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COUP de ROUGE ! Ligia ROCHA – travail au crochet

« I made this using wire from old television sets resistors wich is very thin and has this amazing colours. » (Ligia Rocha)

COUP de ROUGE ! Ligia ROCHA - travail au crochet dans COUP DE COEUR 57936_1555998576335_1126336871_1658793_3348683_n

46796_1556012016671_1126336871_1658820_794651_n dans fibres / thread


« Ligia Rocha: born and currently living in Porto, Portugal.
After attending the Fine Arts School at Lisbon, I studied goldsmithery, becoming a professional in this field.
My work is a result of an evolving dialogue between materials and ideas, using handmade metals, found objects, resin, copper wire from resistances and Japanese lacquer. Inspired and intuitive patterns are cut into the surface of the metal, transforming those seemingly ordinary materials into something precious.

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