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EXPO ‘What? Where? Why?’ – Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) – 21 Mai-25 Juin 2011

What? Where? Why? Solo Exhibition by Rudee Tancharoen

« « You would be disappointed if you expect to see jewels in this jewelry exhibition. »
For this series of works, Rudee wanted to challenge herself and the viewers/wearers of her jewelry by creating unconventional jewelry that can be considered more as wearable art object
. »

EXPO 'What? Where? Why?' - Atta Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand) - 21 Mai-25 Juin 2011 dans Exposition/Exhibition 187910_181089818606356_2431118_n


jwlrudee02 dans Gal. Atta (Thailand)jwlrudee03 dans Rudee TANCHAROEN (Thai.)

« In this series I consider human body as an installation space.
What is the context of a certain part of the body?
Where on the body could a certain piece goes?Association between the piece and the body. »




ATTA Gallery
OP Garden, Unit 1109, Charoenkrung 36, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
tel +662-238-6422



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