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Decouverte : Georgia YANG miniature paintings

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Georgia Yang

« As an artist, I frequently turn to objects to express deeper meaning. I find that working in miniature defines a space where objects can be framed and explored in a very distinct context. In this manner I am able to fuse two of my deepest passions, jewelry and painting, into wearable art. Currently I am working within a circus motif. I use these circus symbols to represent the family and the interplay of relationships on a social level. Once I have selected the object I want to explore, I use natural materials, wood and gesso to create the backdrop for each unique painting. From there I begin sketching in charcoal and finally use oil paint to create my paintings. The context and symbolism of each individual object can then be expressed in minute detail. Each painting and object also suggests a unique framing bezel to accentuate and communicate each painting’s expression.« 

« My miniature paintings are hand painted and drawn using silverpoint, ink, charcoal, gouache, and oil paint on gessoed wood. (Silverpoint is the medieval technique of drawing on a gessoed surface with an silver tipped instrument.) Each brooch/pendant is 100% hand fabricated. I frame my paintings in settings made of various purities of silver and karats of gold. My pieces are accentuated with the finest quality of fancy colored and colorless diamonds.« 

Decouverte : Georgia YANG miniature paintings dans brooches 4fd4e97a3f700c0d dans Georgia YANG (US)
‘Lace collar’ brooch/pendant – hand painted & drawn with oils & charcoal on gessoed wood
‘Rope’ brooch/pendant – hand painted & drawn with charcoal, ink & gouache on gessoed wood

c12d0592 dans USA
‘Silverpoint chain’ brooch/pendant – hand drawn medieval technique of silverpoint, on hand painted & gessoed wood

‘collar with diamonds’ brooch – hand painted & drawn with oils & charcoal on gessoed wood

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