avant l'hiver .... Flower power ! dans Alidra ALIC (DK)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Large puffy rose brooch worn by Bill Riley (on Kit&caboodle)

MinJeong Kim  (SIERAAD Art Fair page on Kit&Caboodle)

 dans Allison WELLS (CA)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Wooden rose brooch  (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Ana HAGOPIAN (ES)
Nubia Gonçalves (Brasil) – Red Carambola Choker with Pearl  (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Catherine JACQUET (FR)
Renee Bevan (NZ) – Daisy chain necklace (on Kit&caboodle)

 dans Christel van der LAAN (NL)
Sunni Elizabeth Gibson- Corsage back view – 2010, Resin, Stg silver, synthetic leaves (on Kit&caboodle)

Christel van der Laan - Cactus Brooch 2009. Painted sterling silver, rough agate, honeycomb block, electrical componentChristel van der Laan (AU) – 2009 Cactus Brooch 

uk-lon-dbre dans COUP DE COEUR
Donna Brennan – brooch The Blank Canvas 2010, costume jewellery, bio resin, light sensitive paint

 dans Cynthia del GIUDICE (RA)
Sina Emrich – flower brooch (on Kit & Caboodle)
Alidra Alic – flower ring

 dans Donna BRENNAN (AU)
Kath Inglis (AU) – cut flower brooch

broochJoao Vaz (AU) – big blue Brooch – Fabric, synthetic pillow stuffing, wool and romanium wire

 dans Eiko YOSHIDA (JP)
Jane Dominese (UK) – Over the ear flower earring

 dans Inni PARNANEN (FI)
Sharon Fitness (NZ) – Rachel’s Happy Birthday Flower

 dans Jane DOMINESE (UK)
Eiko Yoshida- Sugar paper flower broach (on Kit & Caboodle)

 dans Joao VAZ (AU)
Sabrina Meyns – brooch – Handmade paper, seeds, fine silver, stainless steel

 dans Karin WAGNER (CH)
Sabrina Meyns (IRL) – ring – Handmade paper, fine silver (on Kit & Caboodle)
des MERVEILLES de délicatesse en papier !

 dans Kath INGLIS (AU)
Cynthia Del Giudice – flower ring – fold formed, constructed sterling silver, patina

blacklotushd dans Kim THOMSON (AU)
Michelle Pujol - blackened lotus flower ring

trailing-orchid-ring dans L'Etoffe des Fees (FR)
Michelle Pujol - Trailing Orchid Ring -2 toned silver ring with forged vine shank and 3 trailing flower elements.

 dans Melinda YOUNG (AU)
Michelle Pujol - blackened silver ring, forged with moving stamen parts

 dans Michelle PUJOL (AU)
Melinda Young (Metalab on kit & caboodle)

 dans MinJeong KIM (KR)
Sarah Carlson (AU) – « Proteus »-S/S cast leucadendron flower 

flowerpotringbyallisonwells dans Nubia GONCALVES (Brasil)
Allison Wells- ‘flower pot ring’ – 2004

 dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)
Kim Thomson (AU) – Dianella Revoluta – Anodised alluminium, sterling silver rivets. acrylic, surgical steel. Materials are 95% recycled and works are made using ethical manufacturing techniques


18853_1310242205038_1500099122_790672_2421810_n dans Sabrina MEYNS (IRL)
l’ETOFFE DES FEES (Aurore Flenner)- collier origami  – textile

18853_1310242645049_1500099122_790681_8199954_n dans Sarah CARLSON (AU)
Catherine JACQUET- collier « Jardin d’un jour » – plastique(s)

18853_1312438899954_1500099122_795142_1679976_n dans Sharon FITNESS (NZ)
Aline KOKINOPOULOS – bague « corolle », avec son rajout de 3 « petites pousses » – argent et or
Inni Pärnänen (Finnish) botanical jewelry with a geometric bent – flower ring in burnt paper & wax
Karin Wagner – glorious poppy felt ring
Ana Hagopian – paper jewelry


EXPO ‘Pamela Ritchie – with:in’ – Galerie Noel Guyomarch (Qb) – 28 Oct.- 20 Nov. 2010

Pamela Ritchie with:in  -  October 28-November 20, 2010

with:in is a story about fine detail and the process of harnessing ideas, influences, accidents and intuition. with:in is about form and shape and line and the madness of spending an eternity creating something so small.
with:in is about miniscule spaces where hidden secrets and histories lie.
with:in is about matter and myth and the close at hand. 


EXPO 'Pamela Ritchie - with:in' - Galerie Noel Guyomarch (Qb) - 28 Oct.- 20 Nov. 2010 dans Canada (CA) image7361
broche en argent, perles, or


Pamela Ritchie continues to be a major force in the world of Canadian jewellery.  Born in Amherst, Nova Scotia in 1952, she quickly distinguished herself with a Nova Scotia Talent Trust Scholarship and a major award from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, to pursue post graduate jewellery research in Norway, 1979-80.

Returning to Canada, she completed her MFA in 1982, and has become one of our most prolific artist-jewellers, participating in more than 60 group and solo exhibitions throughout North America, Australia, Japan, Korea and Europe.  Her work has appeared in numerous catalogues and periodicals, and has been collected by major institutions, including the Nova Scotia Art Bank and the Kunstindustrimuseum, Norway.

Professor of the Jewellery Department at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design since 1984, Pamela Ritchie has developed Canada’s only BFA and MFA degree programs in jewellery design into an internationally recognized Department, offering both silversmithing and goldsmithing.

 Of her teaching, one of her students, Paul McClure has remarked:

 « My experience as a student of Pamela Ritchie was integral to my development as an artist.  Her extensive knowledge of art and jewellery and her ability to challenge and encourage my work were important resources and inspirations throughout my education.  Pamela’s commitment to the field and influence as both an educator and an artist have continued to command my respect and are invaluable assets to the art jewellery community in Canada. »

Her commitment to education is also reflected in her past work in the Philippines for the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa.  Recently, following research in the UK on computer assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), she has set up a CAD suite for jewellers and is participating in the planning and implimentation of new technology for the department.

Active professionally, she has lectured in Canada, England, USA, and Korea.  She has promoted Canadian jewellery as the Canadian advisor for the European exhibitions Jugend Gestaltet, Ornamenta I, Schmuckszene, Schmuck 1996 – 2005  and was the Canadian representative for the German publication Art Aurea..


Vendredi 29 octobre: Conférence à l’École de Joaillerie de Montréal
416 boul. de Maisonneuve ouest, 9e.
Réservation: 514-281-9922 p.201

Pamela Ritchie
broche en argent, or 18kt, ébène

Pamela Ritchie brooch
‘Energy’ – broche en argent, anneau d’acier, corail


 dans Exposition/Exhibition

Galerie Noel GUYOMARC’H
137 Laurier ouest,
Montréal, Qc
H2T 2N6


EXPO ‘TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE.’ – Gaffa Gallery, Sydey (AU) – 21 Oct.- Nov. 2010


Contemporary Jewellery from New Zealand

EXPO 'TOUCH. PAUSE. ENGAGE.' - Gaffa Gallery, Sydey (AU) - 21 Oct.- Nov. 2010 dans Australie (AU)


Touch, Pause, Engage is an introductory snapshot of contemporary NZ jewellery for the Australian community. This innovative jewellery showcase is designed to reset the trans-Tasman rivalry between our rugby-loving brothers and sisters.
Opening night, October 21st will also mark the release of an accompanying publication.
Touch, Pause, Engage, invites a diverse team of fifteen NZ jewellers to submit inventive and inspired works. Although many of the makers’ practices focus on different issues and are expressed in diverse forms, the side is fit and game ready. The roster is comprised of talented individuals with different skills and strengths who make a target of pushing the experimental aspects of their jewellery practice. The captains look forward to an exciting match. Who wants it?

First fifteen:
Rachel Bell, Renee Bevan, Nadene Carr, Jacqui Chan, Kristin d’Agostino, Cath Dearsley, Gillian Deery, Ilse-Marie Erl, Sharon Fitness, Kristin Toller, Tatjana Panyoczki, Sunni Gibson, Lynsay Raine , Raewyn Walsh & Selina Woulfe
Rachel Bell- Body – « Recognising the need to acknowle the body as a site for these works. »

 dans Cath DEARSLEY (NZ)
Kristin d’Agostinojewellery on the brink of a relationship (photo by Jessica Hill)

 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Cath Dearsley felt brooch

Raewyn Walsh

Sharon Fitnesssilicone brooch

 dans Jacqui CHAN (NZ)
Lynsay Raine – Opticaliant Brooch – Brass, polymer clay, found lense 

 dans Kristin D'AGOSTINO (NZ)
Tatjana Panyoczki - « jam session » from the series sincere – neck piece 2010, wax, pom poms, stg

 dans Nlle Zelande (NZ)
Jacqui Chan- Lolly tin brooch, 2007

 dans Rachel BELL (NZ)
Selina Woulfe- Experiential Jewellery lll

 dans Raewyn WALSH (NZ)
Sunni Elizabeth Gibson- corsage – back view – 2010, Resin, Stg silver, synthetic leaves


 dans Renee BEVAN (NZ)
Renee Bevan – Large puffy rose brooch worn by Bill Riley


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* « Broach of the month club 2010″
* Rachel Bell blog

About NEW-ZEALAND JEWELRY : visit « FINGERS » web site/gallery !

Gaffa Gallery
281 Clarence Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000,
(+61) 02 9283 4273


EXPO ‘MON BIJOU CAILLOU’ – Pôle Bijou Galerie, Baccarat (FR) – 16-31 Oct 2010

Présentation des dessins des enfants des écoles de la CCVC  (Communauté de Communes des Vallées du Cristal) à l’occasion du concours « Mon Caillou Bijou ».

« Nous avons associé 12 écoles du territoire et les classes cycle 1 (gde section maternelle + CP), cycle 2 (CE1 et CE2) et cycle 3 (CM1 et CM2 et CLIS). Chaque enfant devait ramasser un caillou et imaginer un bijou à partir de lui … Ensuite, c’est selon les enseignants, qui ont soit imposé un matériau (craie grasse…) soit laissé libre cours à la créativité (ajout de paillettes, collages divers …). Dans chaque classe participante les enfants devaient élire un projet qui était « nominé » d’où 24 dessins candidats (8 par niveau de cycle). Le jury se réunit demain après-midi (22 octobre) pour choisir le vainqueur dans chaque cycle. En parallèle, tous les enfants sont venus chez nous, au Pôle Bijou Baccarat, pour visiter l’exposition (« Bijoux Gemmes« ), assister à des démonstrations de taille lapidaire et participer à un atelier glyptique sur pierre savon .. et puis des gemmologues se sont déplacés dans les classes pour montrer des choses sur les gemmes aux enfants (dès la maternelle). Chaque école participante se voit récompenser par un livre sur les gemmes (mini encyclopédie) et par une boite initiation gemmologie (12 pierres roulées de différentes espèces), et chaque enfant « nominé » par un petit pendentif (une pierre sur un lien de cuir) et les 3 lauréats par un petit bouquin pour eux !!! … »

EXPO Pole Baccarat - Concours-mon-caillou-bijou - dessins gagnants
Concours « mon-caillou-bijou » – dessins gagnants

« A gauche Collier de Clémence Berné (GS-CP)(« Ruban rose, caillou peint en doré, fil de laiton ») –  Au milieu Boucles d’oreilles de Cindy Jacquel (CE1-CE2)(« Matériel : un caillou, du métal, du caoutchouc, deux tiges en métal, des morceaux de plaqué or, du fer. Fabrication : Placez le caillou au centre du métal. Ajoutez-y le caoutchouc (un petit rond). Courbez les deux tiges pour bien faire la forme des boucles d’oreilles. Collez les bouts de plaqué or pour faire des points noirs et gris. Incorporez à l’ensemble les bâtons gris ») — A droite Collier de Léa Schwartz (CM1-CM2) »  (blog « NotesPrécieuses« )


EXPO 'MON BIJOU CAILLOU' - Pôle Bijou Galerie, Baccarat (FR) - 16-31 Oct 2010 dans COUP DE COEUR Trio-Argent-Clara
les enfants d’Agathe Courtois- Bijoux créateur – Parure, trio « famille de Clara » argent

voir en parallèle « les enfants d’Agathe Courtois » : « La Société « Les enfants d’Agathe Courtois » offre à ses clients un concept inédit et original : « Un bijou vu par un enfant et créé pour un enfant ». » (Les enfants d’Agathe Courtois sont partenaires-associés au Pôle Bijoux de Baccarat. Voir l’Association « Label Parure » et les entrepreneurs du secteur de la bijouterie installés ou en cours d’installation sur le Pôle Bijou et dans ses environs géographiques)


Pôle Bijou galerie,

un bâtiment destiné à la valorisation -« A 5 minutes du « Pôle Bijou Taillerie », le « Pôle Bijou Galerie » est un bâtiment de 500 m2 situé en plein centre ville de Baccarat et rénové pour accueillir expositions, conférences, formations… Situé en bord de Meurthe, il se trouve dans un cadre privilégié verdoyant et à proximité immédiate des commerces (à 200 mètres), de zones de stationnement et des attraits touristiques de la ville (église Saint-Rémy, Parc…). »
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