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EXPO ‘Diamonds & Dead Things’ – MINT, London (UK) – 7-31 Mai 2011

Diamonds & Dead Things Exhibition
an exhibition, recreating the wonder of the cabinets of curiosities of the past.

In the beginning of May we are putting up our first Diamonds & Dead Things exhibition at MINT in London. See all the details on the flyer below… Hope to see you there!

EXPO 'Diamonds & Dead Things' - MINT, London (UK) - 7-31 Mai 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition

 dans Grande-Bretagne (UK)

Kelly McCallum and Märta Mattsson, graduates of the Royal College of Art are exciting new artists, updating the cabinet of curiosities for a new audience; by injecting their collections with humour, glamour and a twist of Victoriana. Their love of taxidermy and obscuring the expected united these talented artists, to collaborate, starting with a workshop in Poland last summer.

The collection is a modern twist on taxidermy through the use of semi-precious stones and metals that bring the jewellery to life as objects of beauty and astonishment. These miniature objects of delight, feature stones such as black diamonds and pink sapphires or embellishments with gold such as delicate moustaches or glasses, whilst others are encased in golden resins or merged with vintage wallpapers, or sprinkled with luminous malachite creating unique and captivating treasures.
Kelly McCallum- Colonol James Blashford’
Kelly McCallum- ‘Lady Wilamina Cartwright’

 dans Kelly McCALLUM (UK)
Kelly McCallum-  Admiral Gustav Ullrich’

Kelly McCallum’s works explores personalities and humour, naming her pieces with titles such as ‘Lord Alfred Turnbull’ or ‘Lady Willamina Cartwright’ evokes a playfulness; a touch of whimsy, in the case of Lady Willamina Cartwright who sports a moustache. Each piece assumes a personality, allowing the viewer or the wearer to create a story for them. Whether they are a funny little friend on your lapel or a brilliant way to start a conversation, they will capture your imagination.
Marta Mattson- Brooch: Rebirth – Copper electroformed Atlas beetle, white cubic zirconias, lacquer silver

Marta Mattson- ‘Rhino Beetle’ Brooch - Copper electroformed Rhino beetle, cubic zirconias, lacquer, silver

Examining the tensions between attraction and repulsion through her works, Märta Mattsson hopes to translate ordinary and familiar objects into extraordinary and unfamiliar. Taking reference from the eighteenth century cabinets of curiosities, Märta brings new life to the creatures in her work, allowing her audiences to rediscover their beauty whilst reminding them that once they were considered extraordinary and to be marvelled at.



MINT shop
2 North Terrace
Alexander square
London SW3 2BA (UK)

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