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COUP de … ROUGE Montserrat LACOMBA

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Montserrat LACOMBA, ma « collègue » du blog « mar de Color Rosa » ! :-)

« In honor of Frida Kahlo’s painting » serie :

COUP de ... ROUGE  Montserrat LACOMBA dans blog Mar de Color Rosa 168010_1776886469190_1450211589_1863369_4117692_n
‘la casa-el mundo’ – brooch – Silver, copper and enamel

180128_1776887229209_1450211589_1863372_6890470_n dans COUP DE COEUR
‘la casa-el mundo’ – brooch – back !

168094_1776889029254_1450211589_1863380_7766917_n dans Espagne (ES)
‘dolor-amor’ – brooch – Silver, copper and enamel

167073_1776890989303_1450211589_1863389_4377590_n dans Montserrat LACOMBA (ES)
‘dos vacíos’ – earrings – Silver and enamel

Découverte : Göran Kling

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« Göran Kling’s work. Big, bold and bizarre. » dit « The Bibelotphile » blog, où je l’ai découvert ;-)

« Swedish student Göran Kling, with a background as a goldsmith, based his degree project at University College of Arts Crafts and Design around thoughts on how jewellry in certain forms and shapes are valued different. His necklaces became stereotypes of classic forms and symbols (i e The Heart, The Cross, The Dolphin etc) and do of course suit this, the most recent era, of Pop Art Fashion.  » (july 2009) (blog 2faced1)

« Traditional items of jewelry are like images. Like representations of themselves. Images of ordinary things such as crosses, Mercedes emblems and hearts. Eagles, dolphins and wolves are also popular.
What the images represent does not seem to be that important. Wearing these symbols does not mean you need to have a particular relationship with dolphins, God or Mercedes cars.
The significance of a dolphin or a cross made of gold simply seems to be that it is an item of jewelry – something valuable. Something you were given by your grandmother when you were confirmed or by your children on your 60th birthday.   » (Göran Kling - / Ädellab/Metal Design -  Konstfack 2009 (SE))

Göran KlingNo title (Steel, approx 60 cm)
Göran KlingNo title (wood, laminated, ca 60 cm)
Göran KlingNo title (Black mdf, approx 60 cm)


l’Année du LAPIN commence ….. avec Tabea Reulecke

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Tabea Reulecke: Solo ExhibitionATTA Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand) -
19 Fevr-15 Mars 2011
2011 is the year of the rabbit. So what could be more fitting for gallery ATTA than to start off the exhibition season by showcasing the work by Tabea Reulecke ?


Tabea Reulecke (Germany, 1981)
Tabea completed a Diploma in Gem and Jewellery design, Idar-Oberstein, 2006. Since 2007 she has been an assistant at Idar-Oberstein. She has participated in a number of workshops at the ravary workshop, also with Uta Feiler, Peter Skubic, and Beate Klockmann. She has lectured and held workshops in Germany and Estonia. Tabea has held solo exhibitions at Gallery Marzee and Gallery Caroline van Hoek and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Estionia, Australia, Netherlands, Uk and Germany. She won the Graduation Prize, Gallery Marzee 07/08. (« Pieces of Eight Gallery » blog)

« The rabbit is running like a fool, he will stumble over his own paws any moment now. The brooch as cartoon. What’s he up to, where’s he going to? The expression is his eye is one of joy and excitement, the colours of the brooch are fresh. Speed, movement and joy are somehow synonymous. The faster the music the more cheerful it is. Inertia, depression is often synonymous with standing still, motionless, frozen. Music is slow, tones are low. That is how you feel when totally sad, depressed and knocked down. You can’t move, you feel locked up in your own body and sorrow. The moment you start moving energy returns. Movement, speed is freedom.
Tabea’s depiction of a rabbit having fun fits in a tradition that is age-old. On an early antique Egyptian painting on papyrus a lion and an antelope play senet, a board game. The lion moves his pawn laughing in victory, the antelope is beaten. In jewellery from ancient times onwards animals are depicted, sometimes having a symbolic meaning but also used in a decorative way. In art and literature the use of animals is a way to reflect on human behaviour. By mirroring ourselves with the help of animals we are able to reflect and to laugh about ourselves. Tabea’s rendering of an animal in action is not a common theme. But it is a perfect expression of speed, fun and excitement. »
Tabea Reulecke- bunnies ring - 2009 – silver

l'Année du LAPIN commence ..... avec Tabea Reulecke dans Exposition/Exhibition Speed_Reuleche
Tabea Reulecke- ‘Kasper’, 2008 – brooch – enamel on copper, silver, gold, garnet  

« For my works I mainly use natural materials, rarely artificial ones like plastic for example. I create my own world with them. Certain materials happen to become synonyms of other words so that there is a story that you can only read if you know the necessary vocabulary.
When I’m watching myself, I realize that I don’t consist of only one material either. I’m soft and hard, warm and cold, wet and dry … My jewellery comes out of my inner self where there are many more differences.
Nothing there is only on the surface. » (Tabea Reulecke)

Tabea Reulecke-  spring necklace

167633_191349297544418_153566861322662_740872_1092999_n dans Gal. Atta (Thailand)

(Tabea Reulecke necklace: « …to pull a rabbit out of a hat… » 2011 – Enamel, copper, silver, fine gold)



Tabea Reulecke: Solo Exhibition
ATTA Gallery
O.P. Garden, Unit 1109, 4,6 Charoenkrung Soi 36
10500, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak – Bangkok
Telephone: +662 238 6422


167502_191350194210995_153566861322662_740875_6732181_n dans Tabea REULECKE (DE)


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