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ça c’est du BETON ! – Bergner SCHMIDT

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« When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe proclaimed: „please do not confuse the simple with the simple minded’, he characterized the formal principle of the label ’b.s. bergner schmidt’.
The label takes sensory overload, the fast pace of life and affluence in today’s society as a starting point for a new approach to fashion. Their clothes are reduced to form to focus on their essence and thus create a reaction to the fashion industry.
Working with concrete is an additional element to the label, a material which generates experimental accessories to complement the collection
The debut collection „baustoff (building material)“ takes its inspiration from Bauhaus and has been conceived on the basis of its maxim less is more’. Bauhaus stands for clean and cool aesthetics, and, together with the term Neue Sachlichkeit (new objectivity), it becomes the guideline for form and colouring of the collection.
’baustoff’ describes a collection which combines purist and constructive expression with subtle femininity.«


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