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COUP de … ROUGE avec Elfrun LACH

My jewellery results from ongoing research into the historic use, depiction and symbolism of coral in connection with making contemporary artefacts. Coral is one of the oldest materials used for human adornment, and because of its difficulty to obtain, has been simulated throughout history by bone, glass, wood, porcelain and plastic.
The process of simulation, substitution of materials and the combination of precious and found objects is relevant to all my work. By using coral as a metaphor for strength and fragility, growth and decay I want to generate readings concerning human interaction with the environment, and question the ethical use of materials and the nature of the real and the represented.” (Elfrun Lach)

(ACTUAL EXPO : « Corollary« , Craft Victoria, Melbourne (AU) 21 Jan.– 5 March2011)

COUP de ... ROUGE  avec Elfrun LACH dans Allemagne (DE) blank Bangle #1
Elfrun LachBangle #1, 2005 – leather, aluminium flashing, sterling silver (« Correlation » exhib.)


Elfrun Lach is born in 1955, Ratingen, Germany – She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT University, 2004, followed by Honours, 2005, and a Master of Art, 2010. Elfrun has exhibited her jewellery since 2001. Highlights include SOFA New York and Chicago, Charon Kransen Arts, New York, 2009; Jewellery Topos, Galerie Marzee, The Netherlands, 2009; and Beyond Metal: Contemporary Australian Jewellery and Holloware (toured to India, Malaysia and Singapore), 2007. Her work is held in private collections in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, USA and Japan



lach03 dans corail / coral

Brooches with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads, 5W x 5.5Hcm. $300 each.
Elfrun LachBrooches with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads (« Correlation » exhib.)



lach08 dans COUP DE COEUR


lach07 dans Elfrun LACH (DE)

lach02 dans Gal. Charon Kransen (US)
Elfrun Lach – ‘Sprung’ necklace (« Correlation » exhib.)

lach06 dans Gal. Pieces of Eight (AU)
Elfrun Lach‘Corallium Rubrum’ necklace – natural red coral branches, polypropylene, sterling silver, silk cord  2005 (« Correlation » exhib.)

blankElfrun Lach
Elfrun Lach

blank Untitled Brooch
Elfrun Lach – ‘Untitled Brooch’ – natural twig (Eucalyptus Caesia), cotton thread, stainless steel  (« Correlation » exhib.)

blank Corallium Osseus Necklace, 2005
Elfrun Lach -Corallium Osseus Necklace- Hand built percelain, red coral beads, nylon cord  2005 (« Correlation » exhib.)

Brooch with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads, 5W x 5.5Hcm. $300.
Elfrun Lach -Brooch with found branch, wool felt and sandblasted glass beads

Elfrun Lach

Elfrun Lach -ring ‘Annulus parvus’ 2008, bamboo, coral, polymer clay


Pieces of Eight is a contemporary jewellery and small object gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
see their exhibitions of Elfrun Lach : « Correlation » (2006)

« Correlation is the result of a continued exploration by gold and silversmith Elfrun Lach into the symbolism, materiality and historical use of coral. The jewellery pieces made for the exhibition come from an investigation into this precious material and these wearable works stand as a metaphor for growth and decay, strength and fragility.
A natural material, coral has been highly prized throughout various cultures and periods, the oldest surviving finds are coral beads and artefacts from Neolithic burial sites dating back to 10,000BC. Red coral in particular has been considered precious by southern European cultures, and sometimes appears in medieval and renaissance paintings being worn or held by the infant Jesus.
Lach creates contemporary offerings and interpretations of coral as well as including some real pieces of different corals in her work. She also has used a variety of other materials like felt, glass beads, wood, silver, porcelain and recycled plastics. By using these materials alongside coral, with all its associations, she offers up new objects of desire.
Considering how humans have now endangered the very existence of coral by dredging the sea floor, Lach’s jewellery pieces elevate humble materials to present a new preciousness in her works which evoke rather than mimic this material. She is currently continuing to explore these themes whilst undertaking a Masters in Fine Arts at RMIT, Melbourne. « 

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