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Z’ ANIMAUX….. un classique ? pas avec David Bielander

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),David BIELANDER (CH/DE),www KitandCaboodle — bijoucontemporain @ 0:04

……… pas tant que ça avec  David Bielander  ! ;-)

« David Bielander’s work is characterised by humour, sensuality and his unorthodox use of materials. PearlSnail‘ is typical of his playfulness and central to this is the wearer, ‘…jewellery doesn’t allow a distancing of the “wearer” from the work. You have to love a piece of jewellery, to wear it.’ » (Jack Cunningham « narrative Jewellery »)

Z' ANIMAUX..... un classique ? pas avec  David Bielander  dans Allemagne (DE)
David BielanderSlug (big), Brooch, 2006  Silver (brown patina), steel pin  (sur Kit & caboodle )

 dans David BIELANDER (CH/DE)
Pearl Pig brooch, 2003, edition of 12, freshwater pearls, gold, steel

 dans www KitandCaboodle
David Bielander  – scampi , armband/bracelet, 2007

David Bielander - « dung beetle » brooch- made from a teaspoon (steel), gold

David Bielander - ‘fish’ – bracelet. thumb tacks, silver


Born in Switzerland, David Bielander lives and works in Munich. He uses an wide variety of materials and processes, and his work is always marked with a high level of craftsmanship and a keen wit.
He won the prestigious Herbert Hofmann Prize in 2010
David Bielander‘PearlSnail’ 2004 Brooch – gold, snail shell, freshwater pearls


« The wearing of jewellery is a game. The one wears it from inflation-proof gold or silver in order to make their presence felt, the other prefers to rail against such social codes by wearing unusual materials or designs. It is the difference between the safe and experimental, between the conventional and the fun.
David Bielander plays this game not as a wearer but as a worker in precious metals. He unites the skills of traditional craftsmanship with an unusual free spirit. With Bielander, the appreciation of his jewellery design lies in the ingenuity and technique; pleasure in the anticipation and wealth of ideas.
 » (Ward Schrijver -(copyright Galerie Rob Koudijs))

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David Bielander earthworm ring



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