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EXPO ‘THE GIRLS WITH ENAMEL EYES’ – Galerie Debruille-Zlotogora, Paris (FR) – 26 Mai-14 Juin 2011

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«The Girls with Enamel Eyes» est un projet d’exposition / performance autour de l’univers de la jeune créatrice de mode et plasticienne Axelle Migé, directrice de l’enseigne Coppélia Pique. Il s’agira de retranscrire, à travers cette exposition, un scénario résolument moderne et surréaliste, inspiré entre autre de la nouvelle « L’Homme au sable » du romancier Hoffmann.

EXPO 'THE GIRLS WITH ENAMEL EYES' - Galerie Debruille-Zlotogora, Paris (FR) - 26 Mai-14 Juin 2011 dans Emmanuel LACOSTE (FR) 188026_197408726967266_3069940_n

Emmanuel Lacoste, bijoutier, plasticien, présentera une collection de bijoux* réalisée pour COPPELIA PIQUE
* Les bijoux en question sont « portables » cette fois-ci…



3 Rue de Lille
75007 Paris, France
Mail :

EXPO ‘Brooch / Bross’ – Sterling Gallery, Budapest (HU) – 26 Mai-17 Juin 2011

The Sterling Gallery cordially invites you to an exclusive exhibition, entitled BROOCH, of young contemporary artists.

Sterling Gallery located in Budapest (H) organizing an exclusive exhibition, entitled BROOCH in order to create an interactive information exchange, a dialogue, a conversation or a meeting between Hungarian and international artists from different countries.

The jewel as a « household object » has pronounced functional complexity.
It has both a role and a tradition in each community.
It can be inferred from certain eras, cultures, ethnic groups and lifestyles, habits and thinking.
It might be a sign, or a symbol which is answering to a non-asked question.
It can refer to the wearer’s age, identity, the religious affiliation, marital status.
It is the distinguishing sign of the everyday and the holidays, a status symbol.
It is a part of magical and practical function in people’s lives.
A jewel fits the body and it’s present in clothing.
The jewel expresses the relationship between people.
The brooch, brooches have also been made in the Bronze Age, Greek, Roman and in other European workshops.

These had a functional role as indispensable elements of clothing and self representation.
The brooches had the force to join, screw and fix the fabric of the cloth.
The use of the buttons and buckles took the practical role of the brooch away, but in the same time the aesthetic function of the brooch has been enhanced.

Exhibited artists : 
Abaffy Klára — Adám Krisztián — Bartl Dora — Dávid Attila Norbert –Egri Zoltán — Egi Marcell — Ferenczi Vanda –Fördős Bence — Noémi Gera  –Gaál Gyöngyvér — Előd Halász  — Huber Kinga — Kecskés Orsolya — Király Fanni –Krámli Magdolna — Réka Lőrincz  –Marosi László — Péter Vladimir — Simon Viktória — Sfomfai Krisztina –Slavei Tamás — Tóth Zoltán –Varga Viktór — Flóra Vági  — Vékony Fanni — Visy Dóra — Wladis –

Denise J. ReytanFelieke van der LeestJimin Park  — Constanze SchreiberSari LiimattaNoon PassamaLi Chu WuManuel Vilhena — Nick Mullins — Marta MattsonHelena LehtinenUdi Lagallina — Martina Mühlfellner — Valeria Hasse & Marcela Muñiz (Tota Reciclados) –  The IdiotsSofia Björkman
Réka Lörincz – brooch ‘Super Trend’ 2011 -Gold, brand labels (textile)

EXPO 'Brooch / Bross' - Sterling Gallery, Budapest (HU) - 26 Mai-17 Juin 2011 dans broochesValeria Hasse (de TOTA Reciclados)

Sari Liimatta  Brooch: Not Enough 2005  Glass beads, metals, paint, rubber toys  Three brooches – avec Sterling Galéria Sari Liimatta – three brooches  ‘Not Enough’ 2005 – Glass beads, metals, paint, rubber toys

Helena Lehtinen  "garden" brooch –  Sterling Galéria Helena Lehtinen – garden
Li-Chu WUMountain Landscape Brooch

Halász Előd - "Bang! You're Dead " brooch Előd Halász – Bang! You’re Dead

Flora Vagi brooch - wood Flora Vagi

Noon Passama jewelry -- brooches Noon Passama pins « extra button »


STERLING Ékszergaléria / Sterling Gallery
H-1092 Budapest. Ráday utca 31.
Nyitva: Hétfő-Péntek 12-20h
Phone: +36 1 323 0037

Szombat: 10-14h

Yoko SHIMIZU – architectures de métal

Classé dans : ALCHIMIA (IT),COUP DE COEUR,Japon (JP),metal,Yoko SHIMIZU (JP) — bijoucontemporain @ 9:41

« I like repetition and overlapping forms. I like simplicity and harmony. But in the end, I feel the need to add or subtract something, so that there is something a little bit off, sometimes in search of tension, sometimes for a touch of warmth… » (Yoko SHIMIZU)
Yoko SHIMIZU – oxidized silver rings
Yoko SHIMIZUnecklace n.1001 – silver, gold leaf
Yoko SHIMIZUbracelet n.1009 & bracelet n.1008 -  silver, gold

Yoko SHIMIZU - architectures de métal dans ALCHIMIA (IT) yoko2

Bracelet – silver, niello, gold
Yoko SHIMIZUring n.108 – silver, gold
Yoko SHIMIZU -  brooch
Yoko SHIMIZU -  earring

EXPO ‘Angesteckt’ – Atelier STOSSimHIMMEL, Wien (AT) – 26 Mai 2011

Lassen auch sie sich von der Sommerfrische aus dem Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL inspirieren!
Wir präsentieren Ihnen Schmuck zum anstecken!

EXPO 'Angesteckt' - Atelier STOSSimHIMMEL, Wien (AT) - 26 Mai 2011 dans Autriche (AT) 203522_163468997050300_1674850_n

Schmuck von :
Caroline Ertl
Michelle Kraemer
Viktoria Münzker
Eva Tesarik
Birgit Wie

197 dans Birgit WIE (AT)
Caroline Ertl

230 dans Caroline ERTL (AT)

Viktoria Münzker- Kollektion PARADISO. Halsketten mit ätherischen ölen aus früchten und blumen

248 dans Eva TESARIK (AT)
Michelle Kraemer – « Piccolo Nero » series – ring – Blei / japanisches Papier / Lack

Eva Tesarik - Necklace T.b.a.t.b 2008 - Silver, coral
Eva Tesarik - Necklace ‘T.b.a.t.b’ (‘the Beauty & the beast’ serie) – Silver, coral - 2008
Birgit Wie- ‘what comes up can’t go down…’ brooch – silver




Atelier StossImHimmel
Stoss im Himmel 3/1
A-1010 Wien
T.: 0043 (0)650 2003279

ça c’est du BETON ! – Bergner SCHMIDT

Classé dans : Allemagne (DE),Bergner SCHMIDT (DE),COUP DE COEUR,SHOP — bijoucontemporain @ 0:01


« When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe proclaimed: „please do not confuse the simple with the simple minded’, he characterized the formal principle of the label ’b.s. bergner schmidt’.
The label takes sensory overload, the fast pace of life and affluence in today’s society as a starting point for a new approach to fashion. Their clothes are reduced to form to focus on their essence and thus create a reaction to the fashion industry.
Working with concrete is an additional element to the label, a material which generates experimental accessories to complement the collection
The debut collection „baustoff (building material)“ takes its inspiration from Bauhaus and has been conceived on the basis of its maxim less is more’. Bauhaus stands for clean and cool aesthetics, and, together with the term Neue Sachlichkeit (new objectivity), it becomes the guideline for form and colouring of the collection.
’baustoff’ describes a collection which combines purist and constructive expression with subtle femininity. »


to SHOP online here at « artrebels » !!


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