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EXPO ‘Plastic flowers don’t wilt’ – Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerpen (BE) – 12 Mai-25 Juin 2011

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Expo « Plastic flowers don’t wilt » by Christiane Kôhne

EXPO 'Plastic flowers don't wilt' - Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerpen (BE) - 12 Mai-25 Juin 2011 dans Belgique (BE) 203481_160044554059419_8205949_n

« The collection ‘plastic flowers don’t wilt’ bears a very personal reference and origins in the loss of a beloved one. The jewellery deals with the memories, the desires of this person, her preferences and death per se. But not like a wilted flower, the epitome to illustrate dying, plastic flowers are one of the basic materials and approaches.
Their half- value period is considerably longer and stands for the remembrance of a per
son that still exists after the death.
For me it’s not mourning jewellery in a classical way, it grows out of the altercation with the loss and the shock of your own foundation.
The pieces of jewellery communicate a certain sense of lightness , which is essential for living and the being itself .
The initial points for this collection are single personal facets of this deceased person and several compounds with her, such as a certain longing for glamour, the plastic flowers, which surrounded her and the edelweiß – for me as well a sign for continuance.
Yet the challenge of turning a per se cheap material into a piece of jewellery which is displaced from this inferiority, which develops it’s own value and leaves it’s original context is most thrilling for me.

siers6 dans Christiane KOEHNE (DE)
Christiane Kôhne – Brosche ‘rosa Blüten’ – Artificial flowers, steel, 925 silver, vintage strass.2010

2011-04-20 14:26:52
Christiane Kôhnebrooch – Artificial flowers, steel -2011

2010-12-13 12:12:26
Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘rosa Fischernetz’

2010-12-17 10:06:06
Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘p.b.’ – Artificial flowers, steel, vintage strass.2010.

2010-05-29 20:14:09

Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘Hommage an G.’Artificial flowers, steel, plastic.2010



Beyond Fashion is a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery and products.
The gallery represents a selection of Belgian and international designers who are comitted to develop products that are one of a kind.


Trésors d’AMBRE …… trésors de la Baltique ………..

Evidemment, je faisais quelques recherches sur les créateurs Polonais et ………… :-)
merci au site de STFZ !


…. vu des merveilles de Andrzej Adamski Paulina BinekBogumil BytomskiMaryla Dubiel, — Dorota KosEwa EffenbergPaweł KaczyńskiMalgosia Kalinska Jaroslaw Westermark  etc etc …..

Andrzej ADAMSKI (PL)Andrzej Adamski ring (Legnica 2008)

Felt with amber necklace Paulina Binek Binek - Felt & amber jewelryBracelet | Andrzej Boss

Andrzej BossBracelet 

Trésors d'AMBRE ...... trésors de la Baltique ........... dans ambre / amber czas20004

czas20007 dans Andrzej ADAMSKI (PL)

czas20008 dans Andrzej BOSS (PL)

czas20009 dans Bogumil BYTOMSKI (PL)

Małgosia Kalińska - amber jewelleryMałgosia Kalińska

foto5 dans Dorota KOS (PL)Malgosia Kalinska

foto2 dans Ewa EFFENBERG (PL)
Malgosia Kalinska

Marcin TYMINSKI - amber necklace - grand prix AmberifMarcin TYMINSKI  amber necklace – grand prix Amberif

Maryla Dubiel (PL) - amber neckpiece.Maryla Dubiel - amber necklace

Maryla Dubiel : Amber Collection - earringsMaryla Dubiel : Amber Collection – earrings

Paweł KaczyńskiPaweł Kaczyński

Paweł Kaczyński - bracelet with amberPaweł Kaczyński

Jan Materek - amber jewelryJan Materek

Andrzej Boss - PL jewelry with amberAndrzej Boss
Elżebieta i Tomasz Szupienko – amber jewelry

Marcin Zaremski amber braceletMarcin Zaremski

Arek Wolski, necklaceArkadiusz (Arek) Wolski

Paulina Binek amber necklacePaulina Binek
Philip Sajet ! - (International Amber Biennial in Frombork : Amber and Astronomy 2007)

Philip Sajet  Amber necklace, 2002Philip Sajet  Amber necklace, 2002

Dorota Kos - natural-mystic necklace - Elektronos 2007- Amber PrizeDorota Kos  natural-mystic necklace – Elektronos 2007- Amber Prize

Dorota Kos - Prezentacje 2004Dorota Kos – Prezentacje 2004

Kacper Schiffers - amber necklaceKacper Schiffers

Emilia Górna - Norbert Wawrzyniak - amber pendantEmilia GórnaNorbert Wawrzyniak

Emilia Górna - Norbert Wawrzyniak - amber ring GórnaNorbert Wawrzyniak – amber ring

Piotr WajchtPiotr Wajcht

Janis Jakobson - fabulous amber rings ....Janis Jakobson

COUP de COEUR : Katherine WHEELER whites

Katherine Wheeler is a Melbourne based artist, who completed a bachelor of Fine arts, Gold and silversmithing at RMIT in 2007, and a Diploma of fine arts at RMIT in 2003. Since graduating she has continued to make art jewellery and hollow ware in her Melbourne studio. In 2010 she collaborated with Printmaking artist Abby Seymour for the exhibition Hidden Facets, which was shown at Hand Held gallery in Melbourne, and Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and two international shows, including Melbourne Hollow Ware, at Gallerie Marzee in the Netherlands, Precious Pendants at Object gallery in Sydney, Figment at E.g.etal in Melbourne, and in 2011 The art of Engagement at Objectspace in New Zealand. Her work is represented in the Gallerie Marzee collection, and the W.E.McMillan Collection. Katherine enjoys the process of making, and pushing the materials she uses (fine silver, porcelain, polymer clay, glass, paper) to produce unexpected results. (Craft Victoria)


« Wheeler works impulsively, and intuitively to create mysteriously fragile and beautiful jewellery and hollow ware objects. Through her work, themes of the ambiguous and curious are explored, while inspiration is drawn from sea life, collection, domestic objects, memory and the anthropomorphic. Wheeler’s intruiging work posesses a sense of illusion, which is created through colour, form,technique and materials.«  (it’s what « Wheeler » says on her blog ! ;-) …)
« My jewellery pieces are mostly oversized, sculptural and reflect the hollow ware pieces. They are made as jewellery so they will have a connection point to the body.
I really like making oversized rings. When worn they can have the appearance and feel of a growth, or being a continuation of the body, living and existing, or co-existing with the person

Tin Ring; image by the artist
Katherine Wheeler
  – « Tin Ring » (2007) : copper, silver, paint – (image by the artist)
(a 2010 exhibition)

« The concept of the home, living spaces, domestic objects, and how they relate to the body inspire my work.  Natural forms (sea life) do have a definite influence over the aesthetic of my work.
Genetic engineering and human intervention in nature is also something I think about when making. Often my pieces have an anthropomorphic feel, which I think can contribute to the success of a piece.

White is also a dominant feature of your work – tell me why?
I use white for several reasons.  It gives the appearance of something aged, dried out, skeletal or fossilised.
It camouflages and unifies the different materials, possibly tricking the eye as to what it is seeing, and how it would feel.
White mutes, accentuates marks from making, and gives beauty.
 » (thanks for interview, informations & pictures to the MelbourneJeweller)

Katherine Wheeler - "frill structure" ring 2009 - porcelain, linen thread, paint Katherine Wheeler  – Frill structure ring 2009 – porcelain, linen thread, paint

Katherine Wheeler::Existence ring on the body (2010) Katherine Wheeler  – « Existence ring » on the body 2010

katherine wheeler. Existence ring (2010) - silver, porcelain, linen thread, paint Katherine Wheeler  – Existence ring 2010 -  silver, porcelain, linen thread, paint
Katherine Wheeler urchin ring on the body

Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)  	-  Katherine Wheeler. Katherine Wheeler – Lace Cup Fungi Collar (2010-2011)   

Katherine Wheeler Katherine Wheeler  -  rock coral rings

katherine wheeler.	  Inhale Neckpiece (2010) Katherine Wheeler  –  Inhale Neckpiece  2010

Funghi Ring; image by the artist
Katherine Wheeler  -Funghi Ring


katherine wheeler. white series rings Katherine Wheeler  - White series (rings) 2007 – Fine silver, sterling silver, paper, paint(Photo Jeremy Dillon)


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