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EXPO ‘HERE, NOW & TOMORROW’ – Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK)- 19 Mai-4 Juin 2011

 HERE, NOW & TOMORROW  - Institute of Precious Metals

EXPO 'HERE, NOW & TOMORROW' - Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK)- 19 Mai-4 Juin 2011 dans Danemark (DK) 230826_193490527363919_100001089208634_529035_8254586_n

Jewellery. Gold and glitter. All that glitters is gold. Even if it is made out of plastic and yarn or wood and phone books. What glitters is what you see glitter.
INSTITUTE FOR PRECIOUS METALS educates jewellery designers: Those that come up with the ideas for the jewellery you would want to wear tomorrow. Gallery GOLDFINGERS shows a varied choise of the student’s works.
Not a lot of wedding bands or floral brooches here. None, as a matter of fact. But loads of fun and serious jewellery, possible and impossible jewellery, crazy and sensible jewellery in almost every material ready for a finger, a head, a neck and a collar. Come and have a peek directly into here and now.

brochearkitektur2_ dans Exposition/Exhibition
Institute of Precious Metals-  architecture – brooch

brochemalevich_2 dans Gal. Goldfingers (DK)
Institute of Precious Metals-  malevich – brooch

mail_ring_2 dans Institut for AEdelmetal (DK)mail_re_2
Institute of Precious Metals- ring & earring


Klosterstræde 18
1157 Copenhagen K (Denmark)
Tlf (+45) 32173730

Opening hours
Monday-thursday 11.30 to 17.30
Friday 11.30 to 19.00
Saturday 11.30 to 15.00

COUP de COEUR : Paolo SCURA – City rings

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 Paolo Scura

« The City is my home.
Every city I visit, every pavement I walk upon and every wall I come across tells me a story. They are unique stories about their inhabitants: their values, emotions, needs, dreams and desires… all are reflected on the surfaces of these urban environments. It is their constant evolutions which provide a boundless collection of juxtapositions: between the new and the old, between chaos and order, between the accidental and the calculated. Streets, buildings, walls, surfaces of various materials and colours become a mixing ground where boundaries clash, blur and dissolve. 
There is a symbiosis in all of that  we change our environment and then we change in response to our environment. The city wears us and in return we begin to wear the city. I find all this beautiful, and it is by collecting those impressions and combining them, but at the same time contrasting them, with the fine aesthetics of jewellery that I create my work. Stitched, pierced, punched, melted, fused, cast, constructed, invented…. Small collisions, paradoxical jewellery sculptures from the everyday. »

Paolo Scura - city ringPaolo Scura - city ring


Paolo Scura- ring 'Burned on the beach" Wood, epoxy putty, enamel paint, silver, cubic
Paolo Scura-
ring ‘Burned on the beach » Wood, epoxy putty, enamel paint, silver, cubic zircon

Paolo Scura- "No parking near the crossroad" - Glass bead, steal pipe powder-coated,epoxy resinPaolo Scura- « No parking near the crossroad » – Glass bead, steal pipe powder-coated,epoxy resin

Paolo Scura- "Pole cracked the pavement" - Epoxy resin, steal tube, silk string, nailPaolo Scura- « Pole cracked the pavement » – Epoxy resin, steal tube, silk string, nail

Paolo Scura-"Old red wall" - epoxy resin, silver foil, silverPaolo Scura-« Old red wall » – epoxy resin, silver foil, silver

Paolo Scura-"Cutted off the street" Epoxy resin pvc tube, stealPaolo Scura-« Cutted off the street » Epoxy resin pvc tube, steal

Paolo Scura - London 2010 ring serieLondon 2010 ring serie (on kit&Caboodle)


EXPO ‘Juliane Brandes, Hanna Hedman, Ineke Heerkens & Jutta Kallfelz’ – Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen (NL) – 22 Mai-30 Juill. 2011

 Galerie Marzee presents four solo exhibitions.

You are welcome to the preview Sunday 22 May 2011 from 1 pm to 4 pm when the artists Juliane Brandes, Hanna Hedman, Ineke Heerkens and Jutta Kallfelz will talk about their work on show
Juliane Brandes – Portrait 3, 2011, brooch, oxidized silver
Juliane Brandesbrooch, 2011, enamelled silver
Jutta Kallfelz – Veilchen (Violet), 2011, brooch, chiseled aluminium
Ineke Heerkens - Weelderig Land, 2011, necklace, polyethylene, stainless steel, oxidized silver

Ineke Heerkens - Ebstand, 2011, pendant, polyethylene, stainless steel, ribbon
Hanna Hedman – Human Tree, 2010, necklace, oxidized silver, copper, paint
Hanna Hedman – Human Tree, 2010, necklace, oxidized silver, copper, paint - photo: Sanna Lindberg



Galerie Marzee
Lage Markt 3, Waalkade 4
6511 VK – Nijmegen
Telephone: +31 24 3229670
Fax: +31 24 3604688


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Mel MILLER, contemporary jeweller based in Melbourne

« I completed a Master of Arts in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia in 2009, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Metalsmithing) at Arizona State University, USA in 2004. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including at the renowned international exhibition of emerging artists ‘Talente’ in Munich, 2011, and in ‘Jewellery Topos’ touring to Galerie Marzee, the Netherlands and Gallery Loupe, USA during 2009-11.

I’m interested in the luminosity, colour and texture of materials usually regarded as mundane, and the transformation of materials and the stories they tell. My work explores transformations of landscapes into jewellery with an Impressionist concern for colour and light, as well as the transformative effects of memory and the tradition of storytelling. Background becomes foreground; the recollected story becomes history; the mundane becomes magical!

You can also find my work at Arbor Jewels in Melbourne and Studio 20/17 in Sydney. »*TfetoNH/IMG_7413_1.jpg?width=737&height=491
 ’Fleming Park (autumn, evening)’ – Brooch featured in Talente 2011, Munich -  sterling silver, bouncy balls, Mexican opal, felted wool   – COUP DE COEUR !!*9H*F4L9it8BNRu/MelMillerTheViewfromStPhilip.jpg?width=737&height=491
‘The View from St Philip (summer, sunset)’ – Brooch featured in Talente 2011, Munich -  sterling silver, bouncy balls, felted wool, enamel paint*hItfWFNplyHY9W9P8KJYN/Miller4Foggy_day_in_Parkville_2.jpg?width=737&height=491

‘Foggy Day in Parkville (winter, clearing)’ – Brooch featured in ‘Australian Jewellery TOPOS’ (Gallery Loupe, USA, 2011) – sterling silver, enamel, copper, bouncy balls, labradorite, felted wool

COUP de COEUR :  Mel MILLER dans Australie (AU)
 Bounce ! – new pendants from the Bounce! series, available at Studio 20/17 in Sydney and Arbor Jewels in Melbourne – sterling silver, bouncy balls

mel%20miller dans COUP DE COEUR
(from ‘Metamorphosis’ exhibition)*Gw6GZuws6dUkCqxOYdbiiYsVvxjS2rd73aDpsNH3RVEmVg5eES8oiSkekq7wA/Miller1Our_Lady_Help_1.jpg?width=183&height=183&crop=1%3A1


soon, to SHOP on Etsy !


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HDK konsthantverk (Université de Göteborg, Suede) – smyckekonst (section bijou)
« Une réunion, un événement, un moment qui est passé, tout cela sont des mots. Les mots sont souvent les pensées et les réflexions sur notre existence. Préoccupations qui forment souvent la base de mon travail.  Il s’agit de savoir qui je suis, d’où je viens, où je vais, ce que je fais, à voir et à faire preuve de vigilance. Je suis à la recherche d’un équilibre entre le matériel et le mental, le poétique et le fonctionnel. Mes bijoux sont conçus pour le corps et le porteur. Cela parle de la répétition, des roulements et des dimensions qui composent l’ensemble.  »
quels matériaux utilisez-vous ?
« Je travaille avec des bas de nylon, de l’argent, de la porcelaine, et des perles.« 

Elle fait partie du groupe « FOUR »

Malin Lövgren, Ring – silver – 2011

6 dans Four (SE)

7 dans HDK Goteborg (SE)

1 dans Malin LOVGREN (SE)2 dans Suede (SE)
Malin Lövgren – Brooch


Rencontre mensuelle : le “DIT du Bijou” n°11 – dimanche 5 Juin 2011 à partir de 19H30 – Paris (11ème)

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Dit du bijou – nº11


Pour ceux qui n’y auraient encore jamais participé, il s’agit de se donner rendez-vous une fois par mois pour se voir, échanger des informations et discuter d’un sujet particulier.

Tous ceux qui s’intéressent de près au bijou sont les bienvenus, praticiens et pratiquants, ainsi que ceux qui s’y intéressent de plus loin: historiens, commissaires, journalistes, chercheurs etc…

Prochain rendez-vous:

Le dimanche 5 Juin 2011 à partir de 19H30


Autour d’une tartine de terrine accompagnée d’un verre de vin.
à La Table D’Aligre
11 place d’Aligre- Paris 12è – 01 43 07 84 88

A part les infos à échanger (compet, foire, expos), la discussion proposée pour cette édition est la suivante:

De la valeur :

comment évalue-t-on le prix de notre travail ?

Pour assister à ce rendez-vous, il vous suffit d’appeler le restaurant le dimanche matin au plus tard pour signaler votre présence. PAF 10 euros


Brune BOYER (06 81 01 91 62) & Benjamin Lignel (06 17 88 73 83)


comptes-rendus des précédents “dits du Bijou”
sur le site de “La Manufacture

EXPO ‘Over/Under’ – Mette Saabye Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) – 27 mai-18 juin 2011

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Over/Under nye smykker af Pernille Mouritzen          

EXPO 'Over/Under' - Mette Saabye Gallery, Copenhagen (DK) - 27 mai-18 juin 2011 dans Danemark (DK) 254469_10150203975618909_729948908_6735881_5362282_n
Pernille Mouritzen- ring- 2010

Pernille Mouritzen- ring
Pernille Mouritzen- ring – 24K Gold Plated Fine Silver, Citrine, Amthyst, Pearls



Mette Saabye
Studiestræde 25B,
1455 København, Denmark
Phone. +45 26811826

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Thusday- Friday 12.00-18.00
Saturday 11.00-14.00

Decouverte : Kaylee RUSSOTTI – Multiple articulated elements

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Kaylee RUSSOTTI : Student of Pratt Institute‘s Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing program.
Graduating May 2010
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Squannel Shoulder Brooch – Sterling silver, Copper tubing, enamel

Decouverte : Kaylee RUSSOTTI - Multiple articulated elements dans COUP DE COEUR
Kaylee RUSSOTTI-Jointed Squannel  Brooch – Sterling silver, string, copper tubing, vinyl


« Funnels, Squannels, Bells
My body of work investigates the development and transformation of the funnel form through the use of varying materials and exploratory processes. In addition to historically valued materials such as sterling silver, I utilize string, which is abundant, cheap and typically overlooked. The repetitive process of manipulating string is both therapeutic and meditative. Normally used to bind and tie objects, by reconfiguring the string into three-dimensional shapes, I give it a new presence and purpose.
With slight alterations to each form my possessions form a unit. This personal repertoire of forms serves as a map of my process. As they evolve, each object builds upon the previous and fuels the creation of the next. They exist individually while others gather in swarms.
Multiple articulated elements such as tube and rod allow the pieces to conform to the body and move fluidly. Repetition of structure and form also aid in the movement of the work and enhance its relation to the body. This investigation of forms and reworking of materials allows me to experiment and fully appreciate the angles and curves of a particular shape. »   Kaylee RUSSOTTI

Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Squannel Neckpiece – Brass tubing, vinyl


 dans Kaylee RUSSOTTI (US)
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Squannel Neckpiece
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Jointed Bell Brooch (detail ) Sterling silver, string, acrylic paint
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- bell necklace – Sterling silver, string, acrylic paint

 dans USA
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- ‘String Funnel Sash’ – Sterling silver, string, vinyl, acrylic paint
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Funn rings 1, 2 & 3 (three separate rings)



COUP de COEUR : Sunghee PARK – exploration of constructed space and form

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Sunghee PARK  Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

Sunghee Park is a new talent in contemporary metal, who recently exhibited in the Inside Out Exhibition of the Jewellery and Metalsmiths Conference, 2008 and was featured in issue No. 84, Monument Magazine, 2008.
Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Park has been studying at Monash University in Melbourne.  In 2004 Park completed a Diploma of Art and Design at Monash College and during 2005-2007 completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metal and jewellery.
In her work Park explores the concept of space and presents geometric forms in new ways.  Using the cube as her starting point, Park creates 3-D forms in flat sheets from a number of perspectives. During 2008, Park has developed her ideas further, by introducing colour and movement into her work as well as using new materials to produce larger pieces. (ART WITH AL)

Neckpiece 2
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 2, mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 4
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 4 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 5
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 5 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 6
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 6 – mild steel – 2007

Neckpiece 7
Sunghee PARK - Neckpiece 7 – mild steel – 2007

This exhibition (Contemporary jewellery – Illusion series by Sunghee Park – 2009) is an exploration of constructed space and form.  The pieces, produced over a two year period, begin with flat sheets of steel and the concept of a cube. Park then experiments with form, using flatness and layering to examine simplicity, movement. light and shadow.
Moving from constructed space and form, Park then explores the natural environment, in particular mountain scapes, which inspire different techniques and approaches to examine simplicity, movement, light and shadow.
As an emerging contemporary jeweller, Park’s work is a series of experiments, based on geometric forms to evoke movement and the play of shadows.  2009 will be an exciting year for Park as she has successfully completed her training and begins a new chapter in her career.


Brooch 6
Sunghee PARK - Brooch 6 – mild steel – 2008


EXPO ‘Think Twice – New Latin American Jewelry’ – Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA (USA) – 26 Mai-16 Oct. 2011

 Think Twice – New Latin American Jewelry

Objects of adornment have long played a significant role throughout Latin America’s history, from the spiritually potent jewelry of the pre-Columbians to today’s eye-catching ornaments. Bringing together more than 130 works by over 90 artists from 25 countries, Think Twice is the largest collection of contemporary Latin American jewelry to be seen in the United States. BAM is the only museum in the Northwest to showcase this fascinating exhibition!

EXPO 'Think Twice - New Latin American Jewelry' - Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA (USA) - 26 Mai-16 Oct. 2011 dans Amerique Latine 247281_10150188889354024_786999023_6876631_892380_n
Reny Golcman (Brazil) – ‘Jaw Necklace’, 1973 -  Silver, barracuda bones
Carolina Martínez Linares (Colombia) – Brooch ‘Conducto Hialoideo’, 2010 – Polyurethane, silver, steel
Kika Alvarenga (Brazil) - Ring ‘Gambiarra V’, 2009 – Silver, black gold, tourmaline, resin
Claudia Cucchi (Brazil) – ring ‘Memory’, 2002 – photo, Perspex, silver
Claudia Cucchi (Brazil) – brooch ‘Orange’, 2002 – Orange skin, Perspex, silver
Linda Sanchez (Colombia) -  Necklace ‘Guacamayas’, 2010 – Silver, para grass and fique
Jorge Castanon (Argentina) – brooch ‘La Caja Amarilla’, 2009 – Reclaimed painted wood, gold

Maria Constanza Ochoa (Colombia) – Necklace ‘Soft Black and White’, 2008 – Latex balloons, flour, cotton

Bellevue Art Museum
510 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
fax: 425.637.1799


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