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Demi Thomloudis – curieuses plantations …..

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Demi Thomloudis

graduate student at San Diego State University. check me out at

« Being from the large city I can’t say that my connection with the natural world has ever been that strong.  As a child of course I played outside and rolled around in the dirt from time to time, but I was never really taught to appreciate these natural occurrences as special or secret.
As and adult I have grown to be more aware of my surroundings and the natural elements that many of us take for granted.  In this work I am hoping to manifest a relationship with nature that I never had.  By creating fictitious gesture of to what I perceive as being natural is somewhat of a stepping-stone for me to come to terms with what I have been neglecting.  By physically putting these wearable objects into the ground I am symbolically bridging the gap between the natural elements and myself,  trying to get closer to a certain understanding. « 

Demi Thomloudis - curieuses plantations .....  dans COUP DE COEUR
Demi Thomloudis- white pin (close up)

 dans Demi THOMLOUDIS (US)
Demi Thomloudis - cellulose « black ring »

Demi Thomloudis - brooch

Demi Thomloudis - brooch

Demi Thomloudis- « Beauty II » necklace – sterling silver, enamel, freshwater pearls, gold foil

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