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EXPO ‘crystals, klunker, dimestore diamonds’ – Galerie Schmuckfrage, Berlin (DE) – 4-30 Juin 2011

crystals, klunker, dimestore diamonds

Schmuck von Gabriele Hinze, Polly Wales und Stephanie Hensle

vom 04. Juni  bis 30. Juni 2011
Vernissage mit Fruchtbowle am 03. Juni, 17.00 – 21.00 Uhr
in der Galerie Schmuckfrage



Galerie schmuckfrage
brunnenstraße 187
10119 berlin (DE)
tel +4930 43205348
fax +4930 43205349 


EXPO ‘Victoria Moore – Damascus Jewelry’ – Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley, CA (USA) – 4 Juin-31 Juillet 2011

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Victoria Moore - Damascus Jewelry

June 4 – July 31, 2011

*Reception: June 4, 4-7pm
Informal talk about the work and process will be at 4:30pm

Artist quote: My work is about sensitive forms and the delicate lines that move through them. Craftsmanship and attention to details are vital to the completion of each piece.
Victoria MooreNecklace of Squares - damascus steel, 18k,
Victoria Moore


About the work: Metalsmith Victoria Moore works primarily in steel to create exquisitely patterned jewelry. The expected application of steel as a macho structural material inspires her to rebel against that expectation to create forms and surfaces from steel and other metals that are personal, feminine, soft and tactile.


About the technique: Victoria Moore’s core technique is Damascus steel, a layered steel that has origins in Middle Eastern sword-making from 1100 to 1700 AD. The layered metal is made from alternating layers of steel and iron that are forged together and uniquely patterned by carving and flattening. The movement of the patterned line within each forged piece is important to the development of each shape. Gold and diamonds highlight the movement of the line.


Brief artist background: Victoria has a MFA in metalsmithing from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA from the University of Maryland, concentrating in sculpture. Starting with a childhood of making things Moore has devoted her life to hand made creations, never without some object in progress.
Victoria Moore: hoops, damascus steel
Victoria MooreGalaxy Brooch - damascus steel, 18k, diamonds

Victoria Moore- « Circle Earrings » – Gold, Steel, & Stone Earrings






Shibumi Gallery
1402 Fifth Street . Berkeley . CA . 94710
 t. 510.528.7736
 Saturday 12-6pm
& Sundays 12-5
+ by appointment during the week

COUP de COEUR : Coco DUNMIRE – résines acidulées

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Coco Dunmire

« My body is the instrument which allows me to relate to physical space around me. Creating an object to be worn on the body influences my concept of reality as it changes the physical space around us; how we interact, with whom and in which way. And how we interact with the jewellery. This is why I make jewellery. 
I believe in one of a kind. Jewels like people are particular and unique. I create pieces that belong to larger families, but must eventually go out into the world on their own. My most recent body of work is called Modern Ruins. These pieces are constructed from Resin, Pigment, Iron, Fine Silver and 18k Yellow Gold. 
Curiosity rules our mind. My pieces take their form from a process based on deliberate chance. I employ pigment, resin, pure silver and iron to create dense lightness. Peeling open the waxed paper wrapping from a piece of resin is always surprising, like a memory I haven’t yet created. »
Coco DunmireNecklace – 2009 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925, Shibuichi
Coco Dunmire‘A Lightness’ – Brooch- 2008 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925, Iron, Steel
Coco DunmireBrooch – 2009 – Resin, Pigment, Steel, Silver 925
Coco Dunmireresin collection – Tomatoes & Asparagus -Necklace-  2008 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925,%20walking.jpg
Coco DunmireI Heart You’ – Brooches – 2008 – Resin, Pigment, Garnet, Silver 925
Coco DunmireGreen House – Bracelet – 2008 – Resin, Pigment, Silver 925
Coco DunmireA Moment of Calm (to appease the inner nomad)’ – Necklace – 2009 -Resin, Iron, Shibuichi, Silver 925




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