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Joanne HUANG

Ex d’Alchimia, elle fait partie du groupe « Noi 9« , un groupe d’exception …..
Born in 1979 June in Taiwan
« I’ve always had great passion for fine arts and crafts. At a very young age, I started to learn drawing and painting and was accepted into a specialized Art and Design school during my high school period in Taiwan. It was there that I picked up many skills and design tools that would enable me to practice with any media and medium in the field of fine arts.
To further my education, my family immigrated to Australia, and that’s when my perspective greatly opened up as I encountered different cultures and sub-cultures. In 2007, after I graduated from Monash University, I decided to develop more in contemporary jewelry in Europe (ALCHIMIA, ITALY). Traveling and contact with different people from different background is what inspires me, and I believe this is reflected on all my art works and jewelry.
I believe to entwine different cultures into the jewelry is a way to carry those cultures and memories with you, no matter where you are on this planet. It is also a way to share those experiences with people around you. »

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL - Joanne HUANG dans ALCHIMIA (IT) cd_ring_1_250211
Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie – ring – Silver , PVC Mesh Sheet , Tube , Silk

Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie – ring (sur Kit & Caboodle)

comme des « jardins de ville » dans des jardinières de Mategot …… :-)


Cover & Discover
« Its always in ourselves and between people to show expressions or not to show them. It’s always a contradiction. I have used this contradiction to make jewelery. Making a serious topic becomes art.« 


 dans Joanne Huang SHI-PING (Taiwan)
Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie – ring

theblackhole_3 dans Noi 9 (IT)
Joanne HUANG
« The black hole  » serie – Silver, Gesso Foamalite PVC, Cardboard

necklace03 dans www KitandCaboodle
Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie -  necklace – PVC Mesh Sheet / Silk / silver / Resin / Pearl

Joanne HUANG« Upside down » serie – necklace- Silver , Wallpaper , Pearl

Joanne HUANG« Upside down » serie – ring – Silver ,Crystal , Silk , Pvc 

Joanne HUANG« Cover & discover » serie -


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