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Thea Tolsma

last exhibition : Object Rotterdam - For the twelfth edition of Art Rotterdam, from 10 to 13 February 2011, the stunning departure hall of the Holland America Line in Rotterdam, The Netherlands will again be the set for the international art fair to discover emerging talent.
At this international fair for autonomous design, twenty galleries from The Netherlands and abroad, will present unique or limited edition objects in the field of current design, crafts and jewelry.
among the 2011 Participants : Gallery Eewal Rotterdam, who presents Thea Tolsma  (Czaar Peterstraat 153 hs, 1018 PH Amsterdam, 020-3316759/06-53614954)


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Thea Tolsma
- Figure of 8 ‘plain 1 S’  2002   rubber  

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Thea Tolsma- Wave (uit de Shadow-collectie)   2005   rubber, bladgoud

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Thea Tolsma-Dona Isabella  2004  ø 35 cm  rubber 

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Decouverte : Esteelee NEOFELD – fantasies and colors

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Esteelee NEOFELD, from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Jewelry department, & discovered on the website « Design in Israel« 

« Once Upon A Time » :  « This project was inspired by gentle, distant and unclear childhood memories featuring various fantasies and colors. «  »Once upon a time / This is her story / The story of the day she found courage in her heart / A needle and a thread in her hand, she embroidered her dream / To leave home, her childhood refuge / to wander as a blind person in the alleys of her mind / Thus / between purple kites / obscure golden balls / pink silk threads and the whisps of clouds / my soul was forever captivated. »" The pieces of jewelry are produced by a mixed technique. Materials: sewing threads, polymer, sterling silver, 22 karat gold coated sterling silver.«
Esteelee NEOFELD – ring


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