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COUP de … ROUGE avec Niamh Spain

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Niamh Spain (Ireland)

« The jewellery and wall pieces I have designed are an interpretative response to contemporary architecture. I am interested in identifying a particular viewpoint of a building and subsequently produce graphic drawings illustrating its inner and outer structural lines.
These 2-dimensional diagrams provide templates from which I produce 3-dimensional forms.  I am interested in testing the spatial boundary between the 2D and 3D, manipulating sheet into planar objects whilst never becoming fully volumetric.
Each piece relies on another for its outer silhouette as one sheet of metal produces at least three structures.  Positive space informs negative and vice versa. »

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Niamh Spain dans COUP DE COEUR
Niamh Spain – ‘negative space’ – Brooch, sterling silver with powder coating

 dans Irlande (IRL)
Niamh Spain – ‘red window’ – Ring, sterling silver with powder coating (on kit&caboodle)

 dans Niamh SPAIN (IRL)
Niamh Spain – ‘pleated window’ – bracelet, sterling silver with powder coating



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