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Decouverte : Jin-Ah JO – lines between Korea and Australia

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Jin-Ah JO is a contemporary jeweller who lives and works in Melbourne. Born in South Korea, she moved to Australia in 2000 and her works addresses the migration experience and the difficulty of cross-cultural experience related to communication. Her works explore cultural identity in terms of the meaning and physical forms of Korean and English by making wearable objects. After finishing her Masters of Fine Art at Monash University, she has participated in group and solo exhibitions including « Moved » (Migration Museum, Adelaide, 2008), « Perspective » (Craft Victoria, 2009) and « Precious Pendants »(Object, 2009-2010). She presented a solo exhibition in Perth, « Cross Cultural Project » as part of the 2010 JMGA conference. The material she uses include mild steel, perforated mild steel, plastic tubes, square chenir, Korean paper, English newspaper, acrylic, magnets, and silver. Her works are exhibited in Pieces of Eight (Melbourne) and Workshop Bilk (Canberra) (Craft Victoria)


my first visual language is Korean which is very geometric and the process of geometric expression is sometimes harmonious or contradictory.  Harmonious aspects include concepts like construction, symmetry, arrangement or refinement.  Contradictory aspects incorporates ideas of deconstruction, asymmetry, confusions or disorder which may appear unconventional in terms of jewellery design‘. (Jin-Ah JO)

self portrait
Jin-Ah JO
self portrait‘ pendant: silver925, oxydised silver, nylon, acrylic – 2010

Pendant m, 'In my mother's tongue' 
Jin-Ah JOPendant ‘In my mother’s tongue‘ – 2010 -silver 925, oxidised silver, plastic tube, acrylic nylon, magazine paper, Korean paper, mild steel - (Photographer: Andrew Barcham)

Go on
Jin-Ah JO‘Go on’ pendant – silver925, oxydised silver, acrylic, English newspaper, nylon, acrylic, plastic tube   2010


Go on (back)
Jin-Ah JO‘Go on’ pendant  (back)

Pendant q
Jin-Ah JO« He said that… » necklace- silver925, Korean paper, acrylic, nylon- 2010

  Pendant d, (fighting)
Jin-Ah JO Pendant ‘fighting’, 2009 - silver 925, acrylic, nylon - (Photo Andrew Barcham)

Pendant e, (peace)
Jin-Ah JOPendant ‘peace’, 2009 - silver 925, acrylic, nylon - Photographer: Andrew Barcham

sky and wind(하늘,바람-from the poetry)
Jin-Ah JO‘sky and wind’ (하늘,바람-from the poetry) brooch – oxydised silver, Korean paper, acrylic, steel- 2010


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