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“TO BE SEXY OR NOT TO BE” – Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER – 8 Mai-12 Juin 2011

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Participants of the 20th Legnica International Jewellery Competition are already known! 

Name of the winner artist will be known on the vernissage,
21st of May

 Legnica - to be sexy or not to be

20th Legnica International Jewellery Competition SEXY is the most important event of the Legnica Jewellery Festival 2011. This year jury qualified to the exhibition pieces selected from 453 objects which had been submited by 253 artist from 33 countries (European countries and: Israel, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Australia).

Jury composed in team: Jivan Astfalck (Great Britain), Herman Hermsen (Netherlands/Germany), Karol Weisslechner (Slovakia), Sławomir Fijałkowski and Andrzej Boss (Poland) selected to SEXY exhibition below artists:

Participants :
Fanny Agnier – Francja / France
Ulla Ahola – Finlandia / Finland
Kyoung Sook Bae – Korea / Korea
BASTARD Collection – Ingrid Römmich; Veronika Schmidt – Niemcy / Germany
Jesse Bert – USA/Meksyk  / USA/Mexico
Marlene Beyer – Niemcy / Germany
Lisa Björke – Szwecja / Sweden
Ignasi Cavaller – Hiszpania / Spain
Sungho Cho – Korea/Niemcy / Korea/Germany
Dimitar Delchev – Bułgaria / Bulgaria
Susanne Elstner – Niemcy / Germany
Alexander Friedrich – Niemcy / Germany
Sara Gackowska – Polska / Poland
Mieczysław Gryza – Polska / Poland
Filip Jackowski – Polska / Poland
Alexa-Maria Klahr – Niemcy / Germany
Renata Korpas – Polska / Poland
Zofia i Witold Kozubscy – Polska / Poland
Cinnamon Lee – Australia / Australia
Kwang Sun Lee – Korea / Korea
Ria Lins – Belgia / Belgium
Jana Machatová – Słowacja / Slovakia
Peter Machata – Słowacja / Slovakia
Doris Maninger – Włochy/Austria / Italy/Austria
Weronika Marek – Polska/Poland 
Claudia Milić – Niemcy / Germany
Julia Miltenberger – Niemcy / Germany
Iwona Nowicka – Polska / Poland
Serin Oh – Korea / Korea
Aleksandra Przybysz – Polska / Poland
Silke Rehermann – Niemcy / Germany
Julia Reymann – Niemcy / Germany
Berta Riera Ruiz – Hiszpania / Spain
Zoe Robertson – Wielka Brytania / Great Britain
Philip Sajet – Holandia / Netherlands
Kacper Schiffers – Polska / Poland
Karin Seufert – Niemcy / Germany
Anna-Leena Soini – Finlandia / Finland
Maria Solorzano – Meksyk/Argentyna  / Mexico/Argentina
Antje Stolz – Niemcy / Germany
Paweł Szott – Polska / Poland
Jarosław Westermark – Polska / Poland
Frauke Zabel – Niemcy / Germany
Myrto Zevgoli – Grecja / Greece

COUP de COEUR : Satomi KAWAI « Mono object maker »

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Satomi Kawai , « Mono object maker » (j’adore cette formule !)
MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts, University of Iowa, IA, USA

« My artwork is the expression of my personal femininity.  My grandmother was the source of my feminine awareness, and she influenced my aesthetics.  She taught me handcrafts, such as sewing and felting, which have now become my personal methodology.  Since I came to the United States twelve years ago, I have been on a journey to discover who I am, as an individual and as a woman.
My attitude and perspective about my femininity are derived from Japanese culture, but at the same time, is influenced by American culture. In my new life, I feel a strong connection with nature, which plays an essential role in my process of creating wearable objects. This is why I employ natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk and wood.  I still sense that there are lively cell activities within my body . »

Satomi Kawai
Symbiosis Ring II – Copper; oxidized and pigment applied, silk thread, sterling silver – 2010

satomi_Connection-and-Division-Necklace-I dans email / enamel
Satomi KawaiConnection and Division Necklace I – 2010

satomi_Connection-and-Division-NecklaceII_worn dans Japon (JP)
Satomi KawaiConnection and Division Necklace II – 2010

 dans Satomi KAWAI (JP)
Satomi KawaiConnection & Division Brooch II – Copper; oxidized and pigment applied, cotton Organza, cotton thread

Satomi KawaiDots like frill – copper and fabric


Decouverte : Elise Hatlø jewellery

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Elise Hatlø, découverte à l’occasion de COLLECT 2011, présentée par la Galerie FORMAT.
Elise Hatlø Necklace – Silver, copper, paint, silk and smokey quartz. (presented at Collect 2011)

Elise Hatlø- necklace  »Grandma goes to Tokyo » album – Silver, copper, paint, silk and natural stones (collect 2011) (SUPERBES !)

Born in 1981 – In 2007-2009 :  Masters degree, Visual Art, metal department Oslo National Academy Of The Arts  -
Is part of  Norwegian Crafts Association since 2009, and of « KLINK », a group of 12 metal artists. »My work is represented by the norwegian gallery Format.
The jewellery is made in silver, copper, precious stones and silk


Me fait irrémédiablement penser aux « rejas » Sevillanes, ces grilles qui protégeaient/décoraient les fenêtres …… MAIS me fait aussi beaucoup penser aux bijoux de Hanna Hedman …….  ce qui n’enlève rien au fait que j’aime les bijoux de l’une comme de l’autre, MAIS …..
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ 3
Elise Hatlø - ‘Ghost town’ brooches – 2010
Elise Hatlø - Brooch w smokey quartz
Elise Hatlø - necklace w smokey quartz

Elise Hatlø - necklace
Elise Hatlø - Brooch w smokey quartz  2

Elise Hatlø - Brooch from the seris « Ghost town » -Electroformed and patinated silver and copper. Smokey Quartz and silk. 2010

Elise Hatlø - Brooch from the seris « Ghost town » – The brooches are all made in electroformed and patinated silver.


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