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"I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight

Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down…. » (Nancy Sinatra)

Reka Lorincz  Brooch: Pinocchio 2011  Plastic,rubin, gold, rubber  Dimension: 90x40x70 mmReka Lorincz  Brooch: Pinocchio 2011  Plastic,rubin, gold, rubber  Dimension: 90x40x70 mm

Ted Noten
Ted Noten ‘haunted by 36 women’ exhibition  - ‘macha’ as a ring

Michael Dale Bernard, MLTV Evening, plastic, rubber, silverMichael Dale Bernard, MLTV Evening, plastic, rubber, silver

Two creeds jewel collection by Nicolas EstradaNicolas Estrada, Rosary 7, 2008, silver, semiprecious stones, plastic, paper

Nicolas Estrada - Blood / Sangre Nicolas Estrada – Blood / Sangre Necklace

Malaika Najem-‘Forgotten’ pendant

This piece (‘Forgotten’ pendant) is about child soldiers and is called “Forgotten”. A subject that sadly still exists in 3rd world countries that are in war whether in Africa, the Middle East or Asia. The average child soldier is under the age of 18 and is forced and manipulated in doing and committing horrors that they are not aware off due to the use of drugs or brainwashing. The child is just an instrument, just a number; just a slave to the gun…the gun is the symbol of power.” (Malaika Najem)

Malaika Najem Najem, « A long way gone » necklace, silver, zinc, brass, aluminium, iron, fabric

Boris Bally’s Brave No. 2, 2006Found steel handgun triggers, gold, white sapphire, silver, steel cableMuseum of Arts and Design; gift of the artist in honor of Alex Schaffner, Basel, Switzerland, 2006.
Boris Bally’s Brave No. 2, 2006 – found steel handgun triggers, gold, white sapphire, silver, steel cable – Museum of Arts and Design

Bety Majernikova -  "WRAF" serie - 2008-2009         In this series I try to reflect the omnipresent "war" of today's women with the world surrounding themBety Majernikova ‘Wraf’ series necklace -2008-2009

« In this series I try to reflect the omnipresent « war » of today’s women with the world surrounding them. On one hand I criticize that nowadays society expects from women unrealistic results in many aspects. On the other hand I also aim criticism at women, because they themselves put up with these unrealistic criteria and strive to comply with them. I choose well known symbols as a gun, flower heart… and I am using this cliché symbols on the purpose. I work with it; I build on it a new composition with readable meanings. Dark beats applied to perforated spots on the pieces of jewellery are a symbolic reminder of a gunshot – a bullet – an attack. They are made out of different materials – hematite, marble, glass, steel and pearl-shell. »

Bety Majernikova - WRAF serieBety Majernikova ‘Wraf’ series brooch

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Demi Thomloudis

Carole Deltenre – collier

In+god%27s+name+chlo%C3%A9+durand+bijou+contemporain dans Boris BALLY (US)
Chloé Durand – broche “in god’s name”
Emmanuel Lacoste - »Human Nature » -  box closed & open (2010)
Emmanuel Lacoste - »Human Nature » – Implant – Bullet (2010)

 EXPO amber - Philip Sajet Philip Sajet – amberHalász Előd - "Bang! You're Dead " broochElőd Halász – BANG! You’re Dead

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