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EXPO ‘BLACKENED BRILLIANCE – SOFIA BJÖRKMAN’ – Gallery Platina, Stockholm (SE) – 24 Fevr.-26 mars 2011

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EXPO 'BLACKENED BRILLIANCE - SOFIA BJÖRKMAN' - Gallery Platina, Stockholm (SE) - 24 Fevr.-26 mars 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition Blackened_Brilliance

« The past year has been mostly black.
The oil disaster stained beaches black. The ash cloud put much of Europe in a greyish mist. Miners searching for treasures in the earth, were trapped in the dark. Forest fires as well as street fires worldwide blackened both environments and hearts. Financial crises have made deep dark holes in many wallets.

How deeply does it blacken our souls? In concert with these grave situations, humanity seems to revel in glamour. Politics becomes glamorous, as well as TV programs. Western fashion highlights a desire for power and status. What sparkles, sparkles more and more and the brilliance dazzles and relives.
In the gap between sorrow and escapism, people are looking for spirituality. In contrast to gloominess we flee from reality and seek meaning. The individual is in focus and the ways to find well-being are many.
Blackened Brilliance is the title of an exhibition about some of the past year’s incidents, illustrated using the qualities of jewellery art. Jewellery belongs to humans. We wear jewellery to remember, to make statements orto use as tools in realizing ourselves. Jewellery is intimate in the way that we wear it close to our hearts and fill it with meaning. It is also intimate because it requires the viewer to come close to the objects and to penetrate their meaning to get the entire content. This requires not only courage but also a willingness to understand both as a viewer and as a wearer.« 



Black_Sofia4 dans Gal. Platina (SE)Black_Sofia1 dans Sofia BJORKMAN (SE)
Sofia Bjorkman – Brooch – Rubber and silver
Sofia BjorkmanNecklace -Iron and plastic

Black_Sofia3 dans Suede (SE)
Sofia BjorkmanBrooch -Rubber and silver



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