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COUP de COEUR : Stephanie VOEGELE « skin adornment » – où la perle devient peau, ou vice-versa…..

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« Stephanie Voegele was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin  » déjà, pour moi, cette phrase est magique : naître à « EAU CLAIRE » !! c’est un signe ….. :-)

Skin Adornment

“[Skin] lacks definite boundaries, flowing continuously from the exposed surfaces of the body to its internal cavities.” ~ Ellen Lupton
« My current research investigates intersections between the human body and the adornment on its surface.
Seemingly similar in function, skin, jewelry and clothing both reveal even as they conceal, seduce, and repulse.
What we place upon our body becomes a part of our being, another external layer of our manipulation.
These layers are constantly transitioning between the external and internal. It is in this dichotomy where my interest lies.
This work merges of the grotesque and the elegant, using pearl as an indicator of purity, vanity, social class, and beauty.
By layering this traditional ornament in a contemporary material such as silicone rubber, the pearl necklace becomes
a part of the body — both beauty and imperfection, both skin and adornment.
While jewelry creates a second skin, garments also function as layers between our physical and perceived bodies.
Just as skin flows continuously over our contours, clothing becomes an extension of the body.
In this work, the edge both peels away and merges with the body, blurring what is natural & man-made.
Through juxtapositions between the beautiful & the repulsive, the perfect & the imperfect, this work creates
tension between our surfaces and ourselves. Through the observable layers that envelope on our bodies,
we exhibit visual indicators to others within our culture. The border between body and embellishment
thus becomes blurred and our skin becomes the adornment. »
Stephanie Voegele-
Peeling- Pearl Adornment: Silicone Rubber and Pigment. 2009
 Stephanie Voegele- Pearl Adornment: Silicone Rubber and Pigment  2009
Stephanie Voegele- Back Pearl Adornment: Silicone Rubber and Pigment. 2010
Stephanie Voegele- Single Strand:  Silicone Rubber, Pigment, Freshwater pearls, 14K Gold clasp., 2009
Stephanie Voegele- Lace Collar: Silicone Rubber, Pigment, Lace 2009



Confrontations 2011/6 – Sint Lucas Antwerpen (BE) – samedi 30 avril – 10:00-13:00

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You are kindly invited to attend the “Confrontations 2011/6lectures by David Clarke and David Huycke on Saturday 30 April at 10 a.m.
The “Confrontations” lecture series is being organized at Sint Lucas Antwerpen in the context of the current research project « UnScene ».

Confrontations 2011/6 - Sint Lucas Antwerpen (BE) - samedi 30 avril - 10:00-13:00 dans Belgique (BE) 211041_212580065437154_8046571_n
This project was initiated by the Jewellery Design-Silversmithing department as a follow-up to last year’s “Vormat” project.« UnScene » focuses on new presentation contexts for contemporary jewellery. It offers a platform for the presentation, discussion and exploration of the notions of “showing” and “displaying” in various media.As part of this exercise, David Clarke has been invited to shed some light on his artistic practice and experience in this matter in a lecture entitled « Appropriately Inappropriate ».

In addition, as part of the Hammerclub 2011 programme, David Huycke will also deliver a lecture on his completed research programme « Re-Thinking Granulation ».

Kind regards,
The Sint Lucas Antwerpen Lecturers


Sint Lucas Antwerpen,
Sint-Jozefstraat 35,
2018 Antwerp (BE)
+32 32236970 Mobile

Sue GREGOR : « welcome leis » from UK !

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« Living in a city as I do, people might think I’d be hard-pressed to find inspiration for my leaf and floral jewellery – far from it. The plants and weeds which grow in the front gardens and wastelands, in hedges and along paths are a rich source of material. I see beauty all around me and the plants which have struggled to succeed in an urban environment give me inspiration on a personal level and for my jewellery.
I use a process I developed while studying for my MA – I call it ‘fossilized plastic’ -Each piece of jewellery uses the actual plant and even the veins of the leaf will show, thanks to the fine detail which is captured on the embossed surface. This means that each piece is unique and every piece is handcrafted. Choisya, box, vetch and sweetpeas have all appeared in the jewellery I make, whether in the floral cuffs, leaf pendants or earrings.
My work links the natural world with the manmade by marrying acrylic with the plants I have gathered, to produce beautiful and individual pieces. My work is a celebration of the marriage of the organic and inorganic, industrial and natural.


Necklace: Coral garland

00540-flower-garland-peach-pink dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)
Necklace: Flower garland peach pink -acrylic 50 cm long – 2010 – Mixture of plants and textiles

00680-DSC04555 dans organics
Sue Gregor – pendant: Hydrangea 2010 – Acrylic, silk, glass -Lime purple hydrangea flowers

00590-Sue-Gregor-bw-summer-2-string-72 dans plastiques
Sue Gregor - Necklace: Black and white garland 2010 -acrylic- sampler of plants and flowers

00700-N-10-8-purple-pink-gerainium-leaf-necklace-close-up dans SHOP
purple pink gerainium leaf necklace (close up)

and ……. incredible cuffs !

00360-0-10-1-blue-amdder-cuff dans Sue GREGOR (UK)

and and and …. you can shop all these marvels on her website ! :-)


COUP de COEUR : K. bo SONNE jewellery

K. bo SONNE (Kristine bo Sonne) : Discovered at the Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhague.
Kristine bo Sonne graduated from Danish Institute of Fine Metals in 2005 where she was awarded the Danish National Banks Prize for the best final project. Bo manifests herself by her minimalistic, graphic and conceptual approach where her ideas often lead to unique pieces with distinctive functions and mobility, or pieces in series’ with many combination possibilities.
Institut for Ædelmetal promotion 2005

COUP de COEUR : K. bo SONNE jewellery dans COUP DE COEUR 16


smykker_nov2008_174 dans Danemark (DK)
K. bo SONNE – « diamond #1″ ring – lion yarn (??), silver – definitively my FAVOURITE ! :-)

smykker_nov2008_238 dans Gal. Goldfingers (DK)
K. bo SONNE – « diamond #2″ ring – textiles, silver

_p4j8131 dans Institut for AEdelmetal (DK)
K. bo SONNE – necklace – silver, silk, lacquer

halskde1farve.jpg dans K. bo SONNE (DK)
K. bo SONNE – necklace – 170cm – brushed sterling silver

solitaire_topas_og_slv_019 dans rings
K. bo SONNE – « solitaire #1″ ring – topaz, silver

mr._man_lak_og_slv_002 dans SHOP
K. bo SONNE – « Mr Man » ring – lacquer, silver


to SHOP on NUURU website

EXPO ‘Utställning – Verket’ – FOUR, Göteborg (Sweden) – 30 avril-4 juin 2011

Four presenterar Pernilla Persson och Sanna Svedestedt smyckekonstnärer från Verket

EXPO 'Utställning - Verket' - FOUR, Göteborg (Sweden) - 30 avril-4 juin 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 218123_178946835490769_154725167912936_471022_7763151_n

(Pernilla Persson necklace ‘Skelett’ 2011 Steel, silver)

Sanna Svedestedt
- hair jewelry- Bangle ‘Fashionista wrap around’ 2011 Synthetic fibers, laquer
Sanna Svedestedt- hair jewelry- Bangle ‘Fashionista’ 2011 Synthetic fibers, laquer

PernillaPersson1_w dans Four (SE)
Pernilla Persson (from HDK school)

PernillaPersson2_w dans HDK Goteborg (SE)
Pernilla Persson
Pernilla Persson- 2011


Nordhemsgatan 74
Göteborg, Sweden

EXPO ‘student exhibition from the Institute of Precious Metals’ – Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) – 28 Avril-8 Mai 2011

GOLDFINGERS GALLERY is a space for international contemporary jewellery founded by Janne Krogh and Karl Ejnar Nybo.

On regular basis GOLDFINGERS arrange solo- and group exhibitions with some of the most renowned jewellery artists from Denmark and abroad.

Next exhibition :  Student exhibition from the Institute for Ædelmetal (Copenhagen)
Patricia Tind




Klosterstræde 18
1157 Copenhagen K
Tlf (+45) 32173730


EXPO ‘LINEA DE SALIDA 2′ – Galeria Amaranto Joies, Barcelona (ES) – 28 Avril-4 Juin 2011

« LINEA DE SALIDA 2 » : Presentación de 6 proyectos finales del departamento de joyería de la Escola Massana (2010),
realizados por: Carolina Gimeno, Dalia Jurado, Gastón Rois, Laura Martínez, Nelly Van Oost y Trinidad Contreras.



Calle  Sant Domènec 23
08012 Barcelona    (Spain)
tel. 93 217 14 40


COUP de COEUR : Helena JOHANSSON – fruity, tasty & sunny ….

Helena JOHANSSON  : des bijoux qui mettent en joie, de par leurs couleurs éclatantes, leurs matières, leurs textures, comme des « smoothies » devenus bijoux !
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – mixed media 2009

Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – textile, mixed media – 2009
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – textile, mixed media – 2009
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – candle wax, foam board, straws, plastic – 2010
Helena JOHANSSON – brooch – glue, glass beads – 2010


2010 information found on Montserrat Lacomba’s blog :

« We are both members of the same exhibition group called: Aviator
Aviator have 6 members:
*Fredrik Lundberg and Lena Åberg
*Anna Nordström:
*Helena Johansson
*Anna Rongedal
*Elin Johannesson

Elin Johannesson and Anna Nordström are now (2010) studying at
Helena Johansson is studying at
and Anna Rongedal studying at
Lena Aberg and Fredrik Lundberg have a company together   »

« Aviator is Elin Johannesson, Helena Johansson, Fredrik Lundberg, Anna Nordström, Anna Rongedal and Lena Åberg.
An aviator is a person who flies aircraft for pleasure or as a profession. The term aviator (as opposed to pilot) was used more in the early days of aviation, before anyone had ever seen an airplane fly, and it had connotations of bravery and adventure. »

some RINGS discovered here & there ……………

Each time I see great rings I think about the great « ring web site », « The Carrotbox » ! :-) and my dream would be to help her to discover new rings ….. but she knows ALL about rings before everybody ! :-( so keep up dreaming ! :-)

………….. and trying to STOP this post !!!! finding every hour new GORGEOUS rings !!!
Alina Alamorean

Julia  deVille

some RINGS discovered here & there ............... dans Agata FRIEDMAN (PL) ringe9
Lisbeth Nordskov ring – Nylon, sølv, elfenben og granater.
Susanne Klemm

Rita Marcangelo – silk (burnt) & silver rings

 dans Alina ALAMOREAN (FR)Lucia Massei- « Le parole vengono dopo  » 2011
Lucia Massei- 2 Pigmented shibuichi (silver & copper) rings
Patty Nieman – Ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)

 dans Amber O'HARROW (US) dans Anthi VOYATJES (ZA)
Marcus Marguillier- 3rd hologram series ring
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway
Ingjerd Hanevold – Norway

Medan Toril ring (saw on blog)

Shannon Carney ring
‘s contribution to the book New Rings: 500+ Designs from Around the World :-)
Violaine Ulmer - céramique, argent

Tomasz ZaremskiTomasz Zaremski – Poland

Tomasz Zaremski (Poland) – rings

 dans Ashley AKERS (US)
Amber O’Harrowseashell ring
Esther Knobel
Tasso Mattar

Marie Bonfils  (DK) – ‘Ode to Manfred’ ring

existence+ring+on+the+body dans Augousta THEMISTOKLEOUS (CY)
Katherine Wheeler existence ring

Susanne Klemm – sleeping-beauties – couldn’t resist to them …………

Joe Wood (US) – ball rings 1999 – cast sterling silver, with 18K gold liner

Augousta Themistocleous  – ‘ping pong’ ring – collection 2009

Melanie Moulhen – émail – bagues ? (blog Bijouterra)

Winfried Krueger ring 1999
(blog Bijouterra)
Sun Kyoung Kim
Iwaki Yu

Agata Friedman

pj_2011_03-37 dans blog TheCarrotBox
Liisa Hashimoto – shoe ring
Margaret Bridgewater – ‘Floating’ rings
Anthi Voyatjes - « Death encapsulated » - Sterling silver, pearls, animal skull; hollow form construction

n679453139_913412_6129 dans BOOKS / BIBLIO
Keri Kwik (US) – ring
Kaylee Russotti
Robean Visschers so well-known « under-construction » structure ring -Gold, silver (oxidized)- 2006

Robean VISSCHERS ring
Robean Visschers  - another construction/structure ring – glorious ! :-)
Lisa JUEN – ring (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Yoko Izawa - veiled rings (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Nora FOK – ring ?  (exhibition « Finger symbols » 2010)
Rhona HOGG (UK) ring
Jenny Llewellyn set of rings -  like jelly worms …..
Isabelle Hertzeisen – twist tie rings
Ashley Akers


41I7KuDLL8L._SS500_ dans COUP DE COEUR

New Rings – 500+ Designs from Around the World – by Nicolas Estrada – Thames & Hudson, 272 pp – available in JUNE 2011 -


GREAT RINGS saw on this Flickr page about « Finger symbols » exhibition  held in 2010 by Shetland Arts (Finger Symbols, an exhibition exploring rings and finger ornaments, curated by Mary Smith can be seen at Bonhoga Gallery, Weisdale, Shetland from 7 August to 5 September. 2010)
Felieke Van der Leest – ring ……. LOL !

VIDEO à voir ABSOLUMENT sur les bagues de l’expo  « Finger symbols » !


GREAT page too on this Flickr gallery : The Ring Show !!(The Ring Shows: ‘Then & Now’ and ‘Putting the Band Back Together’ at the Georgia Museum of Art in Georgia, US- It runs August 23-November 2, 2008)
Yael Krakowski
Vickie Sedman (US)

Gular Mustafa – résidus organiques ….

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Gular Mustafa
« Radars and sensors,
I believe that the climate of the region is almost Felted by radars , watchtowers and sensors which drain the freedom and the movement of the objects and creatures on a small portion of our planet, where the first steps have been started to leave this warm and intimate portion, the birds left the trees, air, and water, and has become the land of no life and without features of civilization which were prevalent in the world of knowledge and art, and two rivers which were the pulse of that civilization.

Gular Mustafa - résidus organiques .... dans COUP DE COEUR front

Comme des restes de corps humain, viscères non identifiés, ou restes de « mère Nature », bouts d’os, restes de coraux usés, cheveux ou poils …. tout cela nous parle de quelque chose qui a ou aurait existé, et parfois le chuchotis se fait pressant/présent avec comme des traces d’écriture, qui insiste et veut nous dire quelque chose …. à ce moment-là le support se fait concave, comme une oreille tendue …. un radar …. pour moi ce sont des signes d’Orient, mystérieux forcément pour moi qui ne les « lit » pas, et donc avec une force magique plus pressante, comme une voix de muezzin transportée par le vent …. magique !
Brooch ‘Radars and Sensors’, 2010. Silver, coral, polymer clay, wood, ink- This piece has been considered for the project ‘I care a lot

Gular Mustafa- object: Heart 2009 -Plastic, polyester, textile, horsehair, coral, wood

Gular Mustafa-Brooch: Heart, 2009. Wood, fimo, copper, coral

ht4 dans Gular MUSTAFA (Iraq)
Gular Mustafa-Brooch: Heart, 2009. Wood, cotton, copper, glass stoon, pigment
Gular Mustafa- Brooch: Heart, 2009. Silver, Wood, coral, Rosekwartssn, cotton, fimo, wool
Gular Mustafa- Brooch: Heart, 2009. Silver, Wood, coral, Rosekwartssn, cotton, fimo, wool
Gular Mustafa- Brooch: Radars and sensors (series,) 2010. Silver, wood, Catton textile, polymer clay, crystal
Gular MustafaNecklace: Save the memory, 2010. Silver, coral, rose kwartaal, textile, polymer clay, copper, ink (« protection sign » serie)

Gular Mustafa- Ring: Someday I will return to you, 2011. Silver, polymer clay, 18gr. gold, paper, ink, wax

Gular Mustafa- Ring: My Library, 2011. Silver, paper, color, ink, ruby


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