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Decouverte : Suzanne ESSER

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 Suzanne Esser : I particularly love her jewelry « granulated » with sand …..
Suzanne Esser brooch – silver patinated, sand 2008
Suzanne Esser silver brooch – sand, patina and paint

Suzanne Esser brooch – silver, sand – 2008

Decouverte : Sally COLLINS « frilly things »


« … avid champion of ‘Make Do and Mend’ culture Sally Collins creates her pieces from second-hand fabrics such as crochet and lace, heat treated copper and gold-plated elements to create compositions of layered pattern, colour and form. With a playful emphasis on excess detailing and frills Sally’s sometimes eccentric designs add to the charm of her work making her a much loved designer. Of her work Sally says: “My concern is not only with the ecological benefits of re-using and re-inventing something old, discarded or forgotten, but with the beauty of the history of an object when it has been passed down through a family or transformed into something else for another purpose.” » (Amelia’s Magazine)


« Working from my beautiful little workshop nestled at the bottom of my garden in the West Midlands,  I create colourful and tactile jewellery pieces from a combination of precious and non- precious metals and recycled textile elements.
Not only exploring issues of recycling and sustainabilty, my work considers issues of ornamentation and the concept of the ‘superfrilly’; the emphasis is on excess detailing and frills, taking pleasure in unusual or abundant combinations of fabric and texture. Every piece is meticulously handmade and completely unique.
 I also work as a  lecturer on the BA (hons) degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery. »

« My collection ‘Make Do And Mend’, is a range of earrings, rings, brooches, neckpieces and bodypieces inspired by a domestic approach to recycling and sustainabilty. I combine sewing, knitting and crochet with traditional jewellery making skills to create tactile and colourful pieces of contemporary jewellery.
Hand pierced elements in sterling silver, gold- plated sterling silver or copper and patinated metals are layered with recycled pieces of fabric, reknitted unravelled jumpers and frilly clusters of crochet.
‘Make Do And Mend’ comprises of a range of large ‘statement’ body pieces and brooches designed more for exhibition purposes, alongside a more wearable and accessible range of brooches, necklaces and earrings.  »

 Sally COLLINS – ‘Hybrid 3′ body piece

Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’, small scale brooches
Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’ – ‘Florry’ necklace
Sally COLLINScollection ‘Make Do And Mend’ – ‘Doily’ necklace
Sally COLLINSSilver ‘Reknitted’ (large scale) brooch


Classé dans : COUP DE COEUR,Moira K. LIME (US),USA — bijoucontemporain @ 0:02

 Moira K. Lime

Moira K. Lime - Flammulina Ring – sterling silver, hand dyed silk fiber, polyurethane plastic, found objects, freshwater pearl

 dans Moira K. LIME (US)
Moira K. Lime - Leptomedusae Ring – sterling silver, hand dyed soy silk and polyurethane plastic

 dans USA
Moira K. Lime - Pink Growth -  comme un tentacule de poulpe………

Moira K. Lime - « Internal Accretion » necklace (worn)
Moira K. Lime - « Internal Accretion » necklace

you noticed that I’m in love with this necklace ???? ;-)
and a …. Barnacle Necklace




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