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Quand le quotidien devient bijou…… ou de « l’invisible » au « visible »

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« Kay Eppi Nölke’s creations bespeak primal as well as present experiences in adornment. The models for his Grass and Band-Aid rings are twisted grass and adhesive plaster, sometimes first “worn in” before being cast in metal. Sources of inspiration for his pieces of jewelry are everyday activities. “Every ring while being worn,” says Nölke, “is the basis for a new story – your story.” He also designed archaic-looking iron vessels. These bowls, christened …Aus dem Feuer nehmen… (“Taking out of the Fire”), are filled with molten silver weighing between 200 grams and one kilo. Crafted in small size as pendants, these little vessel variants are one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. In 1995 Kay Eppi Nölke won the first prize for his Band-Aid rings in the “Kunst der Serie” (“Art of Serial Manufacturing”) competition » (ArtAUREA)

Kay Eppi Nölke - Band-Aid rings - stainless steel, silver, gold.
Protective Band-Aids transformed into pieces of jewelry.

Kay Eppi NölkeGrass rings – grass, iron, stainless steel, silver, gold.

Kay Eppi Nölke‘….Taking out of the Fire’…. pendants - iron, silver, gold
Small iron bowls filled with molten silver.


EXPO ‘CURRENT’ – Galerie Paris, Yokohama (Japan) – 21-26 Mars 2011

CURRENT – contemporary jewellery exhibition

EXPO 'CURRENT' - Galerie Paris, Yokohama (Japan) - 21-26 Mars 2011 dans ALCHIMIA (IT) current

Group exhibition of contemporary jewellery at Galerie Paris organized by ORIZZONTI – a group working for contemporary jewelry in Japan.

Participating artists:
Elisa Deval, Yoriko Mitsuhasi, Karin Kato, Meiri Ishida, Maria Costanza Ochoa, Poly NikolopoulouYuki Sumiya, Rallou Katsari, Yoko Shimizu
Yoko Shimizu - necklace resin, pigment

Meiri Ishida

Meiri Ishida

 dans Elisa DEVAL (IT)
Karin Kato -  Brooch  (Alchimia School on  Kit&Caboodle)

Poly Nikolopoulou
Rallou Katsari



Galerie Paris
Mitsuibussan bldg.1F, Nihon-odori 14 Naka-ku
231-0021 – Yokohama

EXPO ‘Fresh Air’ – Taboo Studio, San Diego (US) – 11 Fevr.-25 mars 2011

 » Fresh Air »  : new jewelry by

Brooke Battles, Joanna Gollberg, Christy Klug, Brigid O’Hanrahan, Mary Hallam Pearse, Ingrid Psuty, Claire Sanford, Julia V. Turner
Brooke Battles – Urban Garden Rings – sterling, copper, enamel, 18k, peridot, lemon quartz

Joanna Gollberg, Really Red Earrings, Sterling, reconstituted coral, garnet, carnelian
Joanna Gollberg- Really Red Earrings -Sterling, reconstituted coral, garnet, carnelian

Christy Klug, Large Les Oeuf Pendant, Sterling, gold, enamel, graphite
Christy Klug - Large Les Oeuf Pendant -Sterling, gold, enamel, graphite -Photo: Hap Sakwa

Mary Hallam Pearse, One Pearl Many Pleasures, ring, Sterling, aluminum, glass, pearl
Mary Hallam Pearse - One Pearl Many Pleasures, ring -Sterling, aluminum, glass, pearl

Mary Hallam Pearse, To Have and To Hold, brooch, Sterling, aluminum, glass, diamonds, brass
Mary Hallam PearseTo Have and To Hold, brooch Sterling, aluminum, glass, diamonds, brass 

Julia V. Turner, Black Grass Pendant, Steel (painted, scraped, oxidized), silk, 18k
Julia V. Turner - Black Grass PendantSteel (painted, scraped, oxidized), silk, 18k




Taboo Studio
1615½ W. Lewis Street
San Diego, CA 92103 (USA)


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