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SchmuckDenken VII 2011 – Thinking jewellery – Symposium – Idar-Oberstein (DE) 17-18 Mai 2011

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SchmuckDenken VII  Thinking jewellery – Symposium – Idar-Oberstein

SchmuckDenken VII 2011 - Thinking jewellery - Symposium - Idar-Oberstein (DE) 17-18 Mai 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) Flyer_SDVII_FRONT

Topic 2011: « Identity and Responsibillity of Applied Art »

On the way to developing a theory of jewellery

‘SchmuckDenken’ is an attempt to reflect on what jewellery is. It concerns an interdisciplinary approach which extends beyond the respective categories of art or craft, applied or free: the exploration of what jewellery means – not what it looks like.

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In 2005 some initial intellectual approaches were developed in an interdisciplinary discourse between ethnologists, philosophers, cultural researchers and natural scientists. In 2006 the discussion concerned the works and activities of conceptual jewellery artists, in order to address the complex relationship between beauty and uniformity in 2007. After the debate on the meaning of ornamentation for jewellery in 2008, ‘SchmuckDenken’ 2009 focused on jewellery as an object. Finally, 2010 reflected on aspects of globalisation with an eye to the European conception of art in the context of oriental-islamic tradition.

The 7th ‘SchmuckDenken’ will strike a balance between the symposia to date and identify the initial contours of a theory of jewellery.

At the same time, possible parameters for strategies for action for an autonomous creative practice of applied art in the conflicting demands of craft, design and fine art will be developed. As a result, the focus this year will be on the artistic identity of jewellery creators and their social role and responsibility.

‘SchmuckDenken’ will be continued as part of the Idar-Obersteiner FormDiskurs 2012.

A book SchmuckDenken. Eine Theorie des Schmucks. [A theory of jewellery]’ will be published by the ARNOLDSCHE Verlagsanstalt Stuttgart to mark the 7th colloquium. The book includes a selection of articles from the years 2005-2010 and also contains around 100 illustrations of works of students and graduates which provide an appraisal of the current situation of the field of study of Precious Stone and Jewellery Design.


‘ThinkingJewellery’ is a project of the city of Idar- Oberstein and the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Department of Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar-Oberstein in cooperation with: Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V. Hanau

Forum für Schmuck und Design e.V. Bonn ARNOLDSCHE Verlagsanstalt Stuttgart Curator: Wilhelm Lindemann, City of Idar-Oberstein in cooperation with Ute Eitzenhöfer and Theo Smeets, Trier University of Applied Sciences Patron: Doris Ahnen, minister of education, science, youth and culture, Rheinland-Pfalz.

Theo Smeets, February 14, 2011



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Kontakt (Contact):
Kulturamt Idar-Oberstein
Georg-Maus-Straße 1
D-55743 Idar-Oberstein
T: +49 (0)6781 64 118
F: +49 (0)6781 64 449
Tagungsadresse (Venue):
Fachhochschule Trier
Fachrichtung Edelstein- und Schmuckdesign
Vollmersbachstraße 53a
D-55743 Idar-Oberstein


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