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BLACK is BEAUTIFUL …… & SHARP ! with Sergey Jivetin

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 Sergey Jivetin

« While exploring fascinating histories that shaped many innately human constructions and institutions that are governing the world today, I strive to remake these paradoxical insights into physical form, expose their artifice, and thus try to confront the power that these constructions have over people. By choosing jewelry’s small scale and proximity to the body as a format in this series of work, I hope to visually represent a relationship between multifaceted and delicately balanced construction history of our contemporary perception of time and its manifestation. I want the audience to take a look at our symbolic relationship to time by experiencing it dimension, as something fantastic, and yet tangible.« 

BLACK is BEAUTIFUL ...... & SHARP ! with Sergey Jivetin dans COUP DE COEUR 30-1
Sergey Jivetin- Coordinate Sweep Earrings, watch hands, sterling silver  – 2003

30-2 dans Sergey JIVETIN (US)
Sergey Jivetin- Battle Formation Brooch, watch hands, sterling silver, steel  – 2003

Sergey Jivetin-  Earrings made from Watch Hands and Silver Posts

 dans USA
Sergey Jivetin-  Empire Necklace (detail) – Jeweler’s Sawblades




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