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Malaika NAJEM – Quand le bijou s’en va-t’en-guerre ….

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Tout est parti de l’initiative de « I Care a lot »

This piece (‘Forgotten’ pendant) is about child soldiers and is called “Forgotten”. A subject that sadly still exists in 3rd world countries that are in war whether in Africa, the Middle East or Asia. The average child soldier is under the age of 18 and is forced and manipulated in doing and committing horrors that they are not aware off due to the use of drugs or brainwashing. The child is just an instrument, just a number; just a slave to the gun…the gun is the symbol of power.” (Malaika Najem)

Malaika NAJEM - Quand le bijou s'en va-t'en-guerre .... dans COUP DE COEUR thumb488
‘Forgotten’ pendant
Malaika NajemA long way gone necklace, silver, zinc, brass, aluminium, iron, fabric
Malaika Najem, ‘Camouflage’ pendant, shibuichi, 18kt gold, yellow sapphires

thumb489 dans Malaika NAJEM (Liban)
Malaika Najem- ‘Forgotten’ pendant – Shibuichi, silver, gold
Malaika NajemBiota neckpiece, aluminium, white gold   -   ceci c’est …. la fleur au fusil ! ;-)


Interview par « I Care a lot » : 

« What was your starting point or your inspiration for doing this project?

I have been working on the subject of child soldiers for many years in my painting and know in my jewelry. Because this is a subject that is really close to my hearth.

Do you have a personal (or other) connection to the exhibition’s theme?

Yes I am half Lebanese half French but grew up in West Africa. This making me open my eyes living with corruption and hearing about horrors that happen to children. Not in particularly my country but the ones around or in other parts of the world.

What were the main reasons for choosing the materials, shapes or technique in your work?

This piece is made of shibuichi because of the unpredictable color. The outline is of a child soldier made with the process of drilling holes. The outline is a strong image; and the holes are letting the light in, to show that there is still a chance to save them a chance to help this cause and let them forget there horrible past and move on into the light… to a brighter future. In parts of the gun that the child is holding there are some small gold balls. These little balls show how the gun is more important that the human child itself.

What kind of feeling you wish the viewers will get from your work?

I am playing with the outlines of the image and making the viewers search for what it is and realizes that the holes let light through and shows clearly what the image is about. In this case the viewer is forced to imagine who the face or how old this child is. Giving the viewers space to have a free imagination.

If you could give your Jewelry to an important figure in the Middle East who will he/she be? and why?

Any figure in the middle east or in any part of the world. All » 



Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Gal. Kath Libbert Jewellery (UK),Sam Tho DUONG (VN) — bijoucontemporain @ 22:59

Entre fruits, éléments organiques mystérieux, marins, végétaux ou animaux, intrigants, attirants, voire appétissants …. ce sont les bijoux de Sam Tho DUONG

Margherita Antinori, de « ComeunaGazzaladra » l’exprime très bien :  « gioielli come radici, alghe e fondali marini » ……….

COUP de COEUR ! Sam Tho DUONG dans COUP DE COEUR masala_sam
Sam Tho DuongGinger’ brooch in silver and nylon with dyed coral stones  (Foto: Petra Jaschke)

‘Ginger’ brooch by Sam Tho Duong
Sam Tho Duong- ‘Ginger’ brooch in silver and nylon with serpentine stones

« Ginger’ is a collection inspired by an exploration of my family roots. I am from Vietnam though I have lived in Germany since I was a teenager. Ginger has many special properties. Its intense aroma is used to enhance flavours in food and drinks and also for healing. I work with the basic root formation and then develop this through the use of colour and stones. »

The aesthetic-Asian view of nature embodied in the work of Sam Tho Duong was one of the key reasons why the 2009 Herbert Hofmann jury decided to award Sam the top prize in the most coveted design competition in the international jewellery scene. His competition necklace was made in the form of twigs from which hung grape-like bunches of blossom. « This piece of jewellery seems to be inspired by the overwhelming fullness of a branch laden down with blossom, » was one of the comments by the jury.
The Herbert Hofmann Prize has been presented each year since 1973 as part of the special exhibition SCHMUCK at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich. This annual award, sponsored each year by GHM, Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen, is presented to up to three participants in the exhibition. Alongside the usual catalogue on the current exhibition, for this year´s 50th anniversary a special documentation has been published about all the prize-winners since 1973. (Kath Libbert Jewellery gallery)

Sam Tho Duongnecklace

Sam Tho Duong - The Magic of Ginger
Sam Tho Duong-
Sam Tho Duongbrooch


2 dans Gal. Kath Libbert Jewellery (UK)
Sam Tho Duong « Look brooch », 2010 – silver, freshwater pearls, nylon (photo: Petra Jaschke



EXPO ‘MASALA’ – Ecke Galerie, Augsburg (DE) – 4 Mars-9 Avril 2011


sachant que le « Masala » est un mélange d’épices ………. mélange de plein de saveurs/odeurs/couleurs/textures différentes, donnant un résultat haut en couleurs ….

EXPO 'MASALA' - Ecke Galerie, Augsburg (DE) - 4 Mars-9 Avril 2011 dans Allemagne (DE)

Peter Bauhuis, München
Sam Tho Duong, Pforzheim
Ulo Florack, Augsburg
Sachiyo Higaki, Hiroshima (Japan)
Taehee In, Busan (Korea)
Deborah Rudolph, Idar-Oberstein
Caroline von Steinau-Steinrück, München
Estela Saez Vilanova, Amsterdam

masala_sam dans Caroline Von STEINAU-STEINRUCK (DE)
Sam Tho Duong- ‘Ginger’ Brosche  (Foto: Petra Jaschke)
Estela Saez Vilanova

armreif_ineinander dans Estela Saez VILANOVA (ES)
Caroline von Steinau–Steinrück

topTeaser_crop_Copy-of-ausstellung.tif dans Exposition/Exhibition

Sam Tho Duong- rings





Elias-Holl-Platz 6
86150 Augsburg
Wolfgang Reichert
Anette Urban
tel. 0821.152049
Fax 0821.156202



EXPO ‘Isabell Schaupp’ – Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich (DE) – 16-22 Mars 2011

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Isabell Schaupp at Internationale Handwerksmesse

IHM, New Munich Trade Fair Center – Hall A1, Stand 529
(Munich, Germany) – 16-Mar-2011 – 22-Mar-2011

EXPO 'Isabell Schaupp' - Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich (DE) - 16-22 Mars 2011 dans Allemagne (DE) 24231

Black beads serie – brooches – Silver, copper, enamel, photo, onyx, spinell, plastics :

p002_1_00 dans Exposition/Exhibition

perlen_schwarz_4 dans Isabell SCHAUPP (DE)

perlen_schwarz dans Salon

perlen_schwarz_7 dans www Klimt02


IHM, New Munich Trade Fair Center
81829 – Munich
Telephone: 0049 89 5119 248


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