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COUP de COEUR : Donna d’AQUINO work in lines

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Donna d’AQUINO

« The work that I’ve been making since 1998 is very direct; there’s minimal soldering, and it’s all done by hand without it being overly technical. My approach with the dip is exactly the same. I open the can of Plasti Dip®, mix it, dip the jewelry, then let it set overnight,« . She points out, « This is a highly toxic material to breathe so I wear a mask.« 

Donna d’AQUINO‘s work has been influenced by a fascination with architecture, the Russian Constructivist Movement of the early 20th century, and The Modern or New Jewelry Movement of the ’70s in Europe, which pushed the boundaries of what defined jewelry.

« I strip the designs to their essentials while sometimes adding a touch of playfulness. I do use some sterling and gold but primarily I’m applying the color to steel. Interior and exterior architectural structures used for building skyscrapers, bridges, and telephone towers all inspire my work. My original training was in graphic design – I wanted to be an illustrator, and I think that’s why most of my work is either black, white, or grey. Dipping was a way to incorporate a touch of color. I chose red because it’s dramatic, people are drawn to it, and it maintains the piece’s graphic quality, » says D’Aquino. (Ganoskin)

  »work in line » : « This body of work is based on line and the act of drawing. I use wire in place of charcoal or pencil to create three-dimensional drawings for the body and wall. The work is inspired by interior and exterior architectural structures such as bridges and telephone towers.
It is important to me that an object function both on and off the body. These pieces when not being worn are meant to hang on the wall by a single nail as a drawing floating in space.
I am interested in pushing the boundaries that traditionally define western jewelry.« 

COUP de COEUR  : Donna d'AQUINO work in lines dans COUP DE COEUR 5L
Donna d’AQUINOwire bracelet #59: steel/plastic-dip

21L dans Donna d'AQUINO (US)
Donna d’AQUINOwire brooch #53: steel/plasti-dip

12L dans USA
Donna d’AQUINObracelet #85: steel
Donna d’AQUINOscatter pins: steel/red plasti-dip

16L dans www Ganoskin
Donna d’AQUINOwire bracelet #65: steel/plasti-dip


Donna d’AQUINOwire bracelets
Donna d’AQUINOwire neckpiece #1: steel/plasti-dip/ pvc tube

Donna d’AQUINOwire bracelet #91: steel/white plasti-dip

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