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EXPO ‘HERE, NOW & TOMORROW’ – Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK)- 19 Mai-4 Juin 2011

 HERE, NOW & TOMORROW  - Institute of Precious Metals

EXPO 'HERE, NOW & TOMORROW' - Goldfingers, Copenhagen (DK)- 19 Mai-4 Juin 2011 dans Danemark (DK) 230826_193490527363919_100001089208634_529035_8254586_n

Jewellery. Gold and glitter. All that glitters is gold. Even if it is made out of plastic and yarn or wood and phone books. What glitters is what you see glitter.
INSTITUTE FOR PRECIOUS METALS educates jewellery designers: Those that come up with the ideas for the jewellery you would want to wear tomorrow. Gallery GOLDFINGERS shows a varied choise of the student’s works.
Not a lot of wedding bands or floral brooches here. None, as a matter of fact. But loads of fun and serious jewellery, possible and impossible jewellery, crazy and sensible jewellery in almost every material ready for a finger, a head, a neck and a collar. Come and have a peek directly into here and now.

brochearkitektur2_ dans Exposition/Exhibition
Institute of Precious Metals-  architecture – brooch

brochemalevich_2 dans Gal. Goldfingers (DK)
Institute of Precious Metals-  malevich – brooch

mail_ring_2 dans Institut for AEdelmetal (DK)mail_re_2
Institute of Precious Metals- ring & earring


Klosterstræde 18
1157 Copenhagen K (Denmark)
Tlf (+45) 32173730

Opening hours
Monday-thursday 11.30 to 17.30
Friday 11.30 to 19.00
Saturday 11.30 to 15.00

COUP de COEUR : Paolo SCURA – City rings

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 Paolo Scura

« The City is my home.
Every city I visit, every pavement I walk upon and every wall I come across tells me a story. They are unique stories about their inhabitants: their values, emotions, needs, dreams and desires… all are reflected on the surfaces of these urban environments. It is their constant evolutions which provide a boundless collection of juxtapositions: between the new and the old, between chaos and order, between the accidental and the calculated. Streets, buildings, walls, surfaces of various materials and colours become a mixing ground where boundaries clash, blur and dissolve. 
There is a symbiosis in all of that  we change our environment and then we change in response to our environment. The city wears us and in return we begin to wear the city. I find all this beautiful, and it is by collecting those impressions and combining them, but at the same time contrasting them, with the fine aesthetics of jewellery that I create my work. Stitched, pierced, punched, melted, fused, cast, constructed, invented…. Small collisions, paradoxical jewellery sculptures from the everyday. »

Paolo Scura - city ringPaolo Scura - city ring


Paolo Scura- ring 'Burned on the beach" Wood, epoxy putty, enamel paint, silver, cubic
Paolo Scura-
ring ‘Burned on the beach » Wood, epoxy putty, enamel paint, silver, cubic zircon

Paolo Scura- "No parking near the crossroad" - Glass bead, steal pipe powder-coated,epoxy resinPaolo Scura- « No parking near the crossroad » – Glass bead, steal pipe powder-coated,epoxy resin

Paolo Scura- "Pole cracked the pavement" - Epoxy resin, steal tube, silk string, nailPaolo Scura- « Pole cracked the pavement » – Epoxy resin, steal tube, silk string, nail

Paolo Scura-"Old red wall" - epoxy resin, silver foil, silverPaolo Scura-« Old red wall » – epoxy resin, silver foil, silver

Paolo Scura-"Cutted off the street" Epoxy resin pvc tube, stealPaolo Scura-« Cutted off the street » Epoxy resin pvc tube, steal

Paolo Scura - London 2010 ring serieLondon 2010 ring serie (on kit&Caboodle)


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