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COUP de COEUR : Niki Stylianou, en noir et rouge

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« The Ancient Greek word «kosmos» could be read as rhythm; as order; as the making of a pattern that could be traced again and again and be embodied in the cosmos as we understand it. In a way «kosmos» makes the cosmos visible.
«Kosmos» could also be read as adornment. Homeric epics describe how «kosmos» clothes the body as a second skin to make it appear.
Through my work I try to redefine «kosmos», designing adornments made of ordinary and overlooked everyday objects. Things that I de-construct and re-arrange in space/puzzles, that clothe the body while speaking of immaterial relationships:
The precious and the non-precious; the beautiful and the ambiguous; the familiar and the unusual; the lasting and the ephemeral. »  Niki Stylianou

COUP de COEUR : Niki Stylianou, en noir et rouge dans COUP DE COEUR
Niki Stylianou - necklace ‘Folds’ – rubber hand-cut + hand painted, black onyx matte, silver

 dans Grece (GR)
Niki Stylianou - pendant « sections » – rubber hand-cut + hand-sewn, thread, pearls, oxidized silver

 dans Niki STYLIANOU (GR)
Niki Stylianou - Ring « Folds » rubber hand cut + hand painted, liquid acrylic, silver 2009

Niki Stylianou - Ring « Folds »

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