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RICKSON – the feminine ideal in relation to the female body

« I am interested in the feminine ideal in relation to the female body. I enjoy creating work that expresses my wish to both conform and rebel against ideas of femininity. Through various materials and processes I take from my own body both physically and metaphorically. Hair can be used to comment on feminine allure and power, while clear resin is used to symbolize an abundance of tears.
Furthermore, I am interested in the way humans attempt to separate themselves from the primal world of animals with supposedly civilizing rules and regulations. I understand gender as part of the ‘cultured body’ and connect the tension between female and feminine with the struggle to exist as both an animal and a human.
I also create narrative photographs of my jewellery on my own body. The jewellery itself references my ideas of body and femininity as I am wearing it, and enhances the idea that femininity is a performance rather than an innate quality. Overall I enjoy deconstructing and reconstructing the feminine ideal to create wearable works of art alongside narrative photography. » Rickson

I have my Masters in Jewellery Silversmithing and Related Products from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in the UK. I am now back in Toronto, Ontario Canada working as a full time jewellery artist and loving every minute!

RICKSON -  the feminine ideal in relation to the female body dans BIAD Birmingham (UK)
Rickson« Egglace »

« I am a 25 year old female artist, and lately I have felt very aware of my fertility. I think often about the process of growing a human being inside me, and am drawn to creating jewellery art based on these ponderings. This piece ‘Egglace’ is about the menstrual cycle and feeling the urge to hold on to my discarded eggs.« 

 dans Canada (CA)
RicksonBaby Skeleton Hearts
Rickson- « One Tear » – « This piece is made of hair and resin to create a delicate necklace based on the femininity of tears. »


SHOP : Purchase Rickson Jewellery @ I am an independant jewellery design in love with creating new and exciting wearable art. 



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