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EXPO ‘ABeCeDarian’ – Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) – 18 Mai-4 Juin 2011

‘ABeCeDarian’ – Contemporary Jewelry Art Exhibition

A Contemporary jewelry art exhibition and ABC book featuring the work of 26 artists, each producing a piece that corresponds with a letter of the alphabet.

EXPO 'ABeCeDarian' - Facere Gallery, Seattle (USA) - 18 Mai-4 Juin 2011 dans Anthony TAMMARO (US) 211103_195387000497815_5197243_n

Artist List:
Julia Barello, Ken Bova, Jana Brevick, Kathy Buszkiewicz, Melissa Calohan, Nancy Mēgan Corwin, Kate Cusack, Donna d’Aquino, Laurie Hall, Tom Hill, Trudee Hill, Melissa Huff, Margaux Lange, Kristin Lora, Bruce Metcalf, Marcia Meyers, Ted Noten, Kait Rhoads, ROY, Cindy Sumner, Anthony Tammaro, Carolyn Tillie, Cynthia Toops, Kiwon Wang, Sarah Wauzynski, and Sissi Westerberg.

D-SissiWesterberg dans Bruce METCALF (US)
Sissi Westerberg – D is for Drip ‘Something Inside’ Brooch in acrylic.
Donna d’Aquino bracelet

K-MargauxLange dans Cynthia TOOPS (US)
Margaux Lange - K is for Knees – « Cross-legged  » Brooch – sterling silver, nickel silver, plastic Barbie doll parts, resin

N-KiwonWang dans Donna d'AQUINO (US)
Kiwon Wang – N is for Newspaper ‘Statement’ Necklace in NY Times newspaper, sterling silver, pearl, steel cable

P-TedNoten dans Exposition/Exhibition
Ted Noten- P is for Pigs ‘Miss Piggy’ Rings in 3D print nylon

X-JuliaBarello dans Gal. Facere (US)
Julia Barello -X is for X-ray ‘Flowers of Rhetoric: Mimesis’ Necklace – dyed, recycled X-ray & MRI films

Y-AnthonyTammaro dans Jana BREVICK (US)
Anthony Tammaro - Y is for Yellow – why, why, why’ Bracelet in selective laser sintered nylon

Z-KateCusack dans Julia BARELLO (US)
Kate Cusack- Z is for Zippers ‘Elizabeth’ Necklace in zippers



Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
City Centre 1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 108
Seattle WA  98101 – USA
Tel 206.624.6768

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