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COUP de COEUR ! Michaela BINDER : une femme de poi…l !

Bijoux de feutre ou bijoux en fourrure, ou « le poil » domestiqué :-)

COUP de COEUR !   Michaela BINDER : une femme de poi...l ! dans Allemagne (DE) ringu_rosenstamm
bagues argent et feutre

In 1997 Michaela Binder presented a variable jewelry system with a collection crafted from silver and exchangeable colored felt elements. While gemstones provide the color in other designer’s creations, these pieces are lit up by brightly colored felt: soft and supple, saucy and easily exchangeable. In another collection of hers, fluffy mink on rings or silver bangles makes for an unusual visual and haptic experience. All her works are dominated by minimalist shapes such as squares, rectangles and circles made of brushed silver, recently also complemented by floral elements. Michaela Binder, who also creates impressive metal vessels, loves to overcome traditional notions associated with jewelry. Samples of her oeuvre can be admired in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, among others. (ArtAurea)


1963 Born in Stuttgart, Germany
1984–1988 Hanau State Academy
1992–1997 Studied metal design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim
1997 Founded the “Tagebau” atelier and gallery collective in Berlin in collaboration with various designers
2004 Founded her own atelier and gallery in Berlin’s Gipsstrasse

Doppelring_mit_Perle dans COUP DE COEUR
bagues argent et feutre

Bluemchenkette_13x18 dans feutre / felt
collier – argent et feutre 

DSC08688 dans Michaela BINDER (DE)
collier – argent et feutre  

F_Nerzring_mit_Perle_goldpl dans organics
bague fourrure & perle – Nerz ring mit Perle – goldplated

F_Ringe_Silber_Nerz dans www ARTAUREA
bague fourrure & argent -Ringe – Silber, Nerz

bracelets- Nerz armreifen – innen-aussen


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