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COUP de COEUR : Sim LUTTIN – douceur & nostalgie, même au toucher !

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« I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no Melancholy. » ~ Charles Baudelaire

Sim Luttin is a contemporary jewellery + object maker from Melbourne, Australia and is also the Gallery Manager at Arts Project Australia. Luttin has her MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA; Associateship from JamFactory: Contemporary Craft and Design, Adelaide, AUS; Graduate Diploma in Arts Management from University of South Australia, Adelaide, AUS; and BFA from RMIT, Melbourne, AUS.

Sim Luttin’s current projects explore the theme The Temporary Nature of Things, which investigates notions of beauty, nostalgia, landscape, impermanence, and passing time. Luttin is captivated by the deterioration of memory and how this is nostagically represented through miniature objects, in terms of our emotional, physical and tactile interaction as a maker, wearer and viewer of the form.

………. une nostalgie, une douceur, comme une tristesse oubliée, qui se dégage de la douceur même des matériaux et des formes ….. une envie de toucher …. plus, de caresser …..

COUP de COEUR : Sim LUTTIN - douceur & nostalgie, même au toucher ! dans COUP DE COEUR
Sim LuttinDipping In and Out – Brooch: Silver, hematite,steel, oxidised- 2008

 dans Sim LUTTIN (AU)
Sim LuttinHematite earrings – silver, hematite

Sim Luttin‘Melancholy: Bidding Adieu’ – brooch – Silver, hematite, onyx, steel, oxidised – 2010

Sim LuttinAll That is Left – Neckpiece-  Silver, oxidised – 2009

Sim LuttinMelancholy Series Collection- 2010  – silver, hematite, onyx, steel, oxidised

Sim LuttinBarron Surrounds – Brooch: Silver, plastic plant, steel, oxidised- 2008

Sim LuttinMourning: Two Minds – Brooch: Silver, hematite, oxidised- 2008

Sim Luttin‘Quiet Shadows’ -Ring – silver, oxidised – 2008
Sim Luttin‘Nest’ -Ring – silver, graphite – 2007


COUP de COEUR : Inari KIURU – One hundred rings of solitude

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« One hundred rings of solitude » …. cet intitulé m’a profondément touchée …. j’entends une voix de haute-contre chanter « Oh Solitude » (Purcell) ….. la ligne de chant rejoint les lignes-esquisses des bagues, à peine commencées, déjà finies, elles évoquent, suggèrent, esquissent, dessinent (alors qu’Inari Kiuru ne voulait pas dessiner …), montrent un chemin ………
pas une tristesse, juste un « passage », la ligne entre deux choses  …..

COUP de COEUR  : Inari KIURU - One hundred rings of solitude dans COUP DE COEUR wires
wires+5 dans Inari KIURU (FI)
wires+3 dans Japon (JP)
wires+2 dans rings

« This work belongs to a first year project at RMIT (Melboune (AU) University)  for which I made myself a set of rules: No drawing or sketching (my usual escapes), just model making from materials that might be unfamiliar to me, seeing if I could create one hundred different rings. How many I ended up with? 80? I still haven’t counted.
I remember that all this began from turning wire in a state of confusion about what a « contemporary look » might be, a concept so prevalent in the first year « art jewellery » discussions. I thought at the time that if I blast out something highly asymmetric, warped and quite monochromatic, preferably black and plasticky, avoiding precious metals, surely I’ll succeed – in an ironic way. But as I kept working, the pissed-offness at the notion of « contemporary = cliched » wore off, and the project became a fun experiment which I still like to look at.
Confusion remains, but in such a different way now : )  » (june 2010)



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