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Avec Flora Vagi  je fais un « coup de coeur », un « coup de rouge » ou un « coup de blues » ??? ce qui est certain, c’est que je craque !

« There are things we can think of, things we can name. Like ‘bread’, ‘pane’, ‘kenyer’, ‘chlieb’ and so on. But there are also lots of things we have no words for.
Search, discover, transform…. surprise, all parts of the process I apply to the pieces. The materials get a ‘return ticket’ from me, and with their ‘newly dressed souls’ I send them back to the world, where they came from.
I make objects, that are intimate and meaningful to their owners who carries them: JEWELLERY, which not only adorns, but ‘talks’ or sometimes ‘whispers. I work in a language that is understood without words and the verbal explanation becomes secondary really, so…« 

so …. écoutons ces chuchotements  ! et admirons !

COUP de COEUR ! Flora VAGI dans bois / wood curious-wish.brooch
Flora Vagi - ‘curious wish’ brooch

azur-reverse-necklace dans COUP DE COEUR 
Flora Vagi - ‘azur reverse necklace’ – ebony, silk, cold enamel, 18 ct gold, d 25 cm – 2005

bw-brooch dans Flora VAGI (HU)
Flora Vagi - brooch
Flora Vagi - azur-seanemone brooch

reverse-neckpiece dans Hongrie (HU)
Flora Vagi -  ‘reverse’ neckpiece – ebony, silk, cold enamel, 18 ct gold, d 25 cm, 2005

Flora Vagi - incubus necklace. ebony, silk, fine gold,  2004 –
ce « cauchemar », je le ferais bien mien ! ce collier, avec son « déploiement », me fascine !

Flora Vagi - incubus necklace. ebony, silk, fine gold, 130x5x0.5 cm, 2004

Flora Vagi - incubus necklace. ebony, silk, fine gold – 2004
et hop ! collier rangé, plié, on en parle plus !

Flora Vagi - R&B necklace. ebony, silk, cold enamel, 18 ct gold, d 25 cm, 2005

Flora Vagi - neckpiece. ebony, 18 ct gold, d 18 cm, 2004

Flora Vagi - papavero brooch – oak, cold enamel, shibuichi, d 6.5 cm, 2005

Flora Vagi - leaves necklace (detail) ebony, padauk, silk- 2008

Flora Vagi orbit neckpiece

Flora Vagi -  spiral bracelets – burnt wood, painted

« coiled bangles carved out from a single piece of wood and held in tension with metal pins. »

« The objects are trying to be part of an imaginary world, where ‘things’ can decide when to go on, what to become or who to be owned by and not the other way around. Attempting to show beauty beyond ‘injured’ surfaces, they are able to find the familiar look that sees and the words that say something about them.« 

Flora Vagi -  ring 

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