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Decouverte : Kaylee RUSSOTTI – Multiple articulated elements

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Kaylee RUSSOTTI : Student of Pratt Institute‘s Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing program.
Graduating May 2010
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Squannel Shoulder Brooch – Sterling silver, Copper tubing, enamel

Decouverte : Kaylee RUSSOTTI - Multiple articulated elements dans COUP DE COEUR
Kaylee RUSSOTTI-Jointed Squannel  Brooch – Sterling silver, string, copper tubing, vinyl


« Funnels, Squannels, Bells
My body of work investigates the development and transformation of the funnel form through the use of varying materials and exploratory processes. In addition to historically valued materials such as sterling silver, I utilize string, which is abundant, cheap and typically overlooked. The repetitive process of manipulating string is both therapeutic and meditative. Normally used to bind and tie objects, by reconfiguring the string into three-dimensional shapes, I give it a new presence and purpose.
With slight alterations to each form my possessions form a unit. This personal repertoire of forms serves as a map of my process. As they evolve, each object builds upon the previous and fuels the creation of the next. They exist individually while others gather in swarms.
Multiple articulated elements such as tube and rod allow the pieces to conform to the body and move fluidly. Repetition of structure and form also aid in the movement of the work and enhance its relation to the body. This investigation of forms and reworking of materials allows me to experiment and fully appreciate the angles and curves of a particular shape. »   Kaylee RUSSOTTI

Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Squannel Neckpiece – Brass tubing, vinyl


 dans Kaylee RUSSOTTI (US)
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Squannel Neckpiece
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Jointed Bell Brooch (detail ) Sterling silver, string, acrylic paint
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- bell necklace – Sterling silver, string, acrylic paint

 dans USA
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- ‘String Funnel Sash’ – Sterling silver, string, vinyl, acrylic paint
Kaylee RUSSOTTI- Funn rings 1, 2 & 3 (three separate rings)



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