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EXPO ‘Beate Eismann: Bracelets in 3D Print’ – Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (DE)- 5 Fevr-2 Avril 2011

Gallery Pilartz now shows a collection of bracelets from jewellery artist Beate Eismann. In its genesis the computer plays a decisive role.
The pieces were shown for the first time at the Grassi exhibition in 2010 at the Grassi Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, where they were awarded the Grassi prize. Four bracelets have been selected for the special exhibition Schmuck 2011 and will be on display at the International Crafts Fair in March 2011 in Munich.
Beate Eismann was born in 1969 in Halle (Germany). She is a graduate of the « Burg Giebichenstein School of Art and Design » in Halle, majoring in jewellery. Next to numerous stipends, teaching appointments and engagements as artist in residence, she also completed an education as CNC specialist. She uses her skills in computerized CNC production, such as lathing, milling or rapid prototyping, to make jewellery that she then works up using conventional goldsmithery techniques.
Many young jewellery artists and designers experiment with computer techniques for their drafts or in order to produce a certain piece. Some of them develop computer programs on their own or cooperate with software designers to lay the groundwork for their jewellery drafts. With these programs they can generate forms, make sketches, work on photographs or alienate these. Furthermore, the computer is used for shaping itself by letting it steer the machines directly that produce a jewellery piece or work on it with laser cutting.
It is exactly these skills that Beate Eismann unites in her series of 15 bracelets, which she first presented to the public at the Grassi exhibition 2010. Since 2007, when she became a CNC specialist, she has been using this technology to design jewellery. The artistic application of industrial construction and production techniques and their combination with traditional manual crafts were at the centre of her interest from the very beginning.
Beate Eismann manufactures models by rapid prototyping, i.e. making 3D prints. She then works on these using goldsmith techniques to make jewellery that in no way hides its basic industrial character. At the same time, it still shows the qualities of manual work and an artistic claim.
(In reference to a text by Wolfgang Lösche, head of section of exhibitions by the Chamber of Crafts Munich and Upper Bavaria and director of the special exhibition « Schmuck » of the international crafts trade fair Munich.)
Beate Eismann puts high-tech to use in the sense of a precise manual crafts methos – let her surprise you!

EXPO 'Beate Eismann: Bracelets in 3D Print' - Galerie Pilartz, Cologne (DE)- 5 Fevr-2 Avril 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) eismann02
Beate EismannBracelet ‘Pink’ – Synthetic material, blackened fine silver, paint

eismann15 dans Beate EISMANN (DE)
Beate Eismann  - Bracelet ‘Golden Bones’ – Fine silver (hollow mould), gold plated

shapeimage_1 dans Exposition/Exhibition
Beate Eismann  - Bracelet Reflexion – 3D wireframe construction




Galerie Pilartz
Zeughausstrasse 10
50667 – Cologne
Telephone: +49 (0)221-168 268 77

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