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EXPO ‘Plastic flowers don’t wilt’ – Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerpen (BE) – 12 Mai-25 Juin 2011

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Expo « Plastic flowers don’t wilt » by Christiane Kôhne

EXPO 'Plastic flowers don't wilt' - Beyond Fashion Gallery, Antwerpen (BE) - 12 Mai-25 Juin 2011 dans Belgique (BE) 203481_160044554059419_8205949_n

« The collection ‘plastic flowers don’t wilt’ bears a very personal reference and origins in the loss of a beloved one. The jewellery deals with the memories, the desires of this person, her preferences and death per se. But not like a wilted flower, the epitome to illustrate dying, plastic flowers are one of the basic materials and approaches.
Their half- value period is considerably longer and stands for the remembrance of a per
son that still exists after the death.
For me it’s not mourning jewellery in a classical way, it grows out of the altercation with the loss and the shock of your own foundation.
The pieces of jewellery communicate a certain sense of lightness , which is essential for living and the being itself .
The initial points for this collection are single personal facets of this deceased person and several compounds with her, such as a certain longing for glamour, the plastic flowers, which surrounded her and the edelweiß – for me as well a sign for continuance.
Yet the challenge of turning a per se cheap material into a piece of jewellery which is displaced from this inferiority, which develops it’s own value and leaves it’s original context is most thrilling for me.

siers6 dans Christiane KOEHNE (DE)
Christiane Kôhne – Brosche ‘rosa Blüten’ – Artificial flowers, steel, 925 silver, vintage strass.2010

2011-04-20 14:26:52
Christiane Kôhnebrooch – Artificial flowers, steel -2011

2010-12-13 12:12:26
Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘rosa Fischernetz’

2010-12-17 10:06:06
Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘p.b.’ – Artificial flowers, steel, vintage strass.2010.

2010-05-29 20:14:09

Christiane KôhneBrosche ‘Hommage an G.’Artificial flowers, steel, plastic.2010



Beyond Fashion is a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery and products.
The gallery represents a selection of Belgian and international designers who are comitted to develop products that are one of a kind.


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  1. beyond Fashion dit :

    It was great…nice atmosphere, and positive vibes!!

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