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quelques mots … de la part de Lisa KROEBER

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 Lisa Kroeber (ou Kröber) -  (diplomée d’Idar-Oberstein en 2010)

« the word is a picture and the picture is a word
framed words become brakeable pictures,
blurried places-they are blear, but there
thoughts in mind become words on paper
metal becomes paper, becomes a place
a word-place
a homeplace
homeplaces, in which thoughts are living,
with waxern houses and glasern protection.
homeplaces, in which the words find a quitnesse,
with silent patience in constant beeing.
homeplaces, in which thoughts are prisoned,
with calm violence and tender force.
the words last places are jewellery
wearable, guessable, inaccessible « 

« I play with thoughts, which are growing in my mind, which first change into pictures and then into words. I bring this words on paper, they become poems. But there, they are just standing – simple, left behind, unprotected – and only describing this thoughts. Boring and naked. The paper is a momentarily place of the words. Here, my thoughts are unprotected, the words can be erased or fade away. They can be read by everybody to every time.
In my jewellery the paper becomes metal. I built boxes, or frames, fill them with wax, which is equal with my thoughts. Like the wax needs protection of the melting, my thoughts and words need protection, too. They are packed in boxes, like precious things in an old treasure chest. Here they are protected with glas or resin, they are conserved, they are in good hands. My words changed from readable writings to only  blurry discernible signs, feelable, noticeable and interpretable for everybody diffrently.
 » (« Lisa Kröber “Sõnade viimane pelgupaik” » exhibition, avril 2011, iidaGallery, Tallinn, Estonia)

quelques mots ... de la part de Lisa KROEBER dans Allemagne (DE) Brosche4_5Sem_01

Pins_5Sem dans COUP DE COEUR
Lisa Kroeber- Pins

Brosche6_5Sem dans IDAR-OBERSTEIN (DE)
Lisa KroeberBrosche

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Lisa KroeberKette

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