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COUP de COEUR : Carrie Mae ROSE … à COUPER….le souffle !

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avec ce nom si doux de ROSE, des bijoux si ….. coupants, cinglants, menaçants ! « razor collars« , « confiscated weapons » …. lorsqu’on voit « elemental angels » on se dit ouf « sauvé » …. eh bien non ! des ailes d’anges….. faites de ciseaux ! de quoi …. fendre l’air, assurément ! :-)


« My wearable weapons, archetypal armor and interactive costumes awaken the power of vulnerability.
Devastating beauty that could kill. These items push the boundary of fashion to the absolute limit.

The tension between the depth of total annihilation and the heights of revelation sky. I make work with electricity, plasma, open source software, confiscated weapons, and razor blades. Integrating sacred geometry, alchemy, symmetry, ritual play and tribal mysticism.
My mission is to challenge people to feel ecstatic freedom when they embrace and surrender into the beauty of their fragility. My art explores meditation, death and beauty. »


« Mixing beauty and danger, the works of Carrie Mae Rose are a convergence of fine art, fashion, technology and performance. Rose is a sculptor and interactive installation artist. She builds sculptures and wearable objects out of scissors confiscated from airport security, recycled razorblades, plastic zip ties and cement. These re-purposed objects are striking transformations of the personal belongings of others.
Carrie Mae Rose’s varied artistic background includes Butoh, interactive technologies, stilt walking, jewelry making and costume design. She received her B.A. in Sculpture & Textiles from Prescott College in Arizona, where she exhibited extensively before coming east. She then received an M.F.A. in Design & Technology from Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York« .  (EXPO « Piece of Mind »)


« project investigates how protection manifests in our current cultural epoch – sculptures and a large-scale installations are constructed with hundreds of scissors recycled from confiscated airport security procedures – recycled TSA scissors purchased from excess confiscation items from airport security lines – scissors, cement, zip ties, and staples – 3D scissors drawings in SolidWorks - read MFA Thesis – CWOMC (69 page pdf)  »

COUP de COEUR  : Carrie Mae ROSE ...  à COUPER....le souffle ! dans Carrie Mae ROSE (US) rose1
Carrie Mae Rose- Breast Plate, 2011 – black zip ties and confiscated metal scissors

10_dscn4730sharp dans COUP DE COEUR
Carrie Mae Rose-   sculpture ou bijou ?

28_fbrooftop dans recup' / recycled
Carrie Mae Rose-« elemental angels » – wearable wings made with confiscated scissors from airport security



RAZOR COLLARS : wearable and sculptural mandalas built with recycled razor blades and zip ties. photo collaboration with Jonathan Kopp

Carrie Mae Rose-  razor collars

39_carriemaerosecollar700 dans USA
Carrie Mae Rose- razor collar

Carrie Mae Rose- razor collar -          c’est BEAU à COUPER …. le souffle !


devastatingly beautiful. couture collars and bracelets built with scissors, zip ties and agave leave



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