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Daniela Hedman …. c’est le pied !

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«  I have a grounded fascination with the body and in creating my jewellery I often I see my own body as a tool for expression and I enjoy making objects related to it.  » (Daniela Hedman )
Daniela Hedman – necklaces ‘Feet’ 2010 – Copper, cotton, thread (Ground series)


Daniela Hedman was born in 1979. She works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
Daniela started her studies in jewellery in 2002 at Holbaek Kunsthøjskole(Denmark) and continued her studies in silversmithing at Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm(Sweden). In the years between 2003-2008 she took a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree at Konstfack – University of Arts and Crafts, Ädellab – jewellery and corpus, Stockholm(Sweden). Since her graduation she has participated in exhibitions and publications in Sweden and abroad.
Her main concern is jewellery making but she also works with different media to fully express herself on the field of contemporary jewellery.
With her work « GROUND – Description of a relation between body and object » she deals with a deeper way of looking at the core of contemporary jewellery, which in her view is the connection and relationship between body and object.
During that interaction the core of what happens when a body and object meet is described.

Daniela Hedman- necklace toes 2010 - wool leather copper nails
Daniela Hedman - necklace toes 2010 – wool leather copper nails




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