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EXPO ‘COVET’ – Adelaide Central Gallery, Norwood (Australia) – 29 Avril-28 Mai 2011


A Survey of Contemporary South Australian Jewellery

Adelaide Central Gallery will stage a survey of most recent works by 15 South Australian Jewellers in the exhibition Covet. The exhibition features works by both established and emerging artists.
The first exhibition devoted solely to jewellery to be staged at Adelaide Central Gallery will feature not only jewellery but also works that relate to the body but are not strictly considered jewellery. These include sculptural pieces that will either be hung on the wall or suspended from the Gallery ceiling.  
Adelaide Central School of Art Inc (ACSA) is an independent, not-for-profit, accredited Higher Education Provider that provides intensive training for students looking to develop a career as a practising artist. The ACSA Gallery is an integral part of the school’s teaching program.

Julie Blyfield, Jane Bowring, Catherine Buddle, Jess Dare, Eliza Gregerson, Christian Hall, Ingrid Kellenbach, Leslie Matthews, Alice Potter, Sarah Rothe, Regine Schwarzer, Lauren Simeoni, Michelle Taylor, Catherine Truman and Sera Waters
Alice Potter – the Dinosaur’s Blue Rose- 2010 – Cotton, plastic, wood, paint laminate, gold leaf, 925 silver and silk
Lauren Simeoni- Plumule neckpiece (detail) – Artificial plant foliage, glass beads, 925 silver- 2010
Jess Dare- Implosion Series- Lampwork glass, sterling silver, steel 2010
Sera Waters- Interior Tract (Knit) #1- 2011- String, cotton, wooden beads and faux pearls
Catherine Truman - Organic Mechanic Series – Shell, coral, bone, fibre and glass- 2011
Julie Blyfield - Coastal Brooches  2011
Regine Schwarzer – necklace ‘Fractal construct’ 2011 – Patinated sterling silver, fluorite crystals
Regine Schwarzer- Fractal constructs- Patinated nickel silver- 2009
Regine Schwarzer – brooches ‘Facet forms’ 2011 -Patinated sterling silver, prehnite

Michelle Taylor - Bits and pieces brooch- Rimu timber, bamboo plywood, merbau timber, mild steel, acrylic and enamel paint, varnish, stainless steel
Leslie MatthewsThree times-we parted- Breath- and I- sterling silver and polyurethane- 2011




Adelaide Central Gallery
45 Osmond Terrace
Norwood, South Australia 5067 Australia
Telephone +61 8 8364 2809
Facsimile +61 8 8364 4865


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