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COUP de COEUR : Carolina APOLONIA – abstract constructions

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Carolina APOLONIA : « My work reflects my intimate world. Often I construct abstract versions of rooms, buildings, boxes, nests, clusters, and cities that mirror my feelings, dreams, and fears. Some of them relate to memories I have, people in my past, my family history, others to the people around me. Yet others deal with my needs for protection, my fear of being locked in or shut out and my fascination with visible and invisible boundaries and territories. I am intrigued by the process in which walls simultaneously define and shut out space. I love the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete; cycles of growth and decay, eroded geological structures and abandoned buildings inspire me. I often make unorthodox combinations of materials to create tension and balance. Sometimes I use found objects: quiet mirrors of other intimate worlds.« 

« I am in my 5th and final year at the royal academy of fine arts in Antwerp, Belgium, studying silver smithing and contemporary jewellery design. I run my own studio/gallery ‘IO‘ in Middelburg, Netherlands « 

(IO‘, i.e. « i  r  r  e  p  l  a  c  e  a  b  l  e      o  b  j  e  c  t  s », with Ada de Voogt and Jacqueline Schot)

Carolina Apolonia - « Heliopolis I » – brooch- silver, wood, enamel paint 2010

COUP de COEUR : Carolina APOLONIA - abstract constructions dans Carolina APOLONIA (NL)
Carolina Apolonia -« Heliopolis II » – brooch – silver, wood, enamel paint 2010

Carolina Apolonia - « flock I » – ring – silver, enamel paint – 2011

 dans Hollande (NL)
Carolina Apolonia -« nest » – silver

Carolina Apolonia -« Music & coffee » bracelet – ebony, old coffee jar (tin plate), silver


Carolina Apolonia -« árann » – necklace – wood, silver, paint – 2010


Ces bijoux ont une force qui m’impressionne ………

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